Sure, it is easy to list winners and losers after the NFL Draft has come and gone. In fact, there will be no shortage of articles covering this very subject. I ask you, for scientific purposes, how many of your favorite fantasy writers will provide this information prior to the NFL draft? Just one team…the team over here at Razzball is the only one looking out this far to provide this kind of pre-draft analysis.

@BobbyLaMarco will be chatting Tuesday night about these teams/names and their potential, and how they may win/lose based on how their team manages the upcoming draft on the Razzball YouTube channel. Tune in and be a part of the discussion with your questions and comments. Who do you think each team will pursue in the draft, and how might those draft picks help/hurt the current veterans? As always, if you want to discuss anything in this article, feel free to drop notes at the bottom of this thread.

Austin Ekeler (Los Angeles Chargers) – Someone wants a new contract! Someone has earned a new contract! Wait just a minute. Has Ekeler put up fantastic fantasy numbers? Yes, he has. Does the NFL often deliver a third contract to a running back? No, sir, they do not. So, we might have an issue. Better stated, there appears to be an issue. He’s a stud fantasy RB who is wanting a new contract and a team that appears unwilling to make that happen, at least right now. What does that mean for Ekeler and fantasy owners? It means Ekeler could become a big draft day loser if the Chargers use Pick #21 on Bijan Robinson. I know, I know NFL owners/front offices/head coaches tend to shy away from RB in the first round, but Bijan is in a different class than most RBs. I am confident the Chargers do not need to invest in an early WR, with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams locking down the WR1-2 positions. They will grab at least one later, along with a TE, when it makes sense. For now, the team and the current starting RB need to complete the extension for a happy Ekeler or call his bluff and draft his replacement.

Jimmy Garoppolo (Las Vegas Raiders) – Finally! Finally, a WR1 for Jimmy G!  Add in the leading rusher from 2022 in Josh Jacobs, along with slot-machine Hunter Renfrow, and the Raiders have some weapons for Jimmy G to work with. With that being said, I still do not understand the Raiders trading Darren Waller for a 2023 third-round pick unless the team thought Foster Moreau was the answer. As we now know, Moreau has stepped away from football as he battles lymphoma. That leaves the Raiders with a big hole to fill at TE, but before they address that need, they need to fix the offensive line at all positions (tackle, guard, and center) in order to keep Jimmy G upright. Further, the team also needs to hit on the #7 pick in the draft with the long wait for their next selection. I would not be surprised to see the Raiders trade down if there is an early run on QB. They may be able to load up on some later picks by allowing a team into the Top 10 to grab a QB. The bottom line is Jimmy G can be seen as a fantasy winner right now, with Davante Adams as his WR1. With that, Josh Jacobs is going to have to ball out while a clear WR2 is locked in with a new TE1, or Jimmy will be a loser in the 2023 season.

Russell Wilson (Denver Broncos) – Man, oh man, did the Seahawks fleece the Broncos!?!?!?!? Players and draft picks for a guy Seattle obviously had lost faith in. The Broncos jumped at the chance to add Wilson, and that move was a complete flop in 2022. It is possible the same will be said about the 2023 season if the Broncos do not find a way to make Russ better. His legs are not what they once were, and he just seems to take too long to choose a receiver and chuck the rock. If Javonte Williams comes back in time for the beginning of the 2023 season, then Russ will have a weapon he did not have for almost the entire 2022 season. If he is not back and ready to go, the Broncos will rely on off-season addition Samaje Perine as their lead RB. The Broncos’ best offseason moves have been the signings on the offensive line (McGlinchey, Powers). From there, the Broncos have not really made much of an effort to improve a less-than-impressive 2022 squad. I see Russell Wilson as a clear loser come 2023 draft day/weekend simply because there are too many holes to fill with only five total draft picks, the first of which does not even occur until Round 3.

Isiah Pacheco and WR Corps (Kansas City Chiefs) – The reigning NFL Champs come in with the 31st overall pick in the 2023 draft, the final pick in Round 1. The Chiefs watched JuJu Smith-Schuster walk to New England in a move I simply cannot wrap my head around. I am sure Smith-Schuster has plenty of money, so why would he want to move from Patrick Mahomes to Mac Jones? Someone, please help me understand this move from a personal and professional perspective. Mecole Hardman also moves from the Chiefs to the Jets in another WR move I do not get. From Mahomes to Zach Wilson/Joe Flacco or possibly an old, disgruntled Aaron Rodgers, the move does not make sense for Hardman. I guess with Travis Kelce on the field, WR simply does not matter to the Chiefs as it does to other teams. Time to throw the ball to Kadarius Toney, as WR1 is something I did not have on my off-season bingo card. For me, Isiah Pacheco appears locked in as the RB1 (I do not see Bijan slipping to #31 overall), with some depth added in the draft. That makes Pacheco a winner, especially in the Kansas City offense. The WR corps does not essentially exist at this point with the departures of both Smith-Schuster and Hardman, which leads me to believe Andy Reid will add WR in the draft, possibly starting with the final pick in Round 1.

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