Hey there Razzballers,

Reid here kicking off my season-long series for those of you who love to live life on the edge.

I guess a little background on the name of this post should be included since 100% of you are sitting there thinking “Who the hell is ‘Bojo’ and why should I take anything this guy says seriously?”

Great questions. Let me explain. Bojo is the nickname for an Old Niagara Falls man who has a reputation for being quite savvy with line movements and getting to the heart of the games. So I’m sitting down with him to get some of his best bets each week (2 best bets and 1 upset). I will be adding a DFS player to target for each of the games brought up as well. So let’s get to the games and see where Bojo wants to look at this week:

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If you didn’t notice, we experienced some technical issues yesterday. (No, Al Franken doesn’t handle our servers. And neither do the Russians. I think…) I just wanted to thank the readers (and the writers too!) for surviving a day without us. From what I understand, the site will still experience some slow downs and there will be several more updates today, but the site should remain live during these events. Unfortunately, we did have to reset the site to an earlier date, so I’ve been rebuilding our content from the ground up. Be sure to scroll down the front page for everything you may have missed!

In the future, if you do have a pressing question and there is a site implosion, definitely don’t mail it to me unless it’s a keeper league thing that can be answer over the course of… I actually don’t know. I haven’t mailed a letter in like 10 years. How long does USPS take? Seven weeks? Sure, seven weeks. So don’t do that. Readers are always invited to send correspondence to [email protected], and while I don’t really consider myself a “Twitter” user, to the extent that I just use it to b*tch about Trump and share food pics, I can be reached there as well.

We should be back to our schedule content schedule today, with a nifty Streamers report and a Pod to be released. Thanks everyone!

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Why Razzball? Why you ask. If I really need to answer that question then I think you are in the wrong place. Perhaps you meant to visit espn.com where you could fill up on shitty advice from some overpaid, over hyped ding dong. I’ve been trying to figure a way to work “ding dong” into a post all season. Check that one off the list. But while I have your divided attention, I’ll answer it anyway. Is “undivided” attention actually a thing anymore. Heck I’m barely paying attention as I write this post. So you’ll have to forgive my randomness.

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If you’ve been reading the site this year, you’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve had a lot of giveaways. Whether it’s upping the prize amount for our RCL Leagues, or offering special money contests where you can take me on (and take my money), or… just having fun making team names and winning a Razzball T-shirt, I’m happy to give back and provide for the community that has given so much to me (and the Razzball brand). I hope, as we keep growing, to get even wetter and wilder with future contests, giveaways, and prizes. Just like your mom.

Today, I’m happy to announce a $100.00 giveaway to one lucky reader for use at Steiner Sports. All you have to do is sign-up for our newsletter (which is just an one email per week, and does not contain spam, just a review of our post’s during the past seven days, just to make sure you caught up on everything Razzball.) Sounds easy, right? Right! A random winner will be chosen from those who sign up today, and will receive $100.00. That’s it. (You can sign up in that little spot underneath this post where it says: I don’t have enough spam, give me the Razzball email newsletter!)

And who’s the awesome sponsor to make this all possible? A special shout-out goes to Steiner Sports, home to some pretty sweet sports memorabilia and provider for your gift card! I’d ask that you check out some of their site (click here!), if only because I’ve already bought a few choice LaDainian Tomlinson swag, and I can attest, this stuff is pretty darn neat (as Philip Rivers would describe it), and I’d like some company so I don’t feel so guilty spending that cash monies. They must know me well… show me anything that has blue with a lightning bolt, I’m melted butter. Mmmm, butter. And speaking of butter, it’s one of God’s tools during Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving means Black Friday. And what does that have to do with anything? I’m glad I asked! Steiner Sports is holding a huge-a-fragilistic (totally a word) sale on that day! Be sure to check it out!

Regardless, good luck Razzballers! (I’ll announce the winner tomorrow in my Week 8 Rankings post, along with the winner of our T-Shirt contest!)

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We haven’t reached the end of the 2015 Fantasy Football Season yet, nay, we are still smack dab right in the middle of it, but I wanted to talk about some exciting new thing-a-ma-jigs that we’re working on that will be released this season and the next. And what falls under the umbrella of “thing-a-ma-jigs”? Well, technically nothing, since that idiom makes zero sense. But, after the jump, I’m going to go over some new tools, mini-games, and contests that we are working on, all to make your Fantasy Football life easier, more enjoyable, and a lot more successful.

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It’s official because we don’t deal in unofficial. Whatever that means. Which is nothing, if you’re wondering. But it does make this post feel more important. Delusions of grandeur? That’s my life story bro. And that also might describe the life story of many here who reside at Razzball HQ. Which is basically our basements. With bountiful supplies of Hot Pockets and alchohal. Why do we make these picks? Because we think we’re right all the time. Except for me. I’m just very wrong. But don’t let that stop you from looking at our well-thought out (MAYBE) picks for this upcoming 2015 season. The thing is, we all can’t write a 1500 word exposé on these players, so you get this nifty assortment where you’ll gain a general sense of which players we like and which we don’t. All in a simple box for you to stare and giggle at. Kind of like what you normally would do if you were looking at Tehol‘s well, you know, simple box. Along with that, we’ve taken a stab at the NFL Playoff picture, calling both the Championship games and the Super Bowl. Enjoy!

New to Daily Fantasy Football? I am too! I’m trying out this new free FanDuel’s contest, where half the league is guaranteed to win. If you want, you can join up with me! (Played FanDuel before? You can build a team for $5 for a chance of $100,000, part of a one million dollar prize pool!)

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Well, if you’ve followed me at all the past few years, (in violation of that restraining order, mind you), you know that I love throwing out some bold predictions to spicen things up a bit. Because maybe I’m cooking while playing fantasy football. Who doesn’t? You’re the weird one. Regardless, there is some tidying up to do when it comes to how my predictions for the past season turned out, and I’m here to pay my amends, eat my crow, and to provide a wonderful face for being really really bold, and quite possibly italic. (See what I did there?) Did I get everything wrong? Hopefully not. In fact, I might have gotten all of them right…Who knows? (I do.) And seeing as how one of them involves Ryan Mathews, you’d have to think that getting all of them right was not possible. You’d be correct with that assumption. So I’ll be preparing my crow, with as much salt as possible, while we figure out how everything went down…

Please, blog, may I have some more?

While normally we here at Razzball would concentrate on Fantasy Football news and analysis, or, in the very least, try to add fantasy context to that which doesn’t exactly fit the mold, I won’t try to cover or sugarcoat this too much. Unless it’s your mother. While there really isn’t anything to be gleaned from the following, except maybe sugar, suffice to say, I have thoughts on the subject, and the subject is the possibility of the Chargers moving to Los Angeles. Mind you, this aren’t intricate or well-thought out, um, thoughts (I was in trouble like two words in…), but as the predominant, or only Chargers fan of the site, and probably the entire readership, I did want to weigh in on the fact that there are some fascinating things going with the Rams, Raiders, and my Chargers that involve bringing the NFL to the great (also terrible) city of Los Angeles. I’m not quite to sure what to think of all of this, and I’m sure you don’t care, but I do write for a living, and the logical progression, I would think, is to use writing as a vehicle to find some sort of catharsis with the fact that my home team may move roughly 60 miles north. And with the Rams and Raiders possibly in tow, we could, at the very least, come to the determination right now that this would be the saddest three-way ever…

Please, blog, may I have some more?