Peak Lions.

Peak Lions.

I usually dedicate this space for what is the marquee match-up of the time slot. True, I dictate those decisions, so there’s a measure of bias, to be sure. Which is why you should feel lucky that the Chargers aren’t playing until this afternoon, but looking at the schedule for all the early games today, there is something strikingly lacking. And that’s a marquee game, as you might have sensed, there are none. But more than that, there are literally no compelling games whatsoever, probably a first since, well, whenever the last Browns and Buccaneers were playing against each other. Washington versus the Jets? Meh. Cardinals against a Benless Steelers? Eh. Chiefs without Charles visiting the Vikings? Eeesh. Texans against the Jaguars? Holy sh*t. So let’s just focus on what is probably the worst game of the week, and that’s the race to the bottom of the NFC North by the Bears and the 0-5 Lions. Haha, just kidding. Like anybody wants to hear about that…

Rankings have been updated for today’s games and can be found here.

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  • While we had already assumed the fallout from the Jamaal Charles incident, there’s now confirmation from from a Chiefs reporter (Adam Teicher) that Charcandrick West will be given the first opportunity to be the lead back. He’s been labeled “a poor man’s Jamaal Charles”, which I guess could be used to describe half the running backs in the league if you think about it… For what it’s worth, Kniles Davis will most likely be the short-yardage and goal line back… which means little since the I doubt the Chiefs will see much of the goal line.
  • I had assumed that Justin Forsett would start, but the Ravens have promoted Terrence Magee from the practice squad, putting Forsett’s availability in question. If you have similar options, you might want to go that direction and Buck Allen appears to be the primary Ravens’ back this week their game-time decision is to sit Forsett.
  • The Raiders plan on increasing Michael Crabtree‘s role starting today. I’m excited for all you Crabtree owners out there. All twelve of you.
  • DeSean Jackson has been downgraded to OUT, still suffering from complications of a hamstring injury. If only he didn’t have any gang associations, he’d probably be starting this week.
  • Bills have been insisting that Tyrod Taylor is a game-time decision, but news is now coming out that E.J. Manuel is expected to start today. I’d expect a knock out performance.
  • Davante Adams, while improving, is not expected to play today.
  • With Matt Jones OUT, Chris Thompson will be expected to see those touches and could be a sneaky flex play…
  • Alshon Jeffery plans to play (Jesus, finally…), Carlos Hyde plans to play, and T.J. Yeldon is a game-time decision. Yeldon is the contrarian of the group I guess.