I’m not going to give any long winded diatribes on the greatness or not-so-greatness of each player.  You’ll have to wait on that as we go through our 2010 redraft rankings.  I’m giving you dynasty rankings here.  Always, and I mean always draft J.R. first.

Those numbers after their names are how old they’ll be at the beginning of the season.  Age isn’t nearly as important with quarterbacks as it is running backs, so these rankings will be similar to the redraft rankings, except of course for the ageless one, Brett Favre.  He may play until he is fifty, but if you are starting a dynasty team, Favre just isn’t worth the risk.

Tier 1

1. Aaron Rodgers 26 — Young and just getting better.

2. Drew Brees 31 — Payton and his offense aren’t going anywhere, so Brees isn’t either.

3. Peyton Manning 34 — Getting older, but he’s not slowing down.

4. Philip Rivers 28 — I almost slid him ahead of Peyton.  It scared me.

5. Tom Brady 33 — The Pats are losing some of their shine, but Brady isn’t going to stop throwing.

Tier 2

6. Tony Romo 30 — Tony, Tony, Tony will keep moving up the charts.

7. Matt Schaub 29 — Proved his durability and has a good friend in A.J.

Tier 3

8. Jay Cutler 27 — Interceptions don’t count for a lot in most leagues.

9. Matt Ryan 25 — Should get back on track.

10. Ben Roethlisberger 28 — Keeps improving, but seems to enjoy getting hit often.  Could be addicted to pain killers (and sexual assault investigations).

11. Kevin Kolb 26 – He now heads a potent and young offense.

12. Joe Flacco 25 — Bert’s twin just got his wish, Boldin and Mason.

Tier 4

13. Eli Manning 29 — He looks like he lives in his mom’s basement, but will continue to throw around 4k a year.

14. Donovan McNabb 33 — Landing with Washington pushes him out of QB1 status.

15. Matthew Stafford 22 — Might take a little while, but Megatron will ease his growing pains.

Tier 5

16. Alex Smith 26 — Crabtree and Davis should keep Smith from crapping the bed again.

17. Chad Henne 25 — Had some big games last season.  Marshall helps a ton.

18. Mark Sanchez 23 — He’s in a good situation to learn and grow and all that shizz.

19. Vince Young 27 — Showed up last season when the Titans needed him.

Tier 6

20. Carson Palmer 30 — He didn’t look right against the Jets.

21. Matt Leinart 27 — Fitz makes any QB better, as long as he’s the starter.

22. Sam Bradford 22 — He’ll get every chance to be the franchisee.

23. Matt Cassel 28 — He has to show up this season or he’ll be on his way to dud town.

24. Kyle Orton 27 — Forgetting Brandon Marshall will be tough and he has a lot of competition.

Tier 7

25. Brett Favre 40 — I think he’ll play.  Look for one more good season.

26. Josh Freeman 22 — Has the skills and that upside thing.

27. Matt Hasselbeck 34 — He’s fallen pretty far due to an aging team and aging body.  Hair = Strength.

28. Jason Campbell 28 — The Raiders have a better 0-line, but their receivers will need to show up.

Tier 8

29. David Garrard 31 — I don’t think he’ll be the starter for much longer.  Not good for dynasties.

30. Matt Moore 26 — The starter for now, but Clausen might be the long term guy.

Tier 9

31. Trent Edwards 26 — Will probably be the starter next season.  Yippee.

32. Jimmy Clausen 22 — Moore will be looking over his shoulder.

33. Jake Delhomme 35 — Looks like he’ll be the Browns’ starter.  Meh.

Tier 10

34. Charlie Whitehurst 28 — Could be the long term guy.

35. Tim Tebow 23 — Doesn’t have the best QBs ahead of him.

36. Brady Quinn 25 — Will compete with Orton, but is a long shot to start.  Also has Tebow in the wings.  Sounds like an ailment.

37. Seneca Wallace 30 — Backup as usual.

38. Tarvaris Jackson 27 — If Favre stays home.

39. Michael Vick 30 — Won’t be a starter anytime soon.

40. David Carr 31 — Could backup Smith.

updated — 5/25/10

  1. Brian says:

    What, no Bradford?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Brian: Yeah, need to add the rookies.

  3. rorke says:

    I personally would rank Chad Henne higher…..I plan on taking him after RBs and WRs — perhaps round 7-8 in a 10 team league. He can make all the throws and as the year went on he gained experience and confidence. In the last 5 games of the year, and had three 300+ yard games….and now you add Marshall. And if you believe the Tuna knows what he is doing down there, you might have the perfect storm brewing for a top 10 QB flying under the radar.

    Vince Young is another guy that showed a huge improvement and is obviously moving in the right direction. When a defense has to worry about a Chris Johnson or Ronnie Brown/Ricky Williams attack, it usually opens things up for the QB…just ask Brett Favre. It wouldn’t be the worst move ever to stock up on quality RBs and WRs and have V. Young and Henne as your two QBs and let everyone else fight over Kevin Kolb, Big Ben and Jay Cutler…

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @rorke: I agree that Henne has a ton of potential. I could see moving him ahead of Smith.

    Vince is good, but I just don’t see him having many great fantasy seasons with the Titans run first attitude.

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