In honor of the Scott Fish Bowl 11 (SFB11) division names, I thought it would be a fun exercise to try and determine what bands/musicians would equate to our favorite NFL teams and players. I’m excited to hear your band to NFL comparisons as well, drop them in the comments! 

Grateful Dead – Packers
Aaron Rodgers is Jerry Garcia (except A-a-ron has all his fingers). The group has talent outside of the lead, and they can still create some production, but without Jerry/Aaron, it just won’t be the same. 

Arcade Fire – Steelers WRs
Any given song, it could be Win Butler or Régine Chassagne or some other member of the band that takes the lead. Just like in Pittsburgh his year, there is a plethora of receiving options and any one may take the lead any given week.  

Kelly Clarkson – Patriots sans Brady
“Since you’ve been gone…” I can’t win for the first time. Wasn’t long ’til you called TB mine. And all you’d ever hear me say, is how I picture me with you. 

Taylor Swift – CMC
Consensus 1.01 on the pop charts and fantasy drafts. Both have shown growth since they first started, and you can imagine that they both may have a closet full of cardigans. I also wanted to use Eminem for CMC, but all I could come up with for an explanation is that they’re both elite and white. 

Prince – Lamar Jackson
Smooth operators who are also the most entertaining performers. 

Wu-Tang Clan – Drafting RBs
Because missing out on RBs “ain’t nothing to f*** with”. 

Dave Grohl – Tom Brady
Each started with a historic band/team that had another strong personality opposite them (Bill and Kurt). Then, they decided to branch out on their own and do their own thing while still remaining top performers. 

Mumford and Sons – Texans RBs
They had some songs/RBs you liked, but at this point, they all kind of sound the same. 

Childish Gambino – Taysom Hill
Multi-talented and you’re not quite sure what to expect next. Will it be an album, a movie, a pass, a TV show, an option play? 

Phish – The Browns
Faithful following that will tour the entire country. They will tell you they’re the best regardless of evidence provided. Just as Phish has only one Billboard top 10 hit in the last 25 years, the Browns have only 1 playoff win during that time. 

Genesis/Phil Collins – Matthew Stafford
Just as Phil Collins had to leave Genesis to make a name for himself, Matthew Stafford has escaped Detroit for much warmer climates and a better offense. Can he find his own legendary drum solo in LA? 

Journey – Amari Cooper
They’re super catchy and have produced hit after hit. However, people still don’t recognize them as a top band in the history of rock. Amari produces WR1 numbers year after year and people still disrespect him every season in drafts. 

Jack White – Brandin Cooks
We can’t keep track of how many bands/teams they’ve played for, but they’ve performed well at every stop. 

Snoop Dogg – Ryan Fitzpatrick
Swagger for days. They’ve been around forever. They’ve both been featured a lot recently, but it’s been a while since they made their own album. Considered Josh Gordon as well, but he’s not reinstated yet. 

Weezer – Odell Beckham Jr.
Living off of their early success, and haven’t given us anything exceptional over a full season/album in a while.

The Beatles – Chiefs big 4
You have the leader, Mahomes/McCartney. Then the artist in Lennon/Tyreek. The soul of the group is George/Kelce. And then there’s Ringo/CEH, who are just lucky to be among greats and could easily be replaced with any number of people that would an equal or better job. 

Jimmy Buffet – O RB
It’s been around a while and is definitely a niche product. Like a Buffet concert, if you go 0 RB, A) you’re likely drunk, and B) at least you know you had some fun somewhere along the line. 

Mariah Carey – Antonio Brown
Among the most talented in the world, but they are both crazy town banana pants. 

Britney – Le’Veon
Was once at the top of the world. Then some sh** went down and they’ve never quite recovered. 

My Morning Jacket – Joe Mixon
They are both highly underappreciated. There are less than 25 RBs in the history of the NFL that have two 1,100 yard seasons in their first 3 seasons. While they may not be for everyone, both are personal favorites of mine.

Cage the Elephant – Derrick Henry/Titans
Matt Schultz does his best Mick Jagger impression as he tries to bring back some of the classic rock feel to his performances. Well, Derrick Henry and the Titans are a bit old school too as they’ve brought back the old ground and pound to the NFL. 

Outkast – Nick Chubb/Kareem Hunt
They are both great talents, but one is considered to be one of the best while the other is considered very good. Sure, they can perform individually, but they do their best work as a duo. 

Tribe Called Quest – Bucs Offense
There is talent all over the place. Each member has enough talent to be a star on their own, but we know that with this much talent in one place, it can’t last forever. Enjoy it while it lasts.



  1. Jolt In Flow says:

    Nice, B_Don! Good fun article. And I love music, so this was a nice combo.

    As well, I believe EWB mentioned you’re sending your football rankings in to the fantasy pros website. Is that correct? How can I see your list, if so?

    Thanks B_Don,


    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Hey Jolt, thanks for reading. Music and football are among the top of my favorite things too.

      In regards to rankings, I haven’t finalized mine yet, but once I do, I’ll create a post for everyone to see them. I’m happy to answer specific questions you may have here in the comments or send me a DM on Twitter @RazzBDon.

  2. J-Hova says:

    Very cool write up! Really enjoying the podcasts and content this year. Can I add one?

    Ben Roethisberger / Slug from Atmosphere
    Great early and mid careers (two of my personal favorites) got old quick, settled down around the same time, nowhere near their peak but a great season from Big Ben or another great Atmosphere album would it surprise me. At the same time somehow subpar wouldnt be incredibly surprising either. Both had flashes of greatness last year (Bens first few games / Felt 4 for Slug)

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      I like it! This is a good comp for each part of their careers. Wouldn’t mind another great Atmosphere album either.

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