Well there were rumors of it and inklings and rumors of said inklings but it finally happened.  On Wednesday, Reggie Bush signed with the Detroit Lions on a 4 year deal which sets in motion some fantasy commotion of major implications.  Firstly, getting the former Kim Kardashian ass caddy is going to make waves in Detroit which is funny because he just moved from South Beach to do it.  At least I think that’s funny.  *Checking* no, it’s decidedly not but what is funny is Bush’s new teammate Mikel LeShoure eating a bag of weed before the officers could find his stash.  Maybe they should trade him to Denver or Seattle now…well anywho, I’m not here to talk about Mikel.  At least not yet.  In getting Reggie, the Lions grabbed a better than Jahvid Best replacement.  You know, the running back who was probably the starter had concussions not taken his career from him.  Why do we like this and by this I mean the Bush signing and not the concussion?  Because in 22 games as a Lion, Best caught 85 passes which is a 62 catch pace for a 16 game season.   When you consider Detroit has attempted the most passes of any team the last two years, that type of volume should lead to Bush becoming fairly Sprolesy.  Overall, he probably will cede some touches to both Mikel and Joique Bell, but there’s enough to go around for him to be a low end RB1/high end RB2 in PPR leagues.  And of course, Reggie’s exit from Miami along with the Mike Wallace signing should increase the stock of Lamar Miller dramatically if Miami signs no one else.  Sounds like I have some game film to watch and a post to write.  But before that happens, it’s time to fully review day two of the NFL free agent market and how it should affect 2013 fantasy football…

Wes Welker – Wes heads West.  Welker goes to the Broncos where he’ll play slot along side Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas and have Peyton Manning throwing to him.  In other words, the Raiders/Chargers/Chiefs secondary just curled up in the fetal position simultaneously.  The winner: Peyton owners.  The loser: anyone hoping to draft Welker or Decker with WR1 upside for the year.  But more

Danny Amendola – Heads East and by replacing Welker on the Pats, I’m officially suggesting to ABC a spin-off series with ‘White Swap’.  For the serious side of things, ‘dola was on pace for over 90 receptions and 4 or 5 touchdowns last season despite the injury bug cutting his season short.  That on a team that was 23rd in the league in total yards a game last year.  New England was first.  Put that in your sippy cup and swirl it around for a bit.

Donnie Avery – Signed with the Chiefs where he’ll be free to drop Alex Smith passes and not Andrew Luck passes.  The biggest news about this signing comes in two flavors.  One, it means T.Y. Hilton’s stock was already high and should go higher and two, it means the Jonathan Baldwin might never become as good as his brothers Alec and Stephen.  What, you don’t think Stephen was good?  Have you NOT seen Bio-Dome?

Anthony Fasano – Because meh signings come in bunches, the Chiefs also signed Fasano.  If I were to guess at his use, he’s most likely being brought in for his blocking abilities.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself as I look at writing a Tony Moeaki sleeper post.

Shonn Greene – Signed on as a backup to Chris Johnson for the Titans.  The Jets showed Shonn the door at the end of the season.  Since he didn’t know what to do with an opening, he hesitated and fell forward a yard and had to be dragged out the rest of the way.

Laurent Robinson – Cut by the Jaguars.  This move says a lot more about the burgeoning talent in Jacksonville – Shorts, Blackmon and to an extent Shipley – than it necessarily says about Robinson.  Or maybe it says a lot more about his concussion symptoms than it does about the Jaguars.  All I know is I started him on 11/8 last year in multiple PPR leagues and you can’t take that away from me!  But for serious, could still be relevant if he lands in the right place which we’ve learned is not on his head.

Rashard Mendenhall – So the Cardinals cut oft-injured Beanie Wells only to turn around and sign a not so sure he’s really healthy enough to play Mendenall to a one year deal?  Pretty Rashard’ed if you ask me.

  1. Jack Full of Hate says:

    As a Seahawks fan do you own a Steve Largent jersey?….at the least an action figure, sorry I meant collectible figurine?

    Is it me or should a guy named Anthony Fasano be playing for the jets and calling Jersey home.

    Let’s get Rashard’ed in here!

    • Sky

      Sky says:

      I actually have a Rick Mirer fathead. I’m in that deep…

      Totally was surprised he didn’t go to them for that reason, especially after losing Mike Devito. Their guido levels are extremely low heading into the season.

      Black Eyed Peas should get contacted for that. They can’t sell themselves any worse.

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    “The Jets showed Shonn the door at the end of the season. Since he didn’t know what to do with an opening, he hesitated and fell forward a yard and had to be dragged out the rest of the way.”

    It’s funny because it’s true! And it should have been the title of this post….you know, if it wasn’t way too long to be the title for a post.

    • Sky

      Sky says:


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