Yesterday was full of big time players having big time games.  If you had those big time players on your team you are feeling really good today, if you went against them, you are cussing your dog. Here are some of the high and low lights from yesterday.

It is fun watching Chris Johnson go all Tecmo Bowl Jackson on everyone if you own him or aren’t playing against him on your fantasy team or you happen to like the Titans.  I can’t give you any interesting analysis accept to say that Johnson will most likely be the #1 player to go in most drafts next year, which means he’ll have a down season.

Brandon Marshall: He broke T.O.’s single game 20 reception record with 21 which was 15 more completions than the whole Browns’ team, actually more completions than 18 teams.  I think this means he is good.

Desean Jackson: Long Division Jackson went off on the Giants last night to the tune of 178 yards receiving, 1 touchdown and one punt return for a touchdown.  The man has speed to spare, but he ain’t gonna share!

Ray Rice: The Pocket Mighty Hercules Mouse does it again.  He had 203 total yards and a touchdown at halftime! Sadly Daunte Culpepper shouldn’t really be playing football anymore and Rice got a lot of the 2nd half to catch up on his sudoku. He’s now easily a top 5 draft pick next year.

Andre Johnson: Matt Schaub had over 330 yards before half and AJ had done most of his damage before half as well, ending with 11 receptions, 193 yards and 2 touchdowns. They get St. Louis next week.  Hope that they aren’t sat before half time.

Kevin Smith: He looks like he’ll be done for the year with torn ligaments in his knee.  Maurice Morris will probably get most of his work, but since you are in the playoffs you probably have a good enough team that you don’t need Mo Mo.  I really had high hopes for Smith this year.  He has to go on my top 10, 2009 all disappointment team.

Fred Davis: He had 3 receptions for 50 yards and 2 touchdowns.  I had Davis as a bust since the Raiders hadn’t given up a touchdown to a tight end all season.  They have now given up 2.  If he is a free agent he is worth grabbing, especially if you have Dallas Clark who might not play much in week 16.

Keith Null: With the amount of interceptions he threw (5) his performance was worse than null.  If only they could void the whole team while playing Steven Jackson they might have a chance.

Jason Campbell: He is coming around.  Even traveling cross country and playing in the black hole behind a horrible offensive line wouldn’t deter him.  They get the Giants awful pass defense next week.  You may see him on some sleeper lists.

JaMarcus Russell: He came in after Gradkowski was hurt and then for some reason the Redskins extended their lead.  Russell is a dead albatross hanging around the Raiders’ metaphorical neck and he is getting all gross and rotten.

Steven Jackson: He hasn’t been practicing because of his herniated disc, but he has been able to perform on Sundays.  Those days may be behind him and his fantasy owners.  With his back and Null voiding out his effectiveness, it may be time to start questioning if you should start him or not.

Randy Moss: He looked a little like the Raiders version of Randy Moss and if you own him he hurt your team on Sunday and probably your playoff hopes. You still play him, but you are not happy!

Jamaal Charles: I just have to give him his due again.  He knocked off a 76 yard touchdown run and looked like he had a couple extra gears.  Todd has been too embarrassed to call me since I have been bugging him to start JC from day one.

Eddie Royal: He had 1 catch for 3 yards while watching Brandon Marshall targeted 27 times.  This is the same guy who returned 2 kicks for touchdowns in one game this season.  Why not throw him the ball? Drop him if for some reason you haven’t yet.

Antonio Bryant: He was shut down by Revis as suspected, but gets Seattle next week.  That’s the same team that just gave up 193 yards and 2 touchdowns to Andre Johnson.  You need to get him in your lineup next week.

Chris Brown: He lost a goal line carry to Ryan Moats.  Drop him! Moats and now Arian Foster are getting most of the work. I didn’t get to see Foster run, but I heard he looked pretty good.  This RBBC is painful to dissect, but Moats lost a fumble and you know how much Kubiak likes that.  I would stay away unless you are desperate.

Reggie Bush: He touched the ball 12 times which is the first time he has gone over 10 since week 3.  Of course he scored twice on those 12 touches.  He is infuriating, just like the whole Saints backfield.  Who dat? I really don’t know!

Marshawn Lynch: He had another good game, but is still backing up Fred Jackson.  They were both usable against the Chiefs, but they don’t get to play the Chiefs every week.

  1. unstopabull says:

    You guys have given me some great advice all year. Still in 1st in standing and points. However your advice to keep playing Palmer has not panned out. This latest performance sealed his fate. Should I look to start Campbell or Young this week? Both have looked pretty solid lately though Young’s hammy will have to be watched. Who do you prefer the rest of the way or will matchups be the deciding factor?

  2. ThePoonTycoon says:

    reasons i hate fantasy football:

    1) i lead both my leagues in scoring for the season, yet finish in 3 place record wise and miss a bye

    2) both teams i faced in week 1 of the playoffs start schaub, marshall, and andre johnson

    3) both teams i faced in week 1 of the playoffs put up the single highest scoring week of the season for both leagues

    4) i scored more points that the other 2 teams playing on the opposite side of the bracket

    5) i am dunzo in both leagues despite one team starting brees, sjax, gore, ryan grant, wayne, white, and witten/olsen in my keeper 12 team league and my other team having mcnabb, sjax, mjd, rice, kevin smith, megatron, welker, white, jennings, and vernon davis all on the roster.

    fantasy baseball>>>>>>>>>fantasy football in everyway if you know what you are doing.

  3. Josh says:

    Yep, sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes, well, the bear eats you. I started McCoy over Moreno last week and it cost me a playoff berth (though Purple Jesus, Ray Rice and MSW’s combined suckage was the real culprit).

    Anyway, for the league in which I’m still alive, what do y’all think of Fred Taylor as a potential pick-up for next week? I’ve still held on to Mike Bell, so I could drop him for Taylor, maybe Kevin Faulk, maybe one of the guys in Cleveland?

  4. Jim Parkey says:

    You guys gave me great advice to start Ganther over McCoy. But at the last minute I got cold feet and switched back to McCoy. Why, oh why?!? It cost me the playoff loss.

    I am surely doomed to continue as a herd animal wandering fantasy mediocrity year after year.

    I am sorry such astute advice was wasted on the likes of me.


  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @unstopabull: Yeah, he’s horrid. Hope I didn’t tell you to start him in Minny! Campbell or Young both look good, but I worry that Young might get hurt again. He did say he could have come back in that game.

    @ThePoonTycoon: Yeah Fantasy Football is an entirely different animal than fantasy baseball. But I love it!

    @Josh: I would stay away from the Pats backfield. I’d pick up Harrison if he’s available.

    @Jim Parkey: Sometimes you have to go with your gut. You’d really be kicking yourself if it was the other way around.

  6. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I agree, you can influence your outcome so much more in fantasy baseball. It actually takes ballsy moves and good GM skillz to win. Fantasy football is a crapshoot…. but I love it just the same! haha

  7. jex says:

    Who would you compare this monster to? Barry Sanders?

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jex: I’m trying to think of who, and it’s tough. He runs upright. Tremendous speed. Incredible vision. Nothing is coming right now.

  9. Civi says:

    Chris Johnson = Tennessee Tuxpeedo

  10. kevin lomax says:

    KSK nicknamed CJ “Zulu Cthulhu.”

  11. sally bones says:

    Cj= “The Alien”……if anyone has seen the movie district nine, the alien’s name is chris johnson and it fits cause he is out of this world….very corny but he also kinda looks freakish as well

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    I kinda like The Alien, keep them coming!

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