Last week, I got a big fat punch of what’s happening in my mouth with my flex picks. I don’t think I’ve ever been as wrong as when that one time I thought it was a good idea to draft Jay Bruce ahead of Giancarlo Stanton. Hey dumba*s, wrong sport! You’ll have to excuse me, I’m still stuck in baseball and crossing my sports. To call my calls a train wreck is insulting to train wrecks. On a positive note, and this is me trying to be positive, I’m glad Sammy Watkins had a big game. I see my negativity really rubbed off on him and he threw it back in my face. Thanks for reading Watkins, he’s awesome! This week, I’m going to go position on position. Let’s keep it simple, short and sweet. Well not too sweet, I am Jack Full of Hate, and have more hate in me than NOW has for the NFL… too soon?

All evaluations are based on .5 PPR and ranks are from Fantasy Pros where, by the way, Jay is kicking butt with his rankings. Way to go boss!  

Terrence West (63) vs. Lamar Miller (66)

T to the West makes another appearance here as he has held onto his feature back role in Cleveland. Like Mr. West, Lamar Miller is also being thrown into the feature back role, and since both are falling into the flex zone, I will do you a favor and break it on down. This week, West gets the Baltimore Ravens while Miller gets the Kansas City Chiefs. On the year, the Ravens are the 8th best rush D giving up and average of 89 YPG and zero TD’s, while the Chiefs are 23rd ranked team giving up 125 YPG and zero TD’s. Both backs are averaging an impressive 4.8 YPC and play for offenses that are keen on running the ball as long as they aren’t playing from behind. Last week, the Dolphins had to start chucking it (49 pass attempts vs 32 in week 1) to try and salvage anything against the Bills. I’m going to lean towards the Dolphins going for 30 plus carries this week like they did in week 1 (38 carries) against the not so great Chiefs rush D. The season is young and things can change fast, but being that the Dolphins are at home and not in Arrowhead, I have to give the nod to Miller this week. The Ravens have been stingy, and with this being a division game, I’m less inclined to throw a lot of love Cleveland’s way… I never do, more of a Cincinnati man myself.  WINNER: LAMAR MILLER

DeAndre Hopkins (71) vs. Mohamed Sanu (72)

This week’s WR battle is more about what’s going on with A.J. Green, and can I trust Mohamed Sanu? If Green is 100%, then this one is a no brainer. Reports right now say he looks fine after it was first reported he might have to miss a few games with a toe injury. I’m not buying that. The NFL is more about smoke and mirrors when it comes to throwing off the game plans of opponents, and this might be the case here. Even if he does play, it might be more as a decoy that can open up Sanu. On the other side of this battle, we have the up-and-coming heir to Andre Johnson in Houston– DeAndre Hopkins. On the year, Hopkins has scored TD’s in each of his first two games and made one of those into a career long. You can watch it here. This week, Hopkins gets the 12th worst YPG pass defense NY Giants, while Sanu gets the 4th best in the Tennessee Titans. To be fair, the Titans haven’t been challenged yet because their week 1 opponent was the Alex Smith led Chiefs and week 2 was the 41 carries Cowboys. (Side Note: what a brilliant play by the Cowboys to limit Romo’s throw and pound it out, let’s see if this becomes a trend.) To be honest, I liked Sanu this year coming out of the pre-season and he has not disappointed me yet. Both of these guys are top-20 WR in Yahoo .5 PPR format, and can both haul it in this week for a TD with 5-7 receptions each. This one is real close, but by the closest of margins, but… I’m throwing my vote to Hopkins. He’s got the better match-up with the Giants and I like the TD per game roll he is on. The talent is huge with Hopkins and I can’t be for certain what is going on with the Bengals and their “injured” star. I’m going to err on the side of caution this early in the year, when the data we have is uncertain. WINNER: DeANDRE HOPKINS

The decisions have been tough this week. I was so torn between the last one that I couldn’t do anything but gnaw on my food. Don’t you hate when your mom drives you around?…Stupid court order!


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  1. Ralph Lifshitz

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    I love Lamar Miller. I have a locket with his picture in it. The locket is shaped like a heart and is made of sterling silver. I bought it at Kay Jewelers.

  2. Monty says:

    So, 14 team ppr, do I go M. Sanu or Davante Adams in my flex this week?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Monty: Sanu

  3. Waterboy says:

    Hey man

    Looking to propose some trades & hoping to get a deal before Sunday, which deal / player would you go after.

    Deal 1-
    I send either malcom floyd or Markus wheaton to aquire RB Pierre Thomas
    (This owners rest of team goes as follows-
    RB’s: Montee ball, Demarco Murray , dangelo williams, Rainey, Pierre Thomas, bernard Pierce,,& donald brown.
    – this owners wr’s are antonio brown, roddy white, Brandin cook,,mike Wallace, Brian quick, torrey smith & kenny stills.)

    Deal 2-
    I send malcom floyd to aquire RB Khiry robinson.
    (Rest of this owners roster:
    RB’s : Arian Foster, Matt forte, Zac stacy, blount, james Starks, khiry robinson , Shonn green& Chris Ivory.
    — his wr’s: Randall Cobb, Percy harvin, Anquan Boldin, Cecil shorts, deandre Hopkins.)

    Deal 3-
    I send malcom floyd, Markus wheaton to aquire RB Matt asiata.
    (This owners rest of rest goes as follws-
    RB: lesean mccoy, CJ spiller, fred Jackson, Steven Jackson, Matt asiata
    His WR’s are: AJ green, jordy Nelson, Larry Fitzgerald , Kendal wright, Davonte adams, & golden Tate.)

    Deal 4-
    I send malcom Floyd to aquire RB fred Jackson.
    -same owner as deal 3.

    Deal 5-
    I send either Kelvin Benjamin, wheaton or Floyd
    To aquire RB reggie bush.
    (This owners roster goes like this:
    RB’s Marshawn lynch, Alfred Morris, reggie bush.
    At wr’s: Desean jackson, Edleman , eric decker, danny amendola, Welker, hakeem nicks, Rueben randle.)

    Deal 6- look to aquire RB Stevan Ridley
    I could throw in Kelvin benjamin , Crabtree or Wheaton.
    (This owner roster goes as is;
    RB’s – rashad jennings, le’veon bell, Ridley, danny woodhead, & Crowell.
    At WR: victor Cruz, bowe, steve smith, Robert woods, Andrew Hawkins, riley Cooper & sanu.)

    It’s a 10 team .20 ppr league
    We start 3 WR’s.

    Rest of my RB’s : Gio bernard, Ahmad Bradshaw , Ben Tate, terrance west, gerhart, justin forsett, DMC, MJD, jeremy hill
    We start 2, plus we have a flex spot too.

    Rest of WR’s: demaryius thomas, michael Crabtree, cordarrelle patterson, Kelvin benjamin, Wheaton & malcom Floyd.

    & if I do this I’ll have to drop a RB , which RB would you then cut, forsett? MJD? DMC?

    • J-FOH says:

      @Waterboy: I like Floyd for Robinson

      • Waterboy says:


        Which would you drop forsett , DMC or MJD

        • Waterboy says:


          A diff owner also said his Jonathan stewart is available for a trade too

          • J-FOH says:

            @Waterboy: I like Stewat too, Malcolm for him works also

        • J-FOH says:

          @Waterboy: MJD

  4. David says:

    So I thought I was going to win gold when I picked up and started Rainey (thank God for garbage points). I need to put one out of J. bell or Brandin Cooks as my flex. Here’s the dilemma, my opponent has Drew Brees playing for him. It is a ppr league. I just think Brees is going to take it out on the Vikings….
    I don’t know what to do. Your thoughts?

    • J-FOH says:

      @David: cooks over bell

  5. John Rambo Jr says:

    E Sanders DEN vs SEA or Bradshaw IND vs JAX in the flex?

    Thanks in advance?


  6. John Rambo Jr says:

    Crabtree or Sanders. Colin is my QB


    • J-FOH says:

      @John Rambo Jr: Crabtree, Seattle D at home is a no go for Sanders

  7. ron says:

    gave up james jones and jeremy hill for antonio brown. bad move?

    • J-FOH says:

      @ron: great move, frees up space and a great sell high

  8. Legion Of Doom says:

    Pick 3 RB’s (standard league)

    Zac Stacy / Rashad Jennings / Ahmad Bradshaw / Terrance West / Shane Vereen / Khiry Robinson.

    Also is it time to cut Adrian Peterson or at least wait until his Oct 8 preliminary court date?


  9. Magnitude says:

    Not PPR: start Lamar Miller, Chris Johnson, or TY Hilton in a flex spot? Thanks!

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