Peyton Manning… or Really High Voice Peyton Manning…?

Both stunk up the joint Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. He, or “they” looked like a guy that spent Friday and Saturday smoking tons of that wacky tobacky and ordering endless amounts of Papa John’s Pizza. Speaking of Papa John’s and wacky tobacky, does anyone find it just a wee bit coincidental that the same year Peyton Manning joined the Broncos is the same year Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use? And Manning just happened to buy a gazillion Papa John’s throughout the state? GENIUS!

So Manning ended Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, throwing 24/40, 175 yards and 1 interception

He overthrew Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas multiple times on deep routes. He “Tebow-ed” a pass to the feet of Sanders. He was sacked four times. There are obvious signs to be worried but I am here to assuage those concerns. No! I am not a “happy ending” masseur.

  • The arm strength of Manning looked fine. It was the accuracy that was off.
  • The work ethic and fear of failure will help Manning elevate from the vomit.
  • The Broncos defense is really really good. They totally neutered the Ravens attack. As a result, Manning won’t be needed to chase points.

Reasons to worry:

  • The offensive line is…well, offensive. Losing All-Pro tackle Ryan Clady in the offseason was a huge hit. Ty Sambrailo, a rookie, is manning the left tackle position. Recently acquired Evan Mathis is at left guard. Second year player, Matt Paradis, is at center. Louis Vaszquez, the only incumbent, is at right guard. Ryan Harris, came over from the Kansas City Chiefs, is at right tackle. This unit needs time to gel. As the season progresses, this should be an adequate unit in both run blocking and pass blocking. Also, Peyton Manning has quarterbacked teams with suspect offensive lines in the past and has performed well.
  • Cecil Lammey, of ESPNDenver and the Footballguys, recently spoke on a podcast that there may be some tension between Manning and coach Kubiak. Lammey is clued into the Broncos situation as he is with the team everyday. This could be something or nothing, but it has the potential cause massive disruption within the team. Personally, I believe that both men want to win and will iron out any differences as the season goes on. As with everything in the NFL, winning cures all. Keep an eye out if the Broncos start losing.

Three years ago, Peyton Manning went into Atlanta and threw three interceptions as the Falcons beat the Broncos 27-21. After that game, there was much chatter about Peyton Manning being done. After all, he was 36 years old and was coming off neck surgery. Manning went on to throw for 4,659 yards with 37 touchdowns.

The end is near, no doubt. I hate to use this cliche but, father time is undefeated. With that said, I think burying Manning is a bit premature. Manning is 39 years old. Brett Favre retired at 41, Mark Brunell at 41, Doug Flutie at 43, Vinny Testaverde at 44, Warren Moon at 44 and Steve DeBerg at 44. As long as Manning is healthy and has the competitive juices flowing, he can quarterback in the NFL.

As for the verdict of Bear of Bull. It really depends on the perspective. If you spent a high draft pick on Manning, then it’s Bear. He’s not throwing 40 touchdowns with 5,000 yards. A more realistic number is probably 4,000 yards with 30 touchdowns. At this moment, Manning’s value is in the toilet. I see progression and better numbers ahead, health permitting. So from that perspective… Bull.

Final Verdict:


Oh, wait, that’s not a bull. Not really a bear either. Here we go…

Bull skinny



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  1. RotoLance

    RotoLance says:

    Yeah, I agree. For me little has changed with Manning after one week. I think most of us were already concerned with him heading into this season. So that concern is still there and in my opinion it’s still there at about the same level.

  2. Son

    Son says:

    For sure. Where did you have him ranked preseason?

    • RotoLance

      RotoLance says:

      @Son: I never had to decide precisely where I had him ranked because I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to end up with him. I took Russell Wilson over him in the Writers League draft, 6th round I believe. I’d have put him behind Roethlisberger probably, who I loved. Probably something like Luck Rodgers Roethlisberger* Wilson Brady Manning Brees but after the first two that’s a pretty tight group. (* I tended to avoid Roethlisberger though due to his alleged off the field behavior.) And Brady.. I never thought he was going to be suspended for more than a game or two, in other words I highly suspected the judge would rule in his favor. To me Manning and Brees have the most concerns and I can’t really argue their ceiling is higher at this point which is why I’d have probably ranked them behind the others in that group.

      For some perspective here’s my QB targets list ordered by highest priority targets (not rankings!), in order, for my superflex league. It’s about a month old now, at the time there had been some pretty good reports for Manning which is why he was on the list. As the preseason went on most of the reports I heard were on the grim side of things, if I had updated the list, he might not have been on it.

      Ryan Tannehill (Yahoo Rank – 12)
      Ben Roethlisberger
      Peyton Manning (Yahoo Rank – 6)
      Tom Brady (Yahoo Rank – 11)

      Eli Manning
      Sam Bradford
      Ryan Tannehill (Yahoo Rank -12)
      Alex Smith (Yahoo Rank – 27)
      Colin Kaepernick (Yahoo Rank – 17)
      Andy Dalton (Yahoo Rank – 22)

      I went cheap in the auction and ended up with Tannehill and Alex Smith backed up by Bortles, FYI.

      • Son

        Son says:

        @RotoLance: Ok. Got it.

  3. Barker says:

    10 team 1/2 ppr

    I give gore graham dez i get lynch cooks

    Could maybe add mathews to the side i am getting but may like to have the open spot

    My rb murray gore blount crowell coleman
    My wr marshall robinson garcon agholor dez
    My te olsen graham

    • Barker says:

      @Barker: can add mathews to my side as handcuff to murray but also like the idea of opening a spot up

      Is crowell droppable at this point?

      • Son

        Son says:

        @Barker: I wouldn’t drop Crowell just yet. The Jets have a stout run defense. I think getting Mathews would be very beneficial for you.

      • Barker says:

        @Son: 10 team 1/2 ppr

        I give graham marshall i get cooks mathews davante adams

        My rbs murray gore crowell blount coleman
        My wr dez marshall garcon robinson agholor
        My tes olsen graham

        Would drop crowell agholor or garcon

        Any good?

        • Son

          Son says:

          @Barker: I like the trade. Out of the three you listed, I’d drop agholor

  4. Dom B says:

    Is there anyone Droppable. Shold I add Terrance Williams or Stevie Johnson for anyone. Also if trade goes through which rb to replace blount off wire David Johnson, Duke Johnson, CJ2K, Darren Sproles, Dion Lewis, Benny Cunningham

    My roster (Andrew Luck trade pending review if accepted subtract Eli and Blount)

    QB Tony Romo
    RB Leveon Bell
    RB Jonathan Stewart
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    TE Jason Witten
    Flex Latavius Murray
    DEF Bengals

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Dom B: Really nice team. I’d add Terrence Williams and Stevie Johnson for Steve Smith. As for rbs to replace Blount, I like Sproles and the two D Johnsons

  5. letsgoletsgo says:

    martellus bennet/ james jones/ frank gore for lamar miller and tom brady?

    what about matty ice for tj yeldon?

    rest of my team would be fine with depth if either of these trades went through. (ASJ at TE would be the weakest spot but id get an upgrade in miller and brady i feel like)

    • Son

      Son says:

      @letsgoletsgo: I like Lamar Miller but I don’t like replacing Matt Ryan for Tom Brady

      • letsgoletsgo says:

        @Son: hmm i figured tom brady would be an upgrade on matty ice…

        so martellus bennet and frank gore for lamar miller than since youre down on brady

        • Son

          Son says:

          @letsgoletsgo: He could be. I think Ryan’s schedule is easier than Brady’s. Plus I don’t think Ryan is far off from Brady to begin with.

          I would do that trade.

  6. Barker says:

    10 team 1/2 ppr

    I give graham gore i get lamar maclin or andre johnson currently offered

    I give graham gore dez i get lacy maclin or andre johnson thinking of offering

    My rbs murray gore crowell coleman blount
    My wrs dez marshall garcon robinson agholor
    My tes olsen graham asj

    Dropped my kicker for asj this morning and will try to trade graham in the mean while if i cant i will prolly drop asj for a kicker later in the week if i cant get graham off and i may drop him even if i can trade graham

    Still have the graham marshall for cooks ryan mathews davante adams offered to me and am willing to take it just exploring other options

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Barker: I’m always a proponent of shopping around for the best deal. I like the graham/gore for lamar/maclin. I wouldn’t give up dez to upgrade to lacy. I think the above deal is better than the graham/marshall for cooks/mathew/adams because you get a starting rb.

  7. Ron says:

    10-team PPR league I’m trying to fill out the back end of my roster. Can you please pick the top 3 of these?

    Boldin, D. Parker, Ellington, CJ2K, Moncrief, Spiller, Hillman, David Johnson, Quick


    • Son

      Son says:

      @Ron: In a vacuum, I’d rank them: Moncrief, Spiller, Ellington, Boldin, Parker, Hillman, Quick, Johnson, CJ.

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