I don’t honestly know what NFL week it is. The COVID related rescheduling has made week’s 12-14 seem like one long fantasy playoff missing night terror. For those of you with something left to play for I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. Hopefully you fight them with your players on the field.

  • From the “Roto-Wan wants to will it into existence” file this week: Jordan Akins is prime for a big game. He’s being treated like a WR lining up in the slot or out wide 41/71 snaps in the last two games. He has almost no production to show for it. Brandin Cooks just had his fifth concussion. Keke Coutee went off as he usually does against Indy and will surely ghost us this week. Akins could eat.
  • I wanted to write about Corey Davis so that AJ Brown goes ham this weekend (I have plenty of AJB best ball shares). Kidding aside, we’ve passed the point of writing Davis off as a fluke. Between the first-round picks both having 10 games played Davis leads in yards, catches, deep catches (20+ yards), and yards per route run. Until Tennessee fixes its defense in the off-season there will be elevated pass-catching opportunities and Davis will continue to benefit.
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I hope everyone’s hands and feet are as swollen as mine after two straight days of binging on sodium laced food. Wait, did I really just type that? I am now old? No, it’s the children who are old. Please forgive my stuffing delirium. I promise the stats will be better.

  • The Jakobi Meyers (no relation to BDon) hype train got derailed last week with Damiere Byrd going off and N’keal Harry back. Meyers only caught 3 balls on 3 targets. The encouraging thing is that he still played 99% of snaps. There’s possible value on Meyers this week given that Byrd’s high involvement may be a one-off.
  • I think Mike Williams is back. He looked explosive while garnering 122 air yards and producing 4-72-1. There’s always going to be a good amount of boom and bust to Big Mike’s game. With Justin Hebert coming into his own there may be more booms in the coming weeks.
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The fantasy playoffs are so close you can smell them. Wait, no that’s just me. Haven’t taken my weekly shower yet. Anywho, you’re hopefully preparing to lock up a seat at the fantasy league championship table. Get your lucky jersey out. Stop shaving that beard. Find a rabbit to depaw. Whatever you need to do to win. You could also peek under the hood with these blurbs. 

  • We’re picking up right where we left off with Nick Chubb and the Browns backfield split. He got roughly half of the snaps and half of the carries. He was hyper-efficient with 126 yards, one actual TD and one almost TD after stopping shirt of the goalline to ice the game. It looks like his path to fantasy success will remain doing extraordinary things with ordinary opportunity. 
  • Justin Jefferson is quickly making a case for consideration as a top WR in the league, not just a top rookie. Fueling his breakout is a ridiculous 6.9 average yards after the catch. That’s second to Terry McLaurin’s 7.2 for WRs with 50 targets. Dude is ridiculous with in space. That’s a perfect fit for the Vikings and could hold up. 
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Another week on the razors edge of pandemic pandemonium is in the books. Positive tests and quarantines abound. Here’s hoping your fantasy assets aren’t tied to a team that may be forced to play without it’s entire offensive line.

  • I’m as happy as the next D’Andre Swift backer that he broke out with two TDs last week. They made up for his still restricted usage of 17 touches to Adrian Peterson’s 16. That could tell two stories. A young back being brought along gradually after an early season soft tissue injury and trending upward. Or a rookie stuck in a rotation by a staff archaic enough to let that matter. We’ll get more proof in this week’s pudding against a Falcons team that has been shredded by pass catching backs. 
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It looks like we’re going to get week 6 in after a rash of false positives. Let’s enjoy it. As flu season approaches many viruses will share the symptoms of COVID. Our favorite players may miss more games than we’re prepared for. Anywho, let’s pop the hood on the week that was.

  • The next back to get a ride on the Falcons cushy matchup carousel is David Montgomery. Monty has posted back to back weeks of an 80%+ snap share, accompanied by 14 total targets. The groin must be better. He’s the man in that backfield with Tarik Cohen lost for the year.
  • A.J. Brown’s return was one of the few things to go right for Tennessee prior to beating the Bills. Their WR cupboard was bare aside from the sophomore. That led to 9 targets and a productive 7-82-1 line. Even with the full complement of pass-catchers in the opener (the only other game Brown played) Brown still saw 8 targets. He should be good even with other options returning.
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We avoided COVID calamity in week 4 only to trade it for even more uncertainty in week 5. It’s going to take luck and an extra edge to win leagues this year. We’re all desperate for some luck. Trust me, the saying “Horseshoe up your ass” is purely metaphorical. Help get yourself that edge by popping the hood on some players poised to produce.

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Do you have a viable lineup to use this week in fantasy football? Then congratulations, you’re ahead of the pack. Stay a step ahead with these tasty rippers, as Johnny Rose would say. 

  • Greg Wards is coming off of an 11 target game. It’s hard not to see him duplicating that as he was the only Eagles WR to practice fully this week. Even with some good news on the injury front he’s the only one in the huddle Carson Wentz trusts to throw to right now. 
  • The Browns RB usage is a hoot right now. To keep two RBs averaging 18 and 16 touches per game they’re taking those opportunities from two amazing WR talents. At least they know what they want. Now trade one or both starting WRs so we can enjoy them again. 
  • One early season surprise is the Packers early down pass rate. They’re second only to Seattle. Maybe Aaron Rodgers secretly ate real meat. Maybe he’s just 100% healthy for a change. Whatever it is, Cheese is strong this year. 
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Welcome to my new corner of the internet: Under The Hood. I hope you weren’t looking for something seedier. This will just be some nerding out about NFL deep stats. I’ll attempt to give you some under the radar reads on what’s happening around the NFL and what might translate down the road. I’ll keep it to ten bullets so you can get back to your other dirty internet habits expeditiously.

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