We’ve all been there. The relationship that’s getting a little bit stale. You miss the excitement, the thrill of the first date, the first kiss, where your mind couldn’t stop thinking about your better half. You need to get that spark back! Like relationships, sometimes Fantasy Football can get a little monotonous as you keep […]

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The AFC North has traditionally been known for its defensive superiority. The 2022 season didn’t completely live up to the hype. With two new defensive coordinators, Mike MacDonald in Baltimore and Teryl Austin in Pittsburgh, there were some adjustment pains. In the 2023 season, there will be one new defensive coordinator in the AFC North, […]

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If there’s one buzzword that coaches absolutely love to use this time of year, it’s “competition.” Hey coach, how’s your first round rookie looking? “He’s competing every day, and that’s all we can ask of him.” Wow, thanks… Or how about this one? “We love the additions we made through free agency and the draft, it’s added some great competition to our locker room, and it’s pushing everyone to be better.” Blah, blah, blah. These guys really know how to say something without saying a thing don’t they? In all honesty, most of the competition happens on the back end of the roster, as teams have to decide who to keep and who to cut as they trim the roster to 53 players. Most of these decisions don’t have a major impact on fantasy football, as we already have a good idea who the impact players are. There are always a few legitimate competitions, however, that WILL make a difference for your IDP rosters. Since coaches rarely tell us exactly what their plans are, I’m here to help you read the tea leaves for one of the top defensive battles in the league, the Dallas Cowboys linebackers.

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