Bet the Farm is Razzball’s weekly wagering column. Josh Carey and Zorboss compete against your picks in the comments. The rules?

– You start off with $1,000 (and can start playing along in the comments any time you want – even now)
– Every bet must be an increment of $10 up to your full bankroll ($1,000 or maybe more)
– You can bet on the over/under or spread for any NFL game (Yahoo Sports’ Odds page is a good place to pick your lines)
– Win, add $9 to your total for every $10 bet (you have to beat the rake). Lose, subtract $10. Push, keep it the same.
– Beat us over the entire season and win our admiration (Note: our admiration has a cash value of $0).

Josh Carey’s Picks

Bankroll: $1,476 (Last week: -$68)
Record: 39-27-1 (Last week: 2-4)
Locks: 9-4-1 (Last week: 1-0)

So last week was kind of the reverse of my week two weeks ago. Instead of nailing everything but my Lock, I nailed my lock and only one other pick instead. Though I’m going to claim moral victories on the Ravens and Colts, though. Still time for a big push to close out the season though.

$40 Dallas +1.5 vs. Pittsburgh (LOCK OF THE WEEK): I spent all day watching The Hobbit after working the graveyard shift, so yeah, I’m phoning this one in. But even E.T. got to phone home, so I don’t see what the big deal is. Anyway, my affinity for home underdogs is well-known, and the Steelers seem unusually vulnerable. The passing game, the running game, the defense… they’re all in various states of disarray. Really, Dallas just has to play competent football and they can come away with a win.

$30 San Francisco at New England OVER 46.5: I don’t know if the Patriots are going to torch the 49ers, or if San Francisco will be able to score on New England’s improving defense, but I do expect this one to not be a boring, low-scoring affair.

$30 New York Giants +1.5 at Atlanta: When in doubt, take the team that actually cares plus the points.

Total wagered: $100

Zorboss’ Picks

Bankroll: $1179 (last week -$10)
Record:  35-27 (last week 2-2)
Locks:  8-5 (last week 0-0)

$120 New York Giants +1.5 (Lock) at Atlanta:  I thought Atlanta was going to show me something last week when I bet on them.  Well, they did show me that they are not a serious team who won’t contend for the Super Bowl.  I’m on the wagon with everyone else and will bet against this team come playoff time.  The Giants are the Giants:  start the year slow and round into form once it gets to crunch time.  The Giants can’t afford to lose with the Cowboys and Redskins breathing down their necks in the division.  Must win game for the Giants vs. a just stay healthy game for the FalconsGiants 31 Falcons 21.

$60 St Louis -1.5 vs. Minnesota:  I’ve been very impressed with this Rams team in 2012.  Yes, a few bad losses but what team doesn’t show up for a few weeks during the season?  Since their bye week, the Rams defense has been playing pretty well; Rams rank ninth in the NFL in total defense.  The Vikings are a one-dimensional team and you can bet the Rams know this and will stack the box to stop the Adrian Peterson train.  I am betting on it.  Rams 24 Vikings 17.

$60 New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay OVER 54:  #iwillalwaysbeteverysaintsgameover.  Saints 34 Bucs 28.

$60 Green Bay -3 at Chicago:I’m done with this Bears team.  They won me my first big bet of the year, and I’m thankful for it, but I’m done hunting with them.  I know the Packers haven’t been playing their best football this year, but they have the Bears number; Packers have won eight out of the last 10 meetings.  Give me the Packers to clinch the division and send the Bears into hibernation.   Packers 27 Bears 17.

$60 Denver -2.5 at Baltimore:  The Ravens are on a two-game losing streak and both games were lost to subpar quarterbacks; two weeks ago to Charlie ‘why am I still in this league’ Batch, and last week to Kirk ‘I’m not related to RG3’ Cousins.  Now they face Peyton Manning.  You would think that this game is a battle for a higher playoff seed, but think again.  Is it possible the Ravens go winless the rest of the way and blow the division?  Check out their schedule and decide yourself.  I’ve decided.  Broncos 27 Ravens 23.

$60 Dallas +1.5 vs. Pittsburgh:  Two teams playing for the season, two teams that can’t afford to lose, and two teams with injuries across the board.  I’ll take the home team with plus points in this tilt.  Cowboys 24 Steelers 20.

$60 Seattle at Buffalo UNDER 43.5:  In the four games played in Toronto, the total points scored for each game were 19, 32, 41 and 23.  Whether it is the unfamiliarity with the field and turf, or the hockey crazed fans watching football, points don’t convert well across the border.  The defenses will lockdown this game.  Seahawks 24 Bills 13.

Total Wagered:  $480

  1. Tim says:

    Need help, for flex bell, leshoure or sproles. Toni or kaepernick. Dez or Gordon?

    Thanks so much, love the site, get me to the finals!

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      @Tim: This is our gambling blog so it’s typically not the best place to come for quick turnaround responses on sit/starts.

      Flex Sproles/QB: Kaepernick/WR: Assuming that’s the Brown’s Gordon, I’d go with him

  2. drew says:

    2 questions for ppr league:
    Alfred Morris or David Wilson
    and Which 3 out of Amendola, D. Alexander, Garcon, and TY Hilton?

    • Sky

      Sky says:




  3. Darth Ripken says:

    Bankroll 1676

    Packers -2.5 at Bears (60)
    Falcons pk vs giants (40)
    Colts +10.5 at texans (60)
    Browns -3.5 vs Redakins (80)
    Seahawks -4.5 at Bills (100)

    • Darth Ripken says:

      @Darth Ripken: just looked at ravens injuries and will add
      broncos -2.5 at ravens (100)

  4. TheTinDoor

    TheTinDoor says:

    Bankroll: $1080 (-$100)
    Picks: 27-22 (0-1)

    Buffalo +5.5 v. Seattle ($50)
    Detroit -6.5 v. Arizona ($50)
    NYJets +2 v. Tennessee ($50)
    Pittsburgh +1.5 v. Dallas ($50)

    • TheTinDoor

      TheTinDoor says:

      @TheTinDoor: I meant Pitt -1.5, not +

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