As the regular fantasy football season moves into its midpoint, we are going to start moving away a bit from clear buy low and sell high players. At this point, we know what we have in most players, so the values have been washed from most deals. For this reason, I will start looking at any players you might want to acquire or sell, no matter the cost.

As trade deadlines approach, we will further configure the article to meet your fantasy needs. So, if you have anything special you would like to see covered, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @EnvisionFF and let me know.

After all, we do these articles for your benefit. Oh, and I would very much appreciate the follows as well. So, there is that.

Sell Now:

David Montgomery| RB| Chicago Bears- He is past his bye week now. So that is a good thing in negotiations.  And I also hate the fact he is on my sell list. Coming into this season, I had high hopes for Montgomery. Then, it happened. The dreaded curse we should have all seen coming. That’s right. The evil monster which is Mitchell Trubisky.

No matter how good Matt Nagy wants this offense to be, he cannot overcome the ineptitude of Trubisky. His excuse of limited starts at North Carolina can only be used for so long. And the time has come to stop using it. If he was so inexperienced, which he was, then the Bears should have gone in another direction. Deshaun Watson perhaps?

But I don’t want to start crying about how Trubisky has ruined the value of my favorite rookie running back anymore. We will just move on.

After Week 1 the big concern was Mike Davis taking work. Well, it turns out this was not a valid concern. Montgomery is the bell cow in the backfield. But with the weak offense, it isn’t enough to sustain him at the level of an RB1 or even high-end RB2. If you can trade him to a team who is desperate, or who needs players during bye weeks to compile wins, you should offer them David Montgomery and see what their response is. If you can get a decent player or two in return, do it.

Juju Smith-Shuster| WR| Pittsburgh Steelers-

Even those who thought he would have a tough time after the departure of Antonio Brown did not see this coming. After another miserable game Sunday in which he had one catch for seven yards, the concern in monumental for JuJu.

With Hodges or Rudolph behind center, this season is a disaster for the Steelers and Juju is the captain of the ship. Is it his fault? No. Had Big Ben remained healthy, the season would be totally different. He would most likely be a top five receiver for fantasy and everyone would be happy. But the circumstances have played out differently and this is the reality.

If you can trade him now and still get someone who believes in a comeback in the second half, do it.  If you can get a little more because of name value, even better. But the key is to trade him for a WR2 or an RB2 to set yourself up for a playoff push. A push he is unlikely to be a factor in.

Buy Now:

Tevin Coleman| RB| San Francisco 49ers-

With Matt Breida playing as well as he did in his absence, we needed to take a wait and see approach with Coleman. Over the past two weeks, we have seen he is going to be the man to lead the back field. With over 100 yards in his first game back followed by a touchdown in Sunday’s game, Coleman will reward those of you who hung on to him through his injury absence. And now is the time to ride him to the playoffs.

The 49ers are seemingly for real in 2019. It is all predicated on the run game and defense. This will continue to be the case as long as they continue to win using that formula. When Kyle Shanahan said he wanted a Tevin Coleman type, he meant it. Now that he has Tevin Coleman to fill, well, his role, nothing will stop him from performing.

The best part about Coleman is that he should not cost a hefty price. If you want to trade for him, you might be able to do it for someone who has been disappointing thus far in the season. Even trading him for Juju, which was unthinkable before the season, would be a solid trade now.

Alvin Kamara| RB| New Orleans Saints-

We have seen his floor games since the injury to Drew Brees. This has left a lot of his owners bitter. And even better, on the cusp of missing the playoffs. Being counted on as a top three back coming into the season, this has been silenced in recent weeks as he has been only getting 14 or 15 points a week. While not terrible, they are not the numbers expected when we came into the season with him anywhere from one to three in fantasy RB ranks.

With Brees coming back in a few weeks, the future is bright for Kamara. He is still one of the most electrifying running backs and players in the NFL. And in the near future, he will show it again. People get desperate this time of season. Some for good reasons, others not so much. But if you can find a panicking owner of Kamara, one who needs to make a change right now, get him.

Robby Anderson| WR| New York Jets-

No one is happier that Sam Darnold is back than the pass catchers in New York. This begins with Robby Anderson. We saw the rapport they two built up last season. It was on display again this weekend against the overmatched Dallas Cowboys.

With five receptions for 125 yards and one TD, the connection was clearly back. The fact the Jets have also had their bye week already makes him an intriguing pickup in leagues. A lot of players are still going to be skeptical. He has burned them for multiple weeks, and he is not a top talent who gets the benefit of the doubt in these situations. So, he might even be on your waiver wire. If this is the case, spend your FAAB and buy him up. If you have to trade for him, be willing to give up a WR2 for him. He should finish in this range for you. And again, he won’t be missing an important game due to a bye. So, one plus one equals go get him.


  1. Filthyrich says:

    14 team non-PPR league. My QBs are Wilson and Watson and RBs are Zeke then not much – Royce Freeman, Duke Johnson and Benny Snell. I have offer to trade Russell Wilson and I get Devonta Freeman. Would you make that trade? My league is deep so everyone has RB problems so I don’t know how much more I can get for him

    • dominick

      Dominick says:

      Only if it is single QB even then I would see if maybe you could get some kind of receiver back as well as it’s still a little low

      • Filthyrich says:

        Yeah I forgot to include lineup: 1 QB, 2RB, 2Wr, 1TE, PK, DST. So the extra QB is a valuable trade chip

  2. Nightpandas says:


    14 team std league…lots of interest in my Lev Bell. Would you do Chubb or Carson straight up for him or stay put…bi week passed and a nice schedule ahead

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      I would be very happy with Le’Veon Bell but in a standard league I think Chubb is very good as well so if you are going to make the trade do it for Chubb not Carson

  3. Standard league. Some one wants to do a 1 for 1 trade. D. Watson for S. Barkley.

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      OK would you be getting Watson or giving up watching? Either way I would want Barclay in that scenario.

      • He is now offering Watson, D. Adams, Damien Williams and Antonio Brown for Barkley.
        I have Barkley, Gurley, Coleman, gore and singletary for rB’s. jimmy G and Wentz for QB’s Thielen, Fuller, Gallup, Tate and Mike Williams as WR’s

        • dominick

          Dom says:

          No way. You are set at quarterback. Antonio Brown’s not even in the league, Damien Williams is at best a low-end running back to and we don’t know when Devante Adams is going to be back. He’s just trying to give you a bunch of big names hoping that your bite Plus, after you get all those players who are going to drop to make room. So you’ll even damage your team more

  4. I have Barkley and would be getting Watson.
    My team is QB- wentz and Jimmy G
    RB- Barkley, Gurley, Colman, Gore and Singeltary

  5. 1rishmike says:

    PPR ROS + 2-4 record have to win now! Give OBJ for Marlon Mack?

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      Depends on the rest of your roster. If you desperately need a running back then yes otherwise no

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