We are already one-third of the way through the NFL season. Hopefully your fantasy season is off to a good start. I’m sure that most of the readers here manage multiple teams, so most likely owners have fallen into a range of outcomes. Some teams will find themselves off to the dreaded 0-5 or 1-4 start and might find it difficult to retain interest. But don’t throw in the towel! Moving assets for dynasty teams in this position can be more important than next year’s rookie draft. This is a great time to evaluate the rest of season outlook for your squad. Should you sell off pieces for draft picks? Should you send draft picks away and acquire pieces for your championship run? Some owners may be on the bubble, in this case you need to be aware of the age of your team. Is it Larry Fitzgerald old? Let’s take a closer look at the dynasty value of a few players you can move now and land a nice haul for the future.

Mark Ingram

In Dynasty, you want to be ahead of the curve. There may not be a more perfect candidate to move on from if you are considering a re-build. At 28 years old Ingram is nearing the end of his shelf life. He has proved that he can produce while splitting the load with Kamara. Owners should have no issues moving him, and buyers should be happy to give up some younger stock to get him.  

Eric Ebron

Ebron’s sell window is very tight, but his value is the highest it will ever be. Ebron is having a career year. He has tied his career high in touchdowns in just 5 weeks, and is seeing a record amount of targets thrown his way (45!). Is the breakout fraudulent though? This is all on the heels of a Jack Doyle injury, and there is bound to be TD regression. I expect Doyle to return to his 90% snap usage once healthy. In a position that has seen numerous injuries this year, Tight-End is a complete wasteland. Ebron owners have been waiting for this sell window for a few seasons now. He can provide a great return to a team looking to cash in. Take advantage of a contending team hurting at the position.

Antonio Brown

I’m sure I don’t need to write a wall of text explaining how Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers of all time. Hopefully he’s been on your dynasty team for years and helped you win a few championships. But don’t get caught holding the bag if your window to win has passed. Brown is 30 years old and is going to continue to produce for a few more years, but moving him now will result in a massive haul of youth and draft picks.


There’s a trend in dynasty where we tend to hold onto our aging players for a season or two too long. Moving these players before they are worthless, for a couple of players that will produce for the next 5 years can give you a huge edge on your league-mates. Be sure to check out the Trade Analyzer to reference the current value of any players, and if you subscribed to Rudy’s tools, the Rest of Season projections are a great tool to leverage before making any deals. 

  1. slimbo says:

    an owner in my league has been trying to get a rb

    im looking to unload ingram to him, i need a TE, looking to target zach ertz on his team

    is that something you would do?

    • The Scrant Dog

      The Scrant Dog says:

      @slimbo: Without seeing the rest of your team it’s tough to say. In a vacuum, I’d say yes.
      Do you have RB depth?

      • slimbo says:

        @The Scrant Dog:

        i have McCaffrey and Cohen to hold down the fort

        • The Scrant Dog

          The Scrant Dog says:

          @slimbo: I like it, I’d pull the trigger on it

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