I don’t actually have anything to say about Derek Carr, I just wanted to use that title. Hopefully you didn’t roll Carr out there this week. Mullins has solidified the idea that streaming any QB against Oakland is a pro-play. Let’s try to forget about the abysmal game from Thursday Night and take a look at a few new situations heading into Week 9. It was a pretty interesting trade deadline, and there are a handful of players who have seen their dynasty value affected.

Trending Up

Marvin Jones Jr/Kenny Golladay

The three headed monster is finally broken up in Detroit. For fantasy gamers this is a great situation.  Marvin Jones will benefit the most from the vacated targets in Detroit, but Golladay will also have an increased workload. There is about 25% more targets to go around most of them should filter down to Jones and Golloday.

Kerryon Johnson

With Tate gone, Detroit will also be leaning on Kerryon a bit more. He has a tough stretch of schedule coming up, so there may be an opportunity to buy low if an owner believes he is under performing. With the way this year’s RB class looks, Kerryon is one of the few backs worth trying to roster.

Alshon Jeffery/Golden Tate

With the addition of Golden Tate in Philadelphia, we can expect Jeffery’s target share to decrease slightly in the short term. I don’t believe that Alshon will be negatively affected, as Tate should draw some of the coverage off him. This should open up some bigger plays for Jeffery and allow him to be a bit more efficient. The Eagles offense has been a disappointment and this acquisition should help to change that. Carson Wentz gets a decent boost from the addition of Tate. If you are a Nelson Agholor owner, it may be too late to cut bait.

Courtland Sutton

Sutton is finding himself in a perfect situation. Denver is in full re-build and the stars have aligned for his opportunity to make an impact on fantasy rosters. Sanders is ageing and nearing the end of his career, and the future looks bright for Sutton. Courtland has a chance to be the most productive rookie WR out of this year’s class.

Keke Coutee

The injury to Will Fuller is devastating, but dramatically boosted Coutee’s value. The acquisition of Demaryius Thomas should not have a negative impact on Keke. Coutee is now the clear number 2 in Houston, as he steps into the field stretcher roll left open by Fuller. He should out produce Thomas and has great splash play upside.

Trending Down

Nelson Agholor

There’s not much to say about Agholor, he is simply not getting it done, which is why the Eagles felt the need to go acquire a rental. Agholor owners will be hurt most by this move. He probably will not return much value if traded, but is too good to drop. He looks like the stereotypical roster clogger.

Demaryius Thomas

We are witnessing the decline of one the dominant WR’s in fantasy over the last handful of years. The move to Houston might be beneficial, but changing offenses and QB’s mid-season is rarely good for a player’s production. Hopefully you read the writing on the wall a few weeks ago and moved on from Thomas. His trade window is still open, especially if owners are optimistic about the change of scenery. If you aren’t competing this year, get something in return while you can, even if it’s just 2019 picks. Demaryius is the clear cut number 3 for 2018.


This is a new segment I’m going to introduce in an attempt to get fantasy gamers ahead of the curve on players that have value in a deep dynasty format. This is Dynasty Deep Dive after-all. Disclaimer: There will be a ton of misses in this section, but I will give you a player that I believe will potentially break out in the distant future.

This week’s Deep Dive:

Vyncint Smith- Houston Texans

Smith is freakishly fast and has natural athletic ability. Smith is already 23, if we are going to see if he is capable of doing anything, it will be while Fuller is recovering from his injury. If you have the room, Smith is worth a deep, just in case, stash.