Mike Bell had a nice game against a good Philly D and then got himself injured.  We have to wait on the MRI, but it looks like he could miss some time or at least be limited.  The Saint’s running back situation is making my head hurt.  This gives Pierre Thomas owners a little hope as well as Bush owners.  Predicting this one is nearly impossible so we’ll have to keep a close eye on MRI’s and practices and tea leaves.

Steve Slaton: I’m going to give him another chance.  He’s faced two good run D’s in NY and Tennessee.  I can’t say I’m giddy with his play, but with the explosiveness of that offense you have to hold out hope and I think buying low is a good idea.

Mario Manningham: He looked great last night.  He has to be considered the Giants #1 receiver right now.  Pick him up unless you hate yourself.

Kevin Kolb: Well, I didn’t expect 51 pass attempts and 391 yards passing.  But that happens when you play the Saints.  He didn’t hurt Desean Jackson like I thought, but 3 picks isn’t exactly what you want to see.  They play the Chiefs next week and McNabb is doubtful to play so at least we now know he isn’t going to destroy everyone’s fantasy value.

Darren Sproles: He wasn’t used like a feature back, but he was used like he should be, on the edges and in the passing game.  If LT gets healthy you are still going to see Sproles all over the place.  Think Being John Malkovich, but with Sproles around every corner.

Brian Westbrook: He hurt his ankle.  We knew it was going to happen.  It will probably make him a game time decision which is where Westbrook feels most comfortable.  McCoy would have decent value next week if Westbrook doesn’t play.

Marion Barber: He had a turf snake jump up and bite his quad.  I have no clue how long he’ll be out, but Felix Jones could be huge if he is out for long.  And a big Felix Jones would be really hard to stop.

Chris Johnson: These are the games of fake footballer’s dreams and nightmares. He didn’t give many chances to LenDale White to steal TDs by busting 3 TDs, 2 rushing for 57 and 91 yards and 1 passing for 69 yards.   So what have we learned?  The Texans D is horrid and CJ is uncommonly fast.  Do with this information what you will.

Matt Schaub: A very nice turnaround game for Schaub going 25-of-39 for 357 yards and four touchdowns.  He needed it to help negate Chris Johnson and his huge game.  Will he have games like his first one?  Maybe, but it is very much worth the chance of that.  Andre Johnson won’t meet too many cornerbacks like the Jets’ Darrelle Revis.

Darrelle Revis: The Jets cornerback has shut down two of the best, if not the best wide receivers in the league in Andre Johnson and Randy Moss.  He held AJ to 4 catches and 35 yards and Moss to 4 catches for 25 yards. That is, well, inhuman.  The man is a beast.

Willis McGahee: He was the man in San Diego on Sunday.  Besides taking the goalline carries he also took many of the late carries.  This is bad news for Ray Rice owners like myself.  There’s not much you can do.  Rice is still getting a lot of looks and receptions so you have to run him out there, but until McGahee slows down he’s going to steam Rice’s owners.

Matt Hasselbeck: Patrick Willis back jacked him knocking him out of the game and sending him to the hospital.  They are calling it a rib bruise, but he looked like he was in a ton of pain.  I doubt he’ll feel like throwing a ball anytime soon.  If he doesn’t play this will kill Julius Jones and Housh’s value.

Frank Gore: Trying to out Chris Johnson, Chris Johnson he busted two huge runs of 79 and 80 yards.  He tweaked his ankle, but looks like he’ll be ok for next week.  He’s the centerpiece of the 49ers offense and will continue to get run into the ground.  Just hope he doesn’t get hurt because Coffee hasn’t looked that good, well, I love coffee, but you know, Greg Coffee.

Johnny Knox: Please make up a Johnny Knoxville joke here because I’m way too tired.  He is returning kicks now that Danieal Manning (of the extra vowel Mannings) is playing safety.  And he is also extremely fast. And Cutler hit him 6 times for 70 yards and a TD against the Steelers.  It was Bennett and Hester last week so picking the right sub par receiver for Cutler to make look good might be hard to do, but in return leagues he is worth a flier.

Fred Jackson: So you drafted Marshawn Lynch and then added Jackson so you could have someone to fill in for him.  Now Jackson is playing like a mad man and if you’ve started him you are pretty happy, but what happens when Lynch gets back?  You’ve got it, RBBC, which hurts both of your players.  Live with it.

Philip Rivers: He will continue to have big games as long as the Chargers defense is lame.  436 yards ain’t bad, but I feel sorry for Chargers fans.  Norv Turner is lamer than that defense.

Matt Forte: Not great numbers by any means, but you didn’t expect too much against the Steelers run D.  It was a good sign that Cutler targeted him more in the passing game.  If you can buy low on him do it.

Kurt Warner: The old man continues livin’ on a prayer and a respirator.  He completed his first 15 passes and ended up with a 92% completion percentage.  He did come out fairly early due to a stinger he got last week.  You’d think he’d have pulled that thing out by now.  Matt Leinart is almost a must add for Warner owners if you don’t have a capable backup.  And start your QB’s and receivers against Jacksonville.  Their defense (and offense for that matter) hurts my eyes.

Greg Jennings: You hate to see him go without a catch, but it happens sometimes.  The Bengals came to play.

Cedric Benson: He had a very good game and will continue to get all the work.  He’s still a spot/flex starter since he has the Steelers, Ravens and Minnesota for 5 games, but he’s worth running out there against the Browns, Texans and Detroit!  But if you could somehow sell high I’d give it a shot.

Braylon Edwards: He had 96 yards, but that was about all the Browns could muster.  They are God awful.

Darren McFadden: Well, he didn’t do as well as I hoped against the Chiefs, but he did end up with the game winning touchdown.  Russell, as I may have mentioned, is not a NFL quarterback.  This will keep all the Raiders numbers down a little.  But you do have to chalk some of this up to a huge rivalry and them being at Arrowhead.  I’m giving the fantasy Raiders a pass for now (yeah, I know they “won”).

Chad Ochocinco: I was on the fence regarding Ocho all preseason and never really got off, but he looks like he’s back.  If you drafted him, congrats.  He should help you all season as long as Palmer is in there.

Nate Washington: He was targeted the most out of the Titan receivers and got a TD.  He didn’t have great numbers, but now that he’s back I think he’ll continue to get his chances.

Mike Sims-Walker: He looks to be the #2 receiver in Jacksonville overtaking Troy Williamson.  He had a nice game going over 100 yards and a TD, but it was after they were down badly.  I wouldn’t pick him up until Garrard shows he doesn’t suck.

Laurent Robinson: He had 6 catches for 54 yards and a TD.  He looks like the #1 receiver in St. Louis which makes him a #3 or #4 receiver on your fantasy team, but if he’s on your wire I’d grab him.

Kevin Smith: He looked quick and strong against a good Minnesota run D.  He will continue to have solid games no matter how bad his QB plays.

Lance Moore: He left the game with a hamstring injury.  If Devery Henderson is on your wire tell him to get off.