Draftmaster 83 was a fantasy football draft party of epic Biblical proportions.  It rocked the very foundation of how fantasy footballers think about their draft picks.  The Earth shook, volcanoes erupted, flash floods took over the landscape…wait a minute…I think someone spiked my drink.  This was one hell of a party, Jim!  Jim Day is known as @Fantazytaz on that Twitter thing-a-ma-jig if you’d like to get in on a Draftmaster party.  As you can see, it’s quite the experience.  I’ll try not to break any lamps or throw up on anything next time, Jim.  Sorry about that.  Oh, and don’t worry about that thing in your trunk.  It’s nothing.

Let’s continue analyzing this sucker.

Part I of this breakdown can be found here.

Part II of this breakdown can be found here.

The particpants of the Experts Draftmaster 83 fantasy draft are:

Most of the experts included the reason(s) why they selected who they did when they did on the Draftmaster 83 draft board.  Check it out to get inside thoughts from the drafters as they made their picks.

Here are some of my thoughts and some analysis on each round.  The Draftmaster drafts are PPR and best ball scoring.  My picks are in bold.

Round 9:

  • #97 – @FFSpin – Santana Moss (WAS – WR)
  • #98 – @circulargenius – Jacoby Ford (OAK – WR)
  • #99 – @FantasyShrink – Danny Amendola (STL – WR)
  • #100 – @BNQuinlan – BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE – RB)
  • #101 – @JeffRadcliffe – Mikel Leshoure (DET – RB)
  • #102 – @AndyBehrens – Jerome Simpson (CIN – WR)
  • #103 – @Bryan_Fontaine – Sam Bradford (STL – QB)
  • #104 – @PFF_MikeClay – Steve Smith (NYG – WR)
  • #105 – @Fantasytaz – Jay Cutler (CHI – QB)
  • #106 – @Chetrazzball – Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
  • #107 – @YHIHF – Michael Bush (OAK – RB)
  • #108 – @FtblSickness – Joe Flacco (BAL – QB)

Jacoby Ford, a 5’10” speedster (4.28 40 time), is a popular break out candidate.  His rushing ability in addition to his pass-catching ability make him a Percy Harvin/DeSean Jackson type of threat.  Ford had 35 offensive touches in 2010 and scored 4 times.  The guy is absolutely electric.  I’ve seen him go as early as the 7th round.  Danny Amendola caught 85 balls last season and should approach 100 catches in 2011.  He’ll be working under Josh McDaniels, who made Wes Welker the PPR monster he is now.  Amendola is worth a 9th round pick in PPR leagues.  Amendola’s QB Sam Bradford continues to go a little higher than I would take him.  He has to learn a new offense which the lockout is preventing him from doing, and most of his receivers are either rookies or returning from injury.  I like Bradford, I just prefer Joe Flacco – who finished tied with Eli Manning as the 10th best QB last year – over him and who went several picks later.

My Michael Bush pick – With Darren McFadden on my roster, I had to get Michael Bush too.  Bush would be a starting running back on several NFL teams if he weren’t stuck on the Oakland depth chart.  Under the new proposed CBA, Bush would be an unrestricted free agent, so he may get that chance to start somewhere.  If he does, this pick would be that much sweeter.

Round 10:

  • #109 – @FtblSickness – C.J. Spiller (BUF – RB)
  • #110 – @YHIHF – Mark Clayton (STL – WR)
  • #111 – @Chetrazzball – Kevin Kolb (PHI – QB)
  • #112 – @Fantasytaz – Lance Moore (NO – WR)
  • #113 – @PFF_MikeClay – LaDanian Tomlinson (NYJ – RB)
  • #114 – @Bryan_Fontaine – Danny Woodhead (NE – RB)
  • #115 – @AndyBehrens – Ryan Torain (WAS – RB)
  • #116 – @JeffRatcliffe – Deion Branch (NE – WR)
  • #117 – @BNQuinlan – Ronnie Brown (MIA – RB)
  • #118 – @FantasyShrink – Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF – QB)
  • #119 – @circulargenius – Terrell Owens (CIN – WR)
  • #120 – @FFSpin – Malcom Floyd (SD – WR)

C.J. Spiller and LaDanian Tomlinson are two running backs with upside in PPR leagues, but both will only see a handful of touches unless the starters ahead of them get hurt.  They’re nice selections this late though, both for the PPR factor and the best ball scoring factor.  They’ll have nice games here and there.  There is still plenty of back up QB value in round ten.  Kevin Kolb will likely start in Arizona, and Fitzpatrick is the unquestioned starter in Buffalo.  Fitzpatrick finished as fantasy football’s 19th scoring QB in 2010, and that was only playing in 13 games.  A full 16 games from Fitz could yield top 15 QB numbers.  Can’t really fault Josh Moore for taking Terrell Owens, but news recently broke of T.O. having off-season ACL surgery.  Fantasy owners need to know that T.O. is dunzo for 2011.

My Mark Clayton pick – The St. Louis wide receiver depth chart is a clusterfudge.  As of right now Clayton is the #1 guy, so  he’s worth a round ten pick.  Clayton clicked with Sam Bradford before getting hurt, averaging 5.5 receptions and 75 yards a game in four games.  Unless the Rams add Plaxico Burress or Randy Moss, I think Clayton posts solid numbers again with Bradford in 2011.

Round 11:

  • #121 – @FFSpin – Matt Cassel (KC – QB)
  • #122 – @circulargenius – Jason Campbell (OAK – QB)
  • #123 – @FantasyShrink – Delone Carter (IND – RB)
  • #124 – @BNQuinlan – Mark Sanchez (NYJ – QB)
  • #125 – @JeffRadcliffe – Bernard Scott (CIN – RB)
  • #126 – @AndyBehrens – Shane Vereen (NE – RB)
  • #127 – @Bryan_Fontaine – Greg Little (CLE – WR)
  • #128 – @PFF_MikeClay – Chris Cooley (WAS – TE)
  • #129 – @Fantasytaz – Chris Wells (ARZ – RB)
  • #130 – @Chetrazzball – Tashard Choice (DAL – RB)
  • #131 – @YHIHF – Kellen Winslow (TB – TE)
  • #132 – @FtblSickness – Aaron Hernandez (NE – TE)

This late in the draft it’s all about handcuffing RBs, or drafting players who are one injury away from fantasy relevance.  Delone Carter, Bernard Scott, Shane Vereen, and Tashard Choice are all running backs that could really shine if given the opportunity.  I really like Carter, considering Joseph Addai is a free agent and Donald Brown clearly isn’t the answer in Indy.  Things would have to go his way, but Carter could be starting early on in 2011.  I think Matt Cassel is a solid back up, but after him the QB value really drops off in round eleven.  It’d be best for fantasy owners to have both QBs drafted by the 10th round.  Chris Cooley and Kellen Winslow are starting caliber tight ends, and both always fall in fantasy drafts.  You can wait a long time before drafting a TE2 and still come away with a very productive player.

My Kellen Winslow pick – Winslow’s inconsistency makes me want to throw things and go into a profanity laced tirade sometimes, but he still finished 2010 as a top 6 tight end (standard scoring).  Given the best ball scoring format of this league, I’m very happy with Winslow as my TE2.  I guess I’ll just throw soft things.

Round 12:

  • #133 – @FtblSickness – Hines Ward (PIT – WR)
  • #134 – @YHIHF – Emmanuel Sanders (PIT – WR)
  • #135 – @Chetrazzball – Dustin Keller (NYJ – TE)
  • #136 – @Fantasytaz – Braylon Edwards (NYJ – WR)
  • #137 – @PFF_MikeClay – Mike Sims-Walker (JAX – WR)
  • #138 – @Bryan_Fontaine – Javon Ringer (TEN – RB)
  • #139 – @AndyBehrens – Kyle Orton (DEN – QB)
  • #140 – @JeffRatcliffe – Tim Tebow (DEN – QB)
  • #141 – @BNQuinlan – Jermaine Gresham (CIN – TE)
  • #142 – @FantasyShrink – Robert Meachem (NO – WR)
  • #143 – @circulargenius – Ben Watson (CLE – TE)
  • #144 – @FFSpin – Tony Gonzalez (ATL – TE)

Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow went in back-to-back picks.  That tells me Denver doesn’t have a QB – certainly not one fantasy owners are confident in.  The upside pick is Tebow, but Orton is said to be the starter.  Orton is the more experienced player so if I HAD to choose one today, it would be him.  Regardless, they’ll both be annoying to own.  Still tons of talent at the tight end position in round twelve.  With Braylon Edwards likely going elsewhere in free agency, Dustin Keller would be the #2 option behind Santonio Holmes in the Jets’ passing game.  Ben Watson and Tony Gonzalez are both solid TEs in PPR scoring formats as well, and even Jermaine Gresham could really break out with Jerome Simpson and rookie A.J. Green being the only other threats in the Cincinnati passing game.  Rookie signal caller Andy Dalton will look for Gresham often to bail him out.

My Emmanuel Sanders pick – I’m looking for lightning in a bottle, which is dumb since I’ve never even heard of lightning being in a bottle before.  That’s so unrealistic.  Sanders is a Mike Wallace clone, and with Hines Ward on the decline and hurting his masculinity by dancing with the stars, I think Sanders can be a big surprise this season.

We’re starting to get into dart-throwing mode this late in the draft.  At this point, fantasy owners are just looking for players with potential.  I won’t go any further in analyzing this draft since most picks are defenses and kickers in rounds 13 and later.  If you’d like to see who the experts picked that late in the draft, just click on the Draftmaster 83 link to check it out.

I’m on Twitter and I tweet.  It’s a remarkable thing to witness.

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