We had a pretty crazy fake football day here in fake football land. Tons of injuries, divine intervention, rookie breakouts, and a lot of craptastic QB play. Here is a look at some of the crappy, slap happy, and extra sappy.

Arian Foster: 234 total yards and three touchdowns makes for your fantasy player of the day and if you stuck with him through the hard times you are feeling pretty darn good about yourself right now. Aren’t you!!? Well, I would be too. And am in one league. There’s nothing to suggest we are anywhere near sell high time here.

DeMarco Murray:  Murray started the game off with a 91 yard touchdown run and it was all gravy from there and there was a whole artery clogging glut of gravy with 254 total yards rushing. Move over Emmit Smith we have a new single game rushing leader for America’s Team. My 5 year old niece could average 4 yards a carry against the Rams, but Murray averaged 10 yards a carry so he’s probably better than my niece. He gets the Eagles next week and will once again be a great start. If he keeps this up while Jones is hurt it will be hard to get him off the field.

Adrian Peterson: 175 yards rushing and a touchdown usually doesn’t just tie you for the third best fantasy running back of the day, but this week it did. Christian Ponder’s numbers weren’t great, 13/32, 219 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INT, 4 rushes, 31 yards. That’s a God-awful percentage, but he had a much livelier arm than McNabb and just made shizz happen. That has to help All Day, but I think I could QB the Vikings and Peterson would still rush for 100 yards.

Matt Forte: And rounding out the top 4 fantasy backs this week is Matt Forte who leads the world in all purpose yards with 1091 after putting 183 on the board in London. He composes over 46% of the total offensive output this season. He is the Bears.

Tim Tebow: He looked unbelievably bad all game and then turned everything around in the 4th quarter to give him decent fantasy numbers and a win. His numbers in the first 3 quarters are enough to scare any fantasy owner away including myself, but we did get to see why it’s easy to start him. He currently is the 5th highest scoring quarterback for the week and I sure didn’t think that was going to happen after watching the first half.

Ben Roethlisberger: The guy has hit his stride with the offensive line coming together. Against the hapless Cardinals he went 26/39 for 361 yards with 3 touchdowns and that’s 9 in the last three games with only 1 interception. With Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders all playing well there’s no reason he can’t keep this up.

Santana Moss: There were a ton of injuries this week and Moss didn’t miss out on the fun. He broke his hand and should be out 3-4 weeks. This gives Jabar Gafney and Fred Davis a bit of a bump and probably hurts Moss since he won’t be able to accumulate any fantasy points while not playing.

Tim Hightower: So I picked Ryan Torain this week and Hightower starts and goes off for a while and then gets hurt and Torain comes in and gets negative points. Hrm? I quit. Well, I’m never done. I’ll come back for more beatings. I love the sweet sting of fake football pain. Hightower’s long term prognosis does not look good. Speculation is that he has a torn ACL which would end his season. If that’s the case Torain remains a solid hold and Helu gets even closer to being the guy.

Earnest Graham: It’s being reported that he has a torn achilles tendon which would most likely end his career along with his season. LeGarrette Blount will need to come back wuickly because Kregg Lumpkin is not an early down back. He could be useful in PPR leagues, but if Blount can’t go look for the Bucs to find some crap to throw out there with Lumpy.

Hines Ward: He hurt his ankle and Emmanuel Sanders came in on 3 receiver sets which made for a much better set up for Roethlisbeger and really helped Antonio Brown get 102 yards on 7 receptions. We really need Ward to go gentle into that good night.

Chris Johnson: Good golly miss Molly this guy is sucking like a gravitational singularity. His conditioning is supposedly the issue, but we’ve been hearing this all season. I’m starting to wonder if CJ2tired is ever going to wake up. I have to believe he will because there is no reason he shouldn’t. He hasn’t been injured and he’s not too old so I hope he can get his groove back.

Beanie Wells: He left the game with a knee injury on the knee he had surgery on which is probably not the best thing, but at least he still has one good knee! We don’t know the extent of the injury yet and not much speculation is being thrown out there for us to glom onto, but Alfonso Smith is the guy to pick up if he’s out for a while.

Darren McFadden: He left the game early with a foot sprain and watched on the sideline as Boller and Palmer threw 6 interceptions. The good news is that Run DMC will get a week to heal his foot with the bye. It might be a good time to pry him away from his owner.

Mark Ingram: In a huge blowout Sean Payton with his dip firmly inserted in his disgusting lip decided he needed to throw the ball at every possible opportunity and then Ingram gets one nice run and of course injures his heel. Am I giving up on him? No. Do I have faith? No. He is a bench warmer until further notice.

Brandon Lloyd: Even with backup A.J. Feeley in for the injured Sam Bradford Lloyd saw 12 targets catching 6 of them for 74 yards. There is no reason to think his involvement won’t be as their go to receiver from here on out. Look for him to have a nice second half of the season.

Demaryius Thomas: Thomas made a great TD catch to help the Broncos come from behind to win and was targeted a fat 10 times by Tim Tebow who only threw the ball 27 times. Tebow’s errant throws will make Thomas’ 4 catches on 10 targets the norm, but the upside is there.

Early Doucet: He continues to get his targets and got a touchdown this week. His upside is bluh, but he’s starting to get consistent.

Jackie Battle: He’s getting the Jamaal Charles treatment from Todd Haley. He should have 25 carries, but instead Tom Jones gets 9 for a big fat 17 yards compared to 16 for 76 from Battle. Oh and LeRon McClain got the goal line look and fumbled. Battle is clearly the best goal line back and McCluster the best 3rd down back while McClain should be the full back and Jones needs to just go out back and stay there.

  1. David says:

    Any way I can get someone to bite on DeMarco, esp for a WR or QB? Thanks…

  2. charlie batch says:

    premature writeup! came home from hockey to see my brees light the world on fire! i dont think ill ever wait for a value QB again. having a stud at the position can literally make all the difference. Sure, megatron is huge and the best WR. but hed be hard pressed to literally put you on his back and win you a fantasy week by himself like brees, brady, rodgers, manning (healthy), etc can.

  3. The G says:


    I had been sold on Murray since his Sooner days…and was ecstatic when the Cowboys drafted him last year…and almost creamed my pants when i picked him up last week after Jones went down. Thank you for confirming me last week that he was a better play than Greg Little…

  4. Lubey says:

    Hey Doc,

    So I totally drank a gallon of the Felix Jones kool-aid in the preseason and now Fragile Felix sits on my bench for majority of my teams and I just puked from all the juice. Whats the deal homie!!! I had a feeling Murray would do well against the Rams but nothing like this. Do you feel like its time to start putting Jones in some trade proposals??? Im worried and I dont know whether to cut my loses here or wait out his injury aaaand hope he takes back the starting spot aaaaaaaaaand not get injured again.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

  5. barker says:

    want to make a waiver claim for future weeks if i cant make a trade

    schaub is my only QB at the moment his bye is week 11 and he plays @cin in week 14 first week of playoffs

    available qbs bradford SEA @sea for those weeks or alex smith ARI @ari for those weeks

    also kolb playing SF both weeks

    who do you like best?
    thank you doc

  6. dreap town all star says:

    PPR got a die hard cowboys homer offering me Welker and BJGE for Murray and V-jax…would you do it? my team is

    rb – starks, murray, torrain, d thomas and battle
    wr – jennings, vjax, DHB and little

    word to big bird.

  7. Scott says:

    Would u drop decker and look to pick up a guy like Cruz,breaston,etc
    I like decker but tebow is awful

    Have same thought with little as McCoy can’t throw but might give it another week

  8. schlitzy says:

    I have Finley on a bye this week. I’ve been offered Pettigrew for Jon Stewart. Seems fair to me, what do you think? I’ve been holding on to JStew hoping for a Deangelo injury.

  9. Wilsonian says:

    So next week I’ve got Forte on BYE, with CJ-No K, Ingram, Lynch, Wells, and Blount.

    What looked like a decent backfield is destroyed by injuries and a fucking hold out. Do I wait this out until later in the week or start dropping some bastards or attempting to trade? Not sure I could get much for anything, so it would most likely be dropping.

    Oh, and this would be for RB1/RB2 and W/R slots.

  10. Tom says:

    Hey Doc,

    Rank these WR rest of season… Manningham, Garcon, Crabtree, Branch, Ford


  11. atcdav says:

    trade advice.

    roster: BigBen, FitzPatrick…..McCoy, CJtooSLow, JStew, Felix, Keiland….Holmes, Lloyd, Julio, Crabtree, Decker….Jimmy Graham

    give CJ, Fitapat and Holmes, for Hillis, Stevie Johnson and Hernandez

    we start 2rb, 2 wr 1te 1flex so I lose my back up QB for a backup/flex in Hernandez and upgrade WR1 to Stevie, shit crap with CJ and Hillis.

    I dont know. CJ more upside? I hate my WR situation, I keep waiting for someone to step up. Stevie has been down last 3 weeks.

    non ppr redraft

    thanks Doc

  12. HotCorner306 says:

    Glad I listened to ya and stuck with Murray.

  13. djbooyah20 says:

    Im hurting this week! I have DMC and Forte out! My options are: Mendenhall vs NE, Benson vs SEA, and Pierre Thomas vs STL, DeAngelo vs MIN, Best vs. DEN
    I need 2 maybe 3..

    Because my WR options are Miles Austin, BMarsh, and Victor Cruz, and maybe TO if someone picks him up! Lol

    What do you think Doc? Is Cruz droppable? DeAngelo? I picked up Pierre because of his match-up and Ingram getting banged up..and Benson is a FA I’d have to grab asap!

  14. stumanji says:

    KC cornerback Javier Arenas also came in and ran a wildcat QB draw to vulture a TD.


  15. djbooyah20 says:

    and by Benson I mean Bernard Scott! Smh

  16. stumanji says:

    My Tony Gonzo/Sproles for his Jimmy Graham.

    12 team, no PPR, start 2 RB/2WR/Flex.

    My team: RBs are Forte, AP, DeMarco, and Mo Morris. WRs are Nicks, AJ Green, Mike Will TB, Mike Thomas. One of Forte and AP are on bye the next two weeks, but after that I think my team is super strong barring injury.

    Basically I didn’t have faith in Gonzo to remain a top 3 TE so I wanted to sell high and upgrade. I have some trader’s remorse after Sproles’ big game last night, but Graham is a BEAST.

    Talk me off the ledge! Considering my roster, did I overpay?

  17. Chris says:

    Forte now has 1091 total yds, not 908. First player since Holmes/Barber in 2003 to break 1000 in their first 7 games.

    Also, Lloyd had 74 yds, not 4…..typo.

  18. ryan says:

    Tebow is terrible…would u drop Decker? guys available are David Nelson,Torrey smith,Breaston, Cruz,Gaffney..
    Standard League

  19. HotRod says:

    12 Team 1 QB & 1 OP(QB/RB/WR) with 2 QB Roster Limit.

    I have bye week issue coming this week, as my 2 QB’s are both on bye (Freeman & Sanchez), and I need to drop one of them…

    Which would you keep/Rank higher ROS?

    Available QB’s for Week 8 that I am considering –
    Alex Smith vs. CLE
    Dalton @ SEA
    Ponder @ CAR

    Who ya got?

  20. The Vaporizers says:

    Greg Little or Antonio Brown for ROS? I’m having a tough time making a decision here and am currently leaning Brown.

  21. Nick says:

    @Doc: I have it real tough coming up in week 8 with Holmes/DHB on bye as well as Forte & my Defense (Jets), not to mention Starks on bye on my benchc…for RB I have Torrain & Murray. at WR i have Calvin Johnson & Thomas to fill in…this leaves me w/o 1 WR & a Flex. Only bench option is Ridley (Best probably wont start)….I will be dumping my extra TE after he plays tonight & picking up a D…do I dump Thomas or Ridley (seeing as I need to start both) for a better WR/RB in week 8? Also since Im going to be short a WR, would you go “no kicker” and pickup another WR to fill my hole in week 8?

  22. Nick says:

    @Doc: Breaston, Gaffney, Burleson, Jenkins, A Brown available at WR….at RB we have D Carter, Alfonso Smith, Bernard Scott (filling in for Benson on suspension right –> Must grab?)

  23. Nick says:

    also D Thomas…I’m thinking drop DHB on bye (nothing of real value in 10 team, opposed to not having a kicker

  24. djbooyah20 says:

    Would you make this trade my Vick or Vick/O.Daniels for his Jimmy Graham/Hillis or Graham/Cam Newton?

    Vick is a keeper(10th round next year), whereas Jimmy would be a 7th next year, and Cam would be a 12th rounder.

    I have Eli as my back up now to Vick. Would you feel safe with Eli and or Cam? He may not want to give up 2 keepers for 1, especially since he is in dead last and has no shot at 1-5. But he is a huge Eagles fan! So i’m hoping I can unload Vick and score to quality Fantasy stars.

  25. Doc

    Doc says:

    @The Vaporizers: Brown

    @HotRod: I’d drop Freeman for Ponder. I like Sanchez’s schedule more even though he sucks.

    @ryan: If Smith can do anything tonight that would be a good sign and I’d go with him. Otherwise I’d probably go with Gaffney with Moss out.

    @Chris: Thanks, must have been looking at last week.

    @stumanji: No, I like it. Especially in non ppr.

    @stumanji: He’s an ass

    @djbooyah20: Mendy, Scott, Thomas. Best instead of Scott if he were to play.

    @HotCorner306: Glad it worked out!

    @atcdav: It’s not horrible. I do like CJ more than Hillis. But I also like AHer a lot and Stevie sorda. I’d probably hold onto CJ.

    @Tom: I’d go with the way you have them

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, that’s painful. I think you pretty much have to hold at this point. You’d have to buy low on guys who are underperforming if you wanted to trade those guys so you’d be getting the same kind of headaches in return.

    @schlitzy: It’s fair.

    @Scott: Yeah, it looks like Tebow like Thomas anyway. I’d go with either of those guys. Haven’t looked at the matchups though.

    @dreap town all star: Welker is too good to pass up in PPR

    @barker: I’d lean Bradford. By then Lloyd could really open up that offense.

    @Lubey: Hah, yeah it sucks hard. I don’t feel good about Jones going forward mainly because he can’t handle the load and now Murray will be there to handle some of it for him. It will most likely be a committee going forward.

    @The G: Glad it worked out!

    @David: Worth a shot. I don’t think he’ll be worthless going forward, but he is a sell high candidate.

  26. Randy says:

    Tolbert was just dropped. My RB’s are Mathews, Best, D Williams, Torain, M Morris, Ridley. Should I drop Ridley and pick-up a handcuff for Mathews?

  27. trevor says:

    @charlie batch: I totally agree and thats what I tried to do this year but a lot of people had the same idea.

  28. stumanji says:

    @Randy: Tolbert is more than just a handcuff. He gets enough touches and red zone looks to make him a viable Flex most weeks even when Mathews is healthy. Def lose Ridley for him, IMO.

  29. Who is the better add for week 8? Battle vs SD or Morris @ Den
    Then who do I drop? Nate Washington or Dustin Keller (I just picked up Gresham for Keller’s bye).
    Or do I just play Ingram @ Stl?

  30. Adam says:

    I have mason Crosby on bye this week.would u drop him for another kicker and hope to get him back?or drop a bench player like victor Cruz to carry 2 kickers for a week? Crosby has been great

  31. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: hi, wondering your opinion on a few things. 10-team .5ppr: 1. e.sanders, a.brown, braylon? 2. i own both tebow and cam, do you try to trade one (cam has bye week 9) or hold both for insurance?


  32. Gavin says:

    Do you think I should trade Larry Fitz for Michael Turner? I’m hurting at RB and with Dez Bryant and Andre Johnson, I’m pretty set at WR1/2. Kevin Kolb has looked horrible and I don’t see Fitz’s sitch improving. Do you?

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: so here are the available RBs and WRs that might be worth a poop this coming week:

    Helu, JStew, DWilliams, Antonio Brown, Early, Crabtree, Breaston, Gaffney, LMoore

    Do I drop any of Ingram, Blount, Lynch for any of those guys? The way our league is set up with bonuses, WRs can easily be as good as RBs.

  34. Trick dad says:

    Hey doc, love the new flex ranks. Trade question: should i trade romo for sjax? I lost JC and now hightower so im left with forte, battle, redman, hunter and scott. I have matt ryan as well.

  35. atcdav says:

    would you trade felix jones for murray?

    is JStew and CJ2tired too much for Turner?

  36. djbooyah20 says:

    Would you make this trade my Vick or Vick/O.Daniels for his Jimmy Graham/Hillis or Graham/Cam Newton?

    Vick is a keeper(10th round next year), whereas Jimmy would be a 7th next year, and Cam would be a 12th rounder.

    I have Eli as my back up now to Vick. Would you feel safe with Eli and or Cam? He may not want to give up 2 keepers for 1, especially since he is in dead last and has no shot at 1-5. But he is a huge Eagles fan! So i’m hoping I can unload Vick and score to quality Fantasy stars.

  37. sf_12 says:

    Hey doc,

    Deep league I have Tolbert, Foster, Murray and I’m somewhat shallow at WR

    Would you trade Murray or Tolbert (he said he would do either I’m not sure who is worth more) for Santonio Holmes? Or Neither

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sf_12: I like Holmes’ schedule enough to do that and I think I’d do it for Tolbert.

    @djbooyah20: For sure get Cam/Graham for Vick or Vick and OD.

    @atcdav: I’m on the fence with Murray/Jones, but tilting toward the Murray side. I think it’s a little much because I’m worried about Turner slowing down.

    @Trick dad: Thanks. Yeah, that’s a predicament. I don’t love Ryan going forward, but you need a RB. I think I’d go for it.

  39. Nick says:

    @Doc: Week 8 byes include Holmes/DHB/Forte/Starks & my Defense (Jets), not to mention. So for RB I have Torrain & Murray. at WR i have Calvin Johnson & Thomas (to fill in)…this leaves me missing 1 WR & at flex I just grabbed Bernard Scott (dumped Ridley)..do I dump Thomas for a better WR in week 8? options include Breaston, Gaffney, Burleson, Jenkins, A Brown and D THomas…Also since Im going to be short a WR, would you go “no kicker” and pickup another WR to fill my hole in week 8 or just dump DHB (hope nobody grabs him & pick him back up) and grab someone above?

    lastly, what defense do you like this week, NO v. STL, Cincy v. Seattle, Houston v. Jacksonville or Tenn vs. Colts?

  40. Nick says:

    Also, this is 10-team league if that makes a difference holding DHB or M Thomas…

  41. robert says:

    Is it worth picking up Murray when I have Fred Jackson and Ryan Matthews next week? Would you start Murray over Matthews?

  42. herschel says:

    @Doc: in ppr league, who should i target for wr help in exchange for finley? i have gronk and am trying to get whatever i can for finley’s name value….thanks.

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop Lynch for Brown.

    @Gavin: His ceiling is capped. I could see making that trade.

    @timmy riggins: Brown and I’d hold.

    @Adam: I could see doing either. I usually drop my kicker, but I could see dropping Cruz.

    @Chicago Mike: I wouldn’t go with Ingram unless he practices fully. Probably lean Battle for Keller.

    @Randy: Yep

    @Nick: I’d grab A Brown. I wouldn’t go without a kicker. Drop Thomas. I like Cincy.

    @robert: I wouldn’t, but Murray will most likely get the start the week after as well.

    @herschel: I’d see if you can target a WR2. Lloyd?

  44. Adam says:

    Torain or Helu rest of year? I have both but need to drop one this week
    Standard league..help!!!

  45. Scott says:

    Sounds crazy but would you pick up Tate and drop torain?
    Have torain but skins rbs drive u crazy and Tate still gets yards with easy schedule rest of the way
    What do u think?

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