At Razzball, our main goal is helping our readers and subscribers win their fantasy football leagues and entertain in the process. But now that the regular season is over, I am indulging in an ‘industry insider’ piece that will entertain only the dorkiest of you all. I will not take it personal if you just stop reading now or abandon ship before finishing. You have been warned…

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A lot of fantasy football rankings and projecting boils down to how one distributes rush attempts and targets to a team’s RB/WR/TE. There are macro-variables (e.g., how many plays will the team run? what is the rush/pass split?), rate variables (what is the player’s catch rate?, what is their yards per target?) and kinda but not completely fluky TD projecting. But, for the most part, each season’s non-injury based breakouts and disappointments can be tied to a larger rush and/or target percentage than estimated by the consensus.

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As of early August 2019, David Johnson appears to be the consensus 5th pick after Barkley/CMC/Elliott/Kamara. Below is a screenshot from our RazzBowl partner’s NFFC ADP.

My projections have David Johnson as RB8 for PPR (behind the top 4 in ADP as well as Le’Veon Bell, Joe Mixon, and James Conner) so I’m quite divergent from the consensus on this one. I had pick #5 in my RazzBowl draft and went with Davante Adams (ADP #7) when no one was kind enough to let one of the top four fall to me.

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Our 2019 NFL preseason projections are out and they are free. They will be updated throughout the preseason. See below for the links. You can also access via the 2019 Draft section in the main menu. All | QB | RB | WR | TE | K | FLEX | DEF(Team) | DEF(IDP) These projections are fully incorporated into our Fantasy Football Depth Charts and Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer which we […]

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Before I flip my proverbial switch to MLB, I wanted to share some reflections on a humbling 2018 fantasy football season. As most of y’all know, I am a bit of an odd duck. Most fantasy football enthusiasts love season-long, DFS or both. I love building and maintaining in-season fantasy player projection systems. I like […]

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I rarely write or ‘show my work’ on football research as it is not in my best interest to reveal anything about how I come up with my fantasy projections. But there has been a lot of discussion in the fantasy community of late on “Do Defenses Matter?” and it seemed like an opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

There are a number of ways Defenses COULD matter for projecting offense. I have tested several and incorporated the learnings into the projections. Without divulging anything, here is an overview of hypotheses in which an opposing defense could impact defense:

For those of you new to the site and/or living under the rock (not a good idea btw, he’s huge), our Roto Deluxe and DFS Premium subscription packages are waiting to help guide you to glory. Free one-time 7 day trial!

To make it a little sweeter for y’all (and reward current subscribers), we have added the following:

  • Next Week Projections – Under the Weekly Projections, you’ll now see a link for “Next Week Projections”. So we have all the Week 2 projections up AND you can look at Week 3 projections. We already have the 17 Week Rankings grid so you can track projected player value throughout the season. These will be updated daily (same as our Rest of Season projections)
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Our 2018 NFL preseason projections are out and they are free. Subscriptions for our season-long and DFS weekly projections are available now (previous year subscribers will get a discount code in July). They will be updated throughout the preseason. See below for the links. You can also access via the Tools/Projections section in the main […]

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Razzball now has a fantasy football trade analyzer! and it is free!

What makes ours worth using vs the other trade calculators out there?

  • We show the actual projected stats of the players in the tool vs just a projected point total.
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