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Welcome to the championship week. If you are still here and reading, I am assuming you are still involved in your fantasy leagues. Of course, in any serious league, this means the championship game and not a semi-final or first week of a final. Really, Week 17 folks?

With winning a title in mind, let us take a look at some games this weekend and more importantly, matchups which could help you in your quest. We have seen some break outs in the two previous weeks of the playoffs. Some expected and some not so much. This is why no one, not even the great Matthew Berry or Evan Silva are 100% right. If you are the type of person who takes the advice given in any article as the be all end all and start threatening analysts or their families because of it, re-evaluate your life and especially your morals.

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Welcome to the playoffs.

If you are reading his, you have had a good season, or at least been lucky enough to make the playoffs in your league. Let’s look at some Week 14 matchups we can exploit or avoid while trying to move on to the semi-finals and beyond.

Of course, no one and no process is perfect. There will always be the Adrian Peterson or Derrius Guices of the world to show that. But these are educated predictions of who may or may not deserve a spot in your lineup this week.

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We are now just one week away from the fantasy playoffs, and while he struggle for the final few spots in our league’s playoff brackets, many NFL teams are also having to mount some serious playoff pushes if they hope to be playing football in January and February this season. One team in particular will prepare to get into a divisional race against some familiar foes as they prepare to head to Miami, Florida in one of the best offensive matchups of the week.

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What are some games to look at this week? Well, there are a lot of them. But for the purposes here, we are not looking at games, but instead, matchups. Whether they be exploitable matchups, like a tight end against Arizona. Or a scary one, like a quarterback against a team out for revenge, we have both of those covered here. So let us move past any idol chat and get right to some players to look at or avoid. Depending if you are trying to win or trying to tank for Burrow or Tua.

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With trade deadlines in the rearview, we now turn the focus of this article to some juicy matchups, or not so juicy matchups to be aware of in hopes of garnering the playoff clinching win you need.

Whether it be a wide receiver going against a terrible secondary to love, or a running back to avoid in a
bad game script, we will try to find a few of these showdowns. Of course, you are not going to sit a player like Davante Adams against the 49ers even though the San Francisco pass defense is number one in the league. We are instead going to take a look at some options you might be hesitant about. A player on the cusp of the starting lineup as it were. So, with this said, let’s do this. 

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With the fantasy playoffs only two weeks away, these next few games are going to be absolutely crucial for almost every team in any league. Even if you have a spot wrapped up, it’s about getting the best possible team out there every week for a hopeful deep playoff run. And for those on the fringes, it’s make-or-break time!

Let’s talk about some players you should start, and those you should keep on the bench.

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