If you were to ask 15 fantasy football “experts” who you should start between Brian Hill and Bo Scarbrough, all 15 of those analysts wouldn’t have hesitated in saying Hill. Every single one of them. That’s just how it shakes out in the wonderful world of football fantasies.

Bo Scarborough was signed yesterday by the Lions from the practice squad only to lead the backfield with 14 carries 55 yards and a rushing touchdown. 3.9 YPC isn’t impressive at all, but how the hell were we supposed to know Bo Scarbrough would be a lead back. I’m actually surprised that he wasn’t on a roster after a pretty nice college career at Alabama. 

Brian Hill, on the other hand, was in a smash spot against the Carolina Panthers who have struggled exponentially against the run. Brian Hill ran the ball 15 times for 30 yards and had a touchdown called back because of a holding call. The hardest pill to swallow was that it was such a positive game script for the Falcons. They led the entire game. I guess sometimes the chalkiest calls end up being too chalky. Here is what else I saw in the early slate. 

Performance Checks

  • Nobody benefited more from Austin Hooper’s injury than Calvin Ridley. Ridley caught all 8 of his targets for 143 yards and a touchdown. I hope you bought low on Ridley a couple of weeks ago, he is trending towards a big finish to his sophomore season. 
  • Kyle Allen being bad finally caught up with him this week. They will undoubtedly be looking at the QB position this upcoming draft with Cam likely out the door.
  • DJ Moore was able to put together a good game regardless with 8 catches and 94 yards. HE HAD 15 TARGETS.
  • Christian McCaffrey doesn’t need the end zone to have a big fantasy day. He had 70 yards on the ground and caught 11 balls for 121 yards. He’s like 2 elite players in one roster spot. Unbelievable.
  • Matt Ryan added another 300 yard game to his resume with a touchdown as well. He averaged 14.8 yards per completion. Gotta love that efficiency.
  • I will always love the effort that Jameis Winston puts out there on the football field. It’s probably a big part of why I tend to believe in him in fantasy more than others. That said, it’s time for him to kick rocks. He has an insane amount of terrible interceptions, he under or overthrows receivers constantly. He piles up yardage and occasionally touchdowns in this offense, but the interceptions murder his fantasy value. In standard scoring leagues he gave away 8 points today on interceptions.
  • It’s tough to start Ronald Jones. You never know when he is going to carry the ball 15 times and get 7 targets in the passing game or if he’s going to touch the ball 5 total times. Sunday was one of those days that you were supposed to leave him out of your lineup. 
  • Cameron Brate was targeted 14 times and caught 10 of those passes for 72 yards. OJ Howard had 1 target and 0 catches. 
  • Mike Evans had a bad day and he didn’t even have to line up against Lattimore. Chris Godwin caught 3 passes for 47 yards but he was able to find pay dirt. 
  • Michael Thomas continues to smash at a historic pace. 8 catches for 114 yards and a touchdown on this Sunday. He had 11 targets. 
  • Kamara caught 10 balls but only got 47 yards out of it. But, he did add 75 yards on the ground. It’s been a disappointing year for Kamara enthusiasts such as myself. Hopefully he can kick it into gear to close out the season. 
  • 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson is flat out ridiculous. 4 touchdown passes and 86 rushing yards for Jackson on Sunday. 
  • Gus The Bus got it done on the ground while Mark Ingram got it done through the air out of the backfield. This offense is humming. 
  • Chalk it up to a bad day at the office for Deshaun Watson. The defense was in his grill all day. 
  • Carlos Hyde was able to salvage his day with a 41 yard touchdown run. 
  • Marlon Mack and Jonathan Williams both ran for over 100 yards and Marlon Mack found the end zone. Start your RBs against the Jaguars, folks. Marlon Mack reportedly broke his hand so that’s something to keep an eye on. 
  • DJ Chark loved having Nick Foles back. Over 100 yards and a two touchdowns for Chark. 
  • Leonard Fournette rushed for 23 yards and averaged under 3 yards per carry. ZERO SHARES.
  • The Vikings rallied for a huge comeback and Kirk Cousins looked great doing it. Over 300 yards through the air and 3 touchdown passes. 
  • Kyle Rudolph has been coming on as of late. I’m pretty sure that this is the 3rd straight game that he’s scored a touchdown. Stefon Diggs is red hot too. 5 catches 121 yards and a touchdown. 
  • Courtland Sutton ended up with more yards that Diggs, but he wasn’t able to score. He did throw a 38 yard pass though.
  • Josh Allen has 7 rushing touchdowns this season. He’s starting to get it going through the air over the past couple of weeks as well. 
  • John Brown is too hot too handle. He continued his breakout year with the Bills with a nice package of yards and 2 touchdowns. 
  • Devin Singletary needs to watch his fumble issues or he’s going to find himself riding the pine really quick. Besides fumbles, he was able to grind out 75 yards. 
  • DeVante Parker is STARTABLE. 7 catches for 135 yards on Sunday. Unfortunately there weren’t any touchdowns to speak of through the air for the Dolphins
  • Jeff Driskel threw 2 touchdown passes to Marvin Jones Jr. Commenters were pretty worried about their Marvin Jones shares when Matthew Stafford went down, but he’s actually fared pretty well in his absence. 
  • Kenny Golladay is getting punished against his will. After 43 yards last week, he only caught 1 pass for 34 yards. 
  • Amari Cooper couldn’t find any room on Sunday either. He was targeted 8 times, but he only caught 3 passes for under 40 yards.
  • Michael Gallup led the Cowboys with 13 targets and he caught 9 balls for 148 yards. Gallup is having a breakout campaign this year.
  • Speaking of breakouts, what a season Dak Prescott is having. On Sunday he was in a great spot but surpassed expectations with 444 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. 
  • It was another disappointing day for Zeke owners, but he threw in a consolation touchdown. This has become a passing offense under their new offensive coordinator and Zeke is the sacrificial lamb.

  1. toolshed says:

    What the heck is wrong with brady? He isnt throwing any td passes. It has been a bad stretch for him. I thought he’d be back on track against philly who hasnt done well vs the pass and after a bye week. Should I be concerned or is this just a a rough patch. His schedule doesnt look too bad rest of the way except for buffalo in week 16. I dont expect huge numbers, but how about a couple of td passes and 250 yds. He has 93 attempts over last 2 games and 1 td. There arent many qb in FA now because of the bye weeks. Jones is available but he has chicago next. Rest of schedule look good for him though. Thanks

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d be concerned. He’s 42 and has a noodle arm

    • bigbear says:

      He was off yesterday. Quite a few bad throws. I think the game is speeding up on him, like he’s not able to mentally process it as quickly as he used to do. But there were a few bad drops (1 in the endzone by Edelman). And some bad routes (Sano). He made a few nice throws too (thinking of the nice grab by Watson in a tight window). He probably should have had another 8-10 fantasy points that wasn’t all on him yesterday. That said, I’d be worried too. He looks jittery. There was a play when he was rolling to his right and an LB was 5-7 yards away and instead of holding the ball a little longer for the RB to get a bit more open, he threw it early and the LB that was pursuing Brady was able to tackle the RB. I couldn’t see what was going on down field, but most times the QB will let that play develop a bit. It seemed like Brady rushed it.

      • MB

        MB says:

        I agree. He seems really skiddish about getting hit so I think that’s leading to unbeneficial fantasy decisions. His arm is weak sauce too. But there should be better weeks.

  2. Snacks Zillion says:

    My money league draft when like this
    1. Conner
    2. Kittle
    4. M.Mack

    This week sucked, bad. Thanks Mike Tomlin you scumbag for lying to America about Conner ‘ s injury status this week and also thanks for getting him banged up in the last plays of a blowout when he should not have been on the field. Scumbag!!!

    • MB

      MB says:

      That’s brutal. Yeah this Conner thing sucks

  3. For An Armenianless Vacation Come to Akron says:

    12 team PPR super flex. keep 4 with no costs to the keepers. got an open roster slot here but if i wait too long i can’t input waiver claims while leaving guys that might get healthy later in IR slots. only have 16 FAAB left out of 100.
    QB: wentz, trubisky, rudolph
    RB (2) AAron, mack (already having issues, now this guy is out), lindsay, burkhead, mostert
    WR (3): adams, j.brown, dede, pascal, reynolds, c.davis, harry
    TE (1): kelce, hock
    2 regular flexes
    1 super flex
    D (1): OAK
    IR (3): herndon (can drop when i need to), fuller (probably back next week), wilkins (went out of my way to hold mack’s backup then he gets hurt)

    best order of obtaining: j-will (IND, probably gotta be my priority, but lately people have been blasting RB’s, b.hill went for like 35 this week), scarbrough, hines, j-wash, edmunds (PIT), walton.

    2. drop harry for a 2nd of that group? he’ll probably have to be a drop later anyway when fuller is back. (reynolds could later be another drop when woods/cooks are back anyway)

    only good news is i’m pretty sure i’m through my RB having byes.

    • MB

      MB says:

      The only Indy back that I would want is Hines right now. I’d grab Scarbrough and You can drop Harry.

  4. Sinkhole Demayo says:

    12 team PPR. lost mack for sounds long time. best order of dropping gore and pascal for these RB’s
    i have:
    QB: j.allen, goff
    RB (2) mack, barkley, mckissic, gore, guice (whew he’s actually being used and gave WAS their only good play of the day)
    WR (2): c.samuel, edelman, mclaurin, pascal (i might not be able to drop pascal here till hilton is back since i’m so thin at WR now too)
    TE (1): henry (bye week 12), cook
    1 flex
    IR (1) green (if he’s sounding out and mack isn’t out ROS mack will go here, green dropped if need be)
    order for the waivering of: hyde (dropped by somebody yesterday), j.will (IND), wilkins (IND, probably can’t wait to find out if he’s out longer than just week 11), scarbrough or j-wash PIT (who might be the only tenured WR left on PIT if JJSS/d.johnson can’t get back from concussions)

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d drop Green and pick up Scarbrough. Green isn’t going to play this year

  5. Water boy says:

    Hey MB! Can’t believe week 11 is wrapping up tonight, man this season flew by, I was going to start Brian hill at flex but with Montgomery banged up I started Tarik Cohen over hill, glad I started Cohen & yes I’m dumping hill lol

    Before our deadline would you do any of these moves ?

    1.) Trade my Dalvin cook to get Aaron Jones + amari cooper?

    2.) trade my cook for CMC?

    3.) deal my David Johnson to get Damien Williams?

    4.) deal my DJ + ballage to get mixon?

    5.) deal my cook for Aaron Jones + Mike Evans ?

    6.) deal my Tevin Coleman for Joe mixon ?

    7.) deal ballage to get Jamaal Williams?

    ** if Watkins performs well tonight on MNF would you sell him or hold if sell what’s a realistic return?

    Going forward which of these are players I should be adding this week? Guice, bo Scarborough, Jonathan Williams, Gus Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald, Hunter Renfrow

    My RBs are DJ, cook, Tevin Coleman, ballage , Mattison, Cohen , Brian hill,

    My WRs are Tyreek hill, Marvin Jones, Watkins, aj green, thielen, Josh Reynolds, Devante Parker, dionte Johnson

    Thanks man!

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’m not trading Dalvin Cook. I don’t think you’ll be able to get rid of DJ. I’d add one of Bo Scarbrough or Jonathan Williams.

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