Matt Breida, RB, Shoulder: Breida played through this same injury last week and was listed as a limited participant in practice on Wednesday. My take: Will play, start him — he’s good to go. Raheem Mostert? I wouldn’t worry too much about that little guy. I think that was a game dependent outlier performance. Kyle Juszczyk though? I don’t trust anyone with that many consonants in a row. Just seems like witchcraft. 

Robby Anderson, WR, Hamstring: Teammate Quincy Enunwa has already been ruled out so the fact that Terrelle Pryor and Anderson missed practice on Wednesday is a bit concerning. Even more concerning, however, is that this is a hamstring injury. My take: Will play, but don’t start him. He will probably be a bit limited.

Isaiah Crowell, RB, Foot: Who bet on Crowell being the single-game rushing leader for 2018? Unfortunately, he followed that up 219 rushing yard game with a 40 yard his most recent game. My take: Will play; start him. He played last week with an ankle injury — he’ll hope for better results though.

Jack Doyle, TE, Hip: Being that he is listed as doubtful and hasn’t practice this week yet, I wouldn’t count on him. My take: Won’t play.

Evan Engram, TE, Knee: Engram is hoping to play in his first game since week 3. He has an extra day of rest with the Giants having a Monday night game in Atlanta. My take: Will play, get him back in your line-ups. If you read my waiver articled from Monday, you know that I’m predicting a big game from Eli Manning.

Leonard Fournette, RB, Hamstring: No practice for Fournette on Wednesday, but Jaguars coach Doug Merrone thinks Fournette will be back practicing on Thursday. To what extent though? If he’s limited he might be out again. My take: Won’t play. However, even if he does play — I’m thinking he’ll be on a limited snap count.

Pierre Garcon, WR, Shoulder: He hasn’t missed a game all season though his stats barely show it. He has yet to reach double-digit fantasy points this year. My take: Will play, but you should bench him until he can show some better production.

Ted Ginn, WR, Knee: Two missed games, a bye week and still Ginn hasn’t practiced this week. My take: Won’t play. Even if he does, he needs more time to prove he’s worth of a spot in your line-up.

DeAndre Hopkins/Will Fuller/Keke Coutee, WR: They’re just giving their receivers a bit of extra rest time. I can’t keep wasting e-ink on them every week. My take: They’ll all play. They’ll always play. 

Ryan Grant, WR, Ankle: Grant had double-digit fantasy games in 4 of his 5 starts until he had to leave his week 6 game with this injury. My take: Won’t play. If he does — with T.Y. Hilton back you’d have to believe Grant would lose some of his targets to Andrew Luck’s ‘favorite target.

George Kittle, TE, Knee: Kittle played with this injury last week too, however he didn’t have a great game with only 4 receptions and 30 yards. My take: Will play, start him. Hopefully last week was just a tough matchup for him and he can get back to a double-digit fantasy game.

New England offensive weapons: Rob Gronkowski, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Sony Michel — all questionable. My take: Will play, start all of them except Hollywood Hogan.

Greg Olsen, TE, Foot: Olsen returned to play in week 6 after breaking his foot back in week 1. I think Olsen’s mileage and injury this year will make him show up in this column every week. My take: Will play; start him.

Adrian Peterson, RB Ankle: All Day had three injuries last week and still played. He’s 33 with 138 games under his belt — he’ll probably be here every week due to maintenance breaks. My take: Will play; Flex him.

Paul Richardson, WR, Shoulder: Richardson didn’t practice at this point last week either yet he still played. He hasn’t exactly been blowing up the score sheets, but he’s averaged 10.5 fantasy points over his last 4 games. My take: Will play; bench him unless you’re desperate. I think he could be do for a breakout game soon — but it’s too hard to predict when that’ll be.

Calvin Ridley/Mohamed Sanu WR: With an upcoming Monday night game I think the Falcons are using this extra day of rest as a maintenance day for Robinson and Mohamed Sanu. My take: Will play, flex him if necessary. :

Allen Robinson, WR, Groin: The fact that he was limited on Wednesday leads me to believe he’ll be ready to go on Sunday. My take: Will play; start him. He’s one of Mitchell Trubisky’s favorite targets.

C.J. Uzomah, TE, Shoulder: No Tyler Eifert, no Tyler Kroft, no chance C.J. Uzomah misses this game. My take: Will play; start him against a Chiefs team that has allowed an average of 15.7 fantasy points per game to opposing TEs.

Carson Wentz, QB, Back: With Wentz missing a major chunk of last season and the first two weeks of this season the Eagles will play it safe with any minor injury Wentz suffers. My take: Will play; start him.

T.J. Yeldon, RB, Ankle: I don’t think we’ll see Fournette which makes Yeldon more likely to go in my opinion. My take: Will play; start him — even if Fournette does play because he’ll be limited.

  1. Ron P. says:

    .5PPR Redraft – Need 2 players and one plays tonight.

    Gronk, Golladay , E. Sanders?


    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Ron P.: give me gronk and goll

  2. Bill Lee says:

    I’m in bad RB shape.

    Been offered kerryon Johnson for my Alshon Jeffery.

    Would still have hopkins, AJ Green, and Kenny Galloway.

    Derrick Henry, Drake, and Aaron Jones just aren’t doing it. 14 ream league.

    Thanks for any response.

    • Kerry Klug

      Kerry Klug says:

      @Bill Lee: hey if you’re hurting at RB maybe someone else is hurting at WR. I’d see if you can get more than kerryon from them. If not, then Yea, help your team where you can.

  3. Elliott says:

    12 team half PPR, would you give up Mike Evans for Breida and Boyd? Kamara/Howard/Conner and Thielen/Golladay/Edelman would be left on my squad.

    He’s not biting on Evans for Mixon straight up and even offered Breida and Carson for Evans…feels like selling low a little bit.

    Would love your input, thanks!

  4. Water Boy says:

    Good morning Kerry! .5 ppr league I know it’s only Friday but I feel like I’m screwed based on last night . I started David Johnson he got me 9.5 points. I shouldn’t be too mad because based on game flow I’m surprised he didn’t just get 3 points .

    Thoughts on my roster vs my opponent do you think I have a shot?

    My QB Winston vs Browns

    My RB1 Melvin Gordon vs titans in London
    RB2 DJ Thursday and got 9.5 points

    WR1: Keenan Allen vs titans in London
    WR2: ty Hilton if he’s active home vs bills
    WR3: Tyler Boyd @ KC SNF

    TE: OJ Howard vs Browns

    Flex: slot is currently open thinking sterling Shepard I feel Eli will have to throw a lot Monday night @ ATL

    D/st I stream thinking either cowboys D who are at Washington, or Falcons D MNF home vs giants, Vikings D @ Jets Or Panthers D @ philly

    Kicker I stream I won’t list because I literally just pick a random one each week I don’t go by rankings or anything

    ** my bench: brieda, Kerryon Johnson, ekeler, Alf Morris, Ron Jones, Geronimo Allison (bye), Baldwin (bye), amari Cooper (bye), jermaine kearse.

    IR: kupp
    IR: slot open but nobody else eligible

    My opponents roster

    His QB: Mahomes SNF vs bengals

    His RB1 cmc @ philly
    His RB2 Powell vs Vikings

    His WR1: jordy (bye)
    His WR2): rob woods @ SF , I’m worried there SF got lit up in the air on MNF vs packers
    His WR3: Ridley MNF vs giants

    His TE gates vs titans in London

    His flex : Aaron jones (bye)

    His D: Texans @ jax

    His kicker gostkowski @ Chicago

    His bench since im sure he’ll move things around: funchess, Jordan Howard, Fournette, Greg Olsen , kelvin Benjamin, Devante Parker .

    ** based on that am I doomed? Or is there a sliver of hope this week?

    Also would you look to make any trades today or tomorrow to maybe help not only this week but ROS?

    If yes would you dangle any of these / are they doable in your eyes?

    1.) deal one of Hilton or Keenan Allen + Kerryon Johnson to get Tyreek Hill?

    2.) deal Keenan Allen + brieda to get golladay + mixon?

    3..) deal one of Hilton + Keenan + brieda to get either Golden Tate (Or brandin cooks or Diggs ) + shady McCoy?

    4.) is Sony Michel the real deal ? Would you offer either Hilton for Sony straight up or Hilton + Brieda to get Sony?

    ** likelihood of a trade getting done is slim so would you drop either Ron jones or Alf Morris to add either donta foreman, Nick Chubb, Raheem Mostert , Or jalen Richard if Marshawn Lynch is still injured

    — also hold or drop kearse to add either: Cole Beasley, trequan smith (ginn is on IR), Chris Hogan

    Have a great day & weekend man!

  5. clokwerc says:

    I need some advice, should I drop MVS from GB for T. Smith from NO, and pick up T. Smith in another league for M. Davis from Sea…

  6. Oliver says:

    You didn’t cover TY Hilton. Is he back this week? If so, do I start him over John Brown or Desean Jackson at Flex?

    Should I go Crowell over AP? Either of them over the three Flex I have above? I’m finding my WRs to be more consistent at Flex this year.

    Standard league, no PPR.
    Thanks in advance!

  7. I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor, and 6,000 for you to go bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    12 teamer PPR with return yards worth same as scrimmage. a guy who probably already had the worst RB’s in the league lost skittles, and i have richard. he came to me first due to that, but he’s also willing to move thielen (maybe, but expensive) or lockett (has more value than any other league here). right when i begged for RB luck i got it 3 times in a matter of less than 2 weeks on barber (dropped and not waivered by anybody), coleman (freeman out for way longer, he’s turning into football tulowitzki), and chubb today.
    QB wentz
    RB (2) barkley, coleman, chubb, barber, royce, richard
    WR (2) k.allen, shepard (but benched now with engram back), jeffery, sanu, ratley, cobb
    TE (1) RSJ
    1 flex
    IR (1) doyle

    trade possibles, tried k.allen + richard for thielen, he came back with
    1. theilen for my k.allen + coleman
    also, might be able to do this:
    2. lockett for richard
    obviously i’d not do both, it’d lower my RB depth too much, plus i simply couldn’t use all of: lockett/thielen/jeffery/sanu/cobb/ratley/shepard anyway

    somebody is going to be dropped for wentz’s bye week here coming up (cobb/ratley spot probably)

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