Welcome back to this week’s “Depp Impact”, where we analyze famous Johnny Depp cameos and how they affected the films he appeared in. Let’s start with 21 Jump Street, a surprisingly funny romp in which Depp, wearing more prosthetics than an amputee convention, joined Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum… *answers call from Jay* I’ve been informed that this will instead be another Deep Impact, our weekly look at those options deep league players should be targeting. We’re entering the stretch run for drafting, so let’s take another look at some players you should be looking to scoop up in the last rounds before Week 1.

Hey speaking of drafts, there are still some spots left in our RCLs! Get in there quick before it fills up, so you can all compete for second place to yours truly. Now that the shameless plug is out of the way, let’s get to some names. Keeping with last week’s format, we’ll look at guys currently going after pick 180. If you’re only playing 10- or 12-team leagues, these players are at best people you should keep an eye out on. I caught flak in some corners of the internet last week for mentioning Jay Cutler’s name because mouthbreathers struggle with reading comprehension, and didn’t understand that if you’re late in the draft of a deep league, there is at least one glaring flaw causing these guys to be available…

[graphiq id=”h9CzYke2n41″ title=”Joe Flacco Overview” width=”640″ height=”548″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/h9CzYke2n41″ link=”http://football-players.pointafter.com/l/6476/Joe-Flacco” link_text=”Joe Flacco Overview | PointAfter”]

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens (ADP: 189) – If you haven’t noticed, between this week’s recommendation of Flacco and last week’s of Jay Cutler, the good upside plays are long gone at this point for quarterback. The names going after pick 180 that currently hold a starting job: Flacco, Cutler, Robert Griffin III (ADP: 181), Sam Bradford (ADP: 225), Blaine Gabbert (ADP: Seriously? You’re taking Blaine Gabbert?), Trevor Siemian (ADP: You’ve got to be kidding), Case Keenum (ADP: For the love of all that is holy please don’t do this) and Shaun Hill (ADP: Put the computer down and walk away slowly). Outside of Flacco and Cutler, I see nothing but names that are far more likely to be benched than to put up top 25 stats at the position. This isn’t a vote of confidence in Flacco putting up a banner year. In fact, I’m sure he will give you the same steady, boring stats that he has put on the board across his entire career (playoffs not included). At this point in the draft, in leagues deep enough where every starter gets picked, you’ll be thankful you have those boring stats if your QB1 goes down.

Kenneth Dixon, Baltimore Ravens (ADP: 190) – I guess you don’t have to leave Baltimore to find late round fantasy value. Add that to the list of good things you can find in Baltimore! What’s that? There is no list? As someone who has spent a good amount of time there… yeah that sounds about right. Anyways, Dixon looked like the best runner in a crowded backfield during the Ravens’ preseason, getting first team reps and doing more with them than Justin Forsett, Terrance West, or Buck Allen. Unfortunately, he tore his MCL and has plummeted off draft boards of standard leagues as a result. As a general rule, I avoid drafting already injured players (how is everyone feeling about their Jamaal Charles picks right about now?), but will make an exception if the price is discounted enough to reflect the risk. Dixon will only miss 4-6 weeks, and it’s not like there’s a ton of talent above him to run away with the job in his absence. I’d absolutely take a shot on stashing him with a late pick, especially in leagues that play with an IR spot.

Chris Hogan, New England Patriots (ADP: 199) – From the factory that brought you Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Danny Woodhead… it’s yet another white guy catching passes in New England! With a banged up receiving corps that has Edelman yet to round into form from a foot injury and Amendola on the PUP list recovering from knee and ankle surgeries, Hogan has so far in the preseason seized the opportunity. There’s a bit of risk here, as catching passes from Jimmy Garoppolo for the first four weeks of the season is a hell of a lot less appealing than catching them from Tom Brady. Plus, if Amendola comes back from the PUP list as soon as he’s eligible (after the first six weeks), that would only give Hogan two games to build on the rapport he’s built with Brady in the preseason well enough to keep Amendola on the sidelines. However, I’m willing to bet a late round pick that Hogan can take advantage of the chance, or that Amendola won’t be ready to go full speed when he’s eligible. If Hogan plays at all like the previous models that have come off the assembly line, he’ll be a valuable pick.

Vance McDonald, San Francisco 49ers (ADP: 258) – I hope 49ers quarterbacks are sitting down when they read this (if it helps, play the national anthem while reading): there isn’t a lot of talent in the San Francisco receiving corps this year. I’ve been studying football all offseason and I just had to Google their depth chart because I honestly couldn’t remember any name aside from Torrey Smith. Oh right, there’s Bruce Ellington! *Does more Googling* Nevermind, he’s out for the year. Well, there’s *furious amounts of Googling* Quinton Patton! And they just traded for Jeremy Kerley! Oh man, if Chip Kelly can get points out of this bunch, it will be the greatest magic trick he’s pulled since he made all of the Eagles’ talented players disappear. McDonald wasn’t impressive last year, but his last 6 weeks’ stats of 2015 projected over a full season would be 56 catches, 700 yards and 8 touchdowns. Those are useful numbers for a tight end this late, and he should be an even bigger part of the offense than last year with Anquan Boldin gone. He could lead the team in receiving this year, and if he’s lucky, being the 49ers’ leading receiver may even be worth a roster spot in fantasy leagues!



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  1. Chris says:

    Hello Alex,

    Please advice our comments after my drafted NFL team. I admit Ididn’t do a lot of reaserch, but hopefully I’m OK.

    12 teams, Standard League
    Qb – Roethlisberger
    WR – Cooks
    WR – TY Hilton
    WR – Fitzgerald
    RB – Ezekiel Elliot
    RB – Latavius Murray
    TE – Ertz
    WR/RB – DeVante Parker
    BN – Blount
    BN – Tj Yeldon
    BN – Will Fuller
    BN – Mohammed Sanu
    BN – Jordan Howard
    K – Crosby
    DEF – Eagles

    My plan is to stream DEF. I Fugured Eagles with the new scheme will get sacks and 1st game is vs Cleveland.

    Also, do you recommend dropping Jordan Howard and adding Dixon?

    Thanks for your input.

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @Chris: That’s a solid squad. In a 12-team standard you can probably hold off on adding Dixon for now, unless your league plays in a format that allows stashing injured players without burning a bench spot. You can see what Howard’s role looks like after the first game, and drop him for Dixon (or any breakout player) if he turns out to be an afterthought. Can’t go wrong playing matchups on defense, and the Eagles are a great Week 1 play.

  2. Rondo says:

    12 team .5PPR – who are your top 3 you grabbing off the waiver wire from the list below?

    Stiils, Doctson, T. Coleman, Hogan, McFadden, Morris, J. White, Kearse, Riddick, Coates, Draughn

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @Rondo: In 10- and 12-teamers, early on I like to have as many breakout lottery tickets as possible, not many handcuffs. Based on the preseason/training camp so far, I think the top 3 would be Hogan, Kenny Stills, and James White. Hogan for the reasons mentioned above, Stills for looking like he’s got the leg up as the #2 receiver in Miami, and James White because who the hell knows what Belichick will do with running backs in New England while Lewis is out. White was useful catching passes last year when Lewis went down, and at the very least should have a similar role out of the gate this year. I won’t be surprised if he gets some carries and turns into a useful RB2/Flex, and I won’t be surprised if he’s of limited value. New England has been so fickle with backs in recent years. It’s worth a stash to find out what the Hooded One’s master plan is in Week 1.

  3. Pu$$y Control says:

    Need some advice. I am in a 12 team league, had the 12th pick, 1/2 ppr, squad is Romo/Taylor, Hyde/Demarco/Langford/Sproles, Hopkins/Gronk/Cooper/Marvin Jones/Gordon. I have the first waiver priority. My plan was to take Dak since Romo went out. But now I have noticed that Spencer Ware is an option too. I can only take one because the other is likely gone. Which would you take? If I don’t take Dak and took Spencer instead, I could opt to take Alex Smith as a back up QB until Romo returns. The only fear is that Dak takes the Cowboys job and runs with it.

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @Pu$$y Control: I agree that both will likely be gone, but I would go Ware. Everyone is loving some Dak right now based on his preseason action, but he’s been playing against mostly backups and vanilla defenses. Remember how well Sam Bradford played last preseason? How’d that work out? I don’t see Dak being better than startable over Tyrod this year, but I could see Ware being at least an RB2 for you early in the season with Charles’ status up in the air. Hyde is in the concussion protocol and isn’t a lock to be ready for Week 1, and I’m very curious to see how the Titans’ RB timeshare looks between Murray/Henry. Having Ware gives you some more insurance on both of those fronts, or trade bait for the poor schlub in your league that drafted Charles without handcuffing him. If I were you, I’d already be negotiating with that guy even before the waiver claim is processed.

      • Pu$$y Control says:

        [email protected]Alex Lee: unfortunately we don’t allow trades. Too much drama over the years so it hasn’t been allowed for quite some time now. Do you think it is important to find a way to roster Alex Smith as a security blanket at QB?

        • Eli Man Penguin Boy says:

          @Pu$$y Control: might mention other options if smith is one of them.

        • Alex Lee

          Alex Lee says:

          @Pu$$y Control: Sorry I missed this the other day. As Eli pointed out, if Smith is available I imagine some other marginal plays (Flacco, Cutler, etc etc) are available. If that’s the case I wouldn’t bend over backwards to roster one of those guys. If a QB on the wire breaks out after Week 1 maybe that changes but I’d rather have WR/RB depth.

  4. Big Toonah says:

    Worth stashing Vereen/CMike/Rob Kelley or drop one for Dixon lottery ticket? 12 team ppr, QB can be flexed, no negative points

    Was also offered Sam Bradford for Delanie Walker…would it be worth upgrading from Tannehill?

    QB Matt Ryan
    RB Lamar Miller
    RB David Johnson
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    WR Donte Moncrief
    WR Willie Snead
    TE Jordan Reed
    FLEX (Q/R/W/T) Ryan Tannehill
    K Justin Tucker
    DEF Broncos

    Matt Forte
    Shane Vereen
    Christine Michael
    Rob Kelley
    Corey Coleman
    Rishard Matthews
    Terrence Williams
    Delanie Walker
    Paxton Lynch

    • Alex Lee

      Alex Lee says:

      @Big Toonah: Interesting format. With today’s news that Rawls is being eased in, I think Michael is a must-own. If he breaks out, Carroll probably keeps feeding him even when Rawls is fully back in game shape. Vereen/Kelley are tougher calls, but I’d roster Dixon over both of them, with Kelley being the drop in PPR. However, if you think you can use Week 1 to gather some info on how Michael/Kelley/Vereen are involved out of the gate and make a move afterwards, you may have that luxury. If nobody has swooped in on Dixon yet, he’ll probably still be there for the taking after this week’s games when breakout players inevitably emerge on the wire.

      Also, I wouldn’t consider Bradford to be an upgrade over Tannehill at all, I’d hold onto Delanie for a better offer, or keep him and trade Reed for some better improvements elsewhere. Bradford may not even be the opening week starter, is coming into a brand new offense without a lot of firepower at receiver/tight end, and hasn’t had any offseason/preseason to get acclimated. I think the trade hurt his value, which was already pretty low to begin with.

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