THE NFL LOCKOUT IS OVER!  I don’t mean to yell but…well…yes I do!  Football is back baby!  Fantasy football is back too, so we finally have something entertaining to make us look busy at work.  No more clicking mouses and shuffling paperwork hoping the boss thinks we’re actually doing something productive when in reality we aren’t doing a (expletive deleted) thing.

The fireworks are already going off in the NFL world.  Let’s take a look at what’s going on, shall we?  Yes, we shall.

Ray Rice: The Ravens are giving Willis McGahee the axe.  Jalen Parmele assumes the #2 RB role behind Rice with Le’Ron McClain on his way out as well.  Ray Ray is already a top 6 pick, so his value really can’t get any higher.  I still wouldn’t take Rice ahead of CJ2k, Purple Jesus, Arian Foster, and Jamaal Charles in standard leagues.  If Rice is your horse, it would be wise to handcuff him with Parmele.

Willis McGahee: After the Broncos released Correll Buckhalter, early rumors are swirling about McGahee going to Denver.  Rumors are not very reliable and annoying and usually end up making me look like a jackass later so I won’t comment any further on that.

DeAngelo Williams: Two teams are in contention to land DeAngelo – Denver and Carolina.  It appears he’ll play for one of those two teams, with the likeliest being Denver.  Carolina just tied up a boat load of money in DE Charles Johnson (6yr/$76mil contract) making it harder on themselves to re-sign Williams.

Felix Jones: Dallas will cut ties with Marion Barber due in large part to him sucking really bad, him getting hurt too often and him costing too damn much money.  This will help Felix Jones’ fantasy value a little bit, but I still view Felix as a RB3/flex option.  Jones will still be the between-the-20’s guy with Tashard Choice likely filling the late game/closer/goal line roles.  DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice will battle for that #2 RB job, but I see Choice winning it.  Choice is a nice late round target with Felix’s propensity to wear a skirt from time to time.

Dez Bryant: Dallas is going to let Roy Williams go which will make Dez Bryant the clear #2, but you already knew Bryant was going to be the clear #2 so I’m not sure why I’m including this news.  I think I’m just excited to talk about football and it actually mean something.

Anquan Boldin: Derrick Mason is also getting the axe from Baltimore.  Mason and Boldin were the #1a and #1b receivers, so with Mason’s release Boldin clearly becomes the #1 with no letter behind it.  Mason’s 60+ catches and 800+ yards are a lot to replace.  Boldin will see an uptick in production and can now pass as a low end WR2.  Rookie Torrey Smith will have a chance to be the #2 WR and could end up producing decent numbers as the deep threat of this offense.

Santana Moss: Moss agreed to a 3 year/$15 million deal with the Redskins.  If Rex Grossman was starting at QB for Washington I’d be a little more happy about this, but John Beck is the front-runner to start at QB which makes me not happy about this.  Beck sucks.  Santana remains a low end WR3 in standard leagues.  Santonio Holmes landing in Washington isn’t likely now.

Todd Heap: Heap was greeted with a giant, poorly drawn middle finger taped to the top of his locker when he entered the Ravens facility. He’s gone.  Ed Dickson will start at tight end in Baltimore unless whoever thought that middle finger was funny apologizes and kicks Heap in the gonads with a cheaper contract and a promise of less playing time.

Tim Tebow: Denver is officially shopping Kyle Orton.  Orton could end up in Miami, or Arizona, or Seattle – where he lands remains to be seen, but the important info here is that Denver seems to be set on Tim Tebow being their starter and he a lot of potential as your QB2.

Matt Hasselbeck: The Seahawks have agreed to terms with Tarvaris Jackson, and Chris Mortensen is reporting Matt Leinart “might” be a Seahawk as well.  Two things appear to be done in Seattle – Matt Hasselbeck’s tenure and their division title hopes.  It doesn’t matter who starts at QB in Seattle – you aren’t drafting them to your fantasy team.  It’s speculation at this point, but Tennessee appears to be the front-runner to land Hasselbeck, according to reports.

The NFL news is coming in so fast that I can’t keep up.  We’re back in business fake footballers!  You can follow Razzball’s main man Doc or myself on Twitter for the latest news as it happens.

  1. Matt says:

    Very interested to see to Tebow does in the starting role.

  2. Sloan says:

    So I went ahead and made the desperate trade, crabtree for kolb. Good idea? Bad idea? Little premature, but that’s what I was willing to give up for a qb I desperately needed one. Mccoy and charles r my rbs, got vjax and other wrs. Just mcnabb is my qb. I need a qb. Too soon? Or good call?

  3. Clint

    Clint says:

    @Matt: Me too.

    @Sloan: I like the move. I would have tried to wait until the Kolb to ARZ trade was official, but it appears only a matter of time before it’s a done deal. Kolb is a significant upgrade over McNabb for your team, assuming Kolb starts in ARZ. I don’t think Kolb will ever be a Pro Bowl QB, but he’ll be a respectable starter for your team.

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