With only four games in play this weekend, there’s not a while lot you can do with your FanDuel teams. If you’re playing a large contest, odds are you’re going to find somebody with a (nearly) identical roster. That’s just the rub. With so few options out there, I’m going to tell you which options I think you should be starting/playing on your team, and who I’d be avoiding adding to your roster. If they’re not listed in either of those categories? Well, I guess that just means I feel pretty ambivalent towards them and you’re on your own when considering them. Sorry about that.


Start: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Schaub. This is the first decision you should make in your lineup this week. Rodgers is likely to be the highest scoring passer (and possibly player) on FanDuel this week. The downside is how much you have to go value-hunting on the rest of your lineup to get him on your squad. Schaub has a career 7:1 TD:INT ratio against Cincinnati and costs $2,200 less than Rodgers. That’s almost $400 more for each position that isn’t your kicker and defense. Good deal, right? It is if you think you can put that extra cash to good use elsewhere.

Avoid: Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton. While Seattle’s defense has been far less impressive on the road than at home, I’m not willing to risk spending the cash on RGIII this week even if I do think his team is going to win. Rodgers is just $100 more, which makes the impressive rookie one of the worst buys you can make. Luck and Dalton have just been too inconsistent this season for me to trust at their salaries this week.


Start: Marshawn Lynch, Vick Ballard. Lynch brings the upside of Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster at a fraction of the price. If Seattle can justify the point spread for their game, it will be on the back of Beast Mode. I expect a healthy dose of Lynch against a less-than-stellar Washington defense. Ballard is the best of the low-cost running back options, with the largest possible role. Sure, Delone Carter may return this week, and may even vulture goal-line carries, but you have to go with volume in a small-sample size like this.

Avoid: Alfred Morris, Any GB Running Back. I know, I’m going to sound like a broken record here (in two ways), but I’m just not trusting a member of the Washington offense this week when such a superior option is available for just $100 more. In this case, it’s Lynch whose salary is just barely ahead of Morris’. I don’t really need to explain why you shouldn’t get cute and draft a GB back, right? Good.


Start: Randall Cobb, Pierre Garcon. Finally, I’m going to say something nice about the Washington offense. And that is that RGIII loves Pierre Garcon. And there’s nobody just as good only $100 above him. Understand the pick includes some risk (anybody at $6,000 this week does), but he could have a monster line. The same is true for Randall Cobb

Timeout. I just discovered the picture of Rex Ryan’s tattoo. If you haven’t seen this, you need to click this link right now. Just… not while you’re eating lunch. I am without words.

Anyways, it’s hard to pinpoint which Packers receiver will come out on top Sunday, but Cobb is low enough down the food chain he could sneak up on the Vikings. He’s capable of a multiple-TD day, and that’s the sort of thing you love in his price range.

Just wow Rex. Wow.

Avoid: Andre Johnson, A.J. Green: I just don’t see either of these receivers being worth the added coin you have to spend to get them on your team. Maybe they net you a few more expected points, but there are enough lower-costing options with massive upside that I think you’re best saving your money unless you just have a grand to throw away (and who knows, maybe you will).


Start: Jermaine Gresham. The Texans gave up the 9th most fantasy points to TEs this season.

Avoid: Kyle Rudolph. The Packers were 32nd.


Start: Adam Vinateri. Tell me the difference between the kickers this week. I don’t think there really is one. Anybody who can tell you Kicker X is obviously score more points is pretty much lying to you. So why not take the cheapest option?

Avoid: Anybody Else. Kai Forbath is at $5,300, but everybody else is at least $5,400. So you’re saving yourself at least a cool $300 by going with Vinateri. That gets you the full rest of the way to $400 more per position if you took Schaub over Rodgers, by the way.


Start: Houston. They’re cheap. And have at least shown flashes of being good.

Avoid: Anybody Else. They’re not cheap. Or are going to get destroyed by Houston or Green Bay.