What a very interesting week. Big Ben could be out multiple weeks, Latavius Murray had a great game, Ryan Mathews had a great game when DeMarco was out, and Blount-Forced-Trauma was in full effect. And Buffalo took advantage of Miami without even buying a drink or driving her home. C’mon Rex Ryan. Be classy. Just like your coaches when you were representing the Green and White. Wisconsin beat Hawaii 28-0, if I am correct. Star running back Corey Clement is being selfish and needs surgery. He could be out 4-6 weeks, which got me thinking. Good for you, Razzball readers of these weekly articles. You guys don’t need injuries, because every week is like a new season. But you already knew that, because Fanduel never has commercials. This week’s (Starting This Week) Tip of the Cap goes to Oakland CB Charles “Chuck” Woodson. What a game-winning interception he had last Sunday to seal the victory against the Browns. His kids demanded, and he put the team on his back. Good for you Chuck. Oh, and before I forget. I don’t always write about how much I love Carson Palmer week to week. I figured you guys had enough. So just as an FYI, if you can put Carson Palmer in your lineup, put Carson Palmer in your lineup. I may not talk about how much I love Carson Palmer, but I do love Carson Palmer each and every week. I love you Carson Palmer.

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Week 3 Review

Teddy Bridgewater (13/24, 121 Yds, 1 INT) – A little disappointing this week for Theodore. The Vikes got out to an early lead, and could control TOP by running the ball non-stop with one Adrian Peterson. Maybe this changes, but if Peterson can keep rolling, I would feed him as much as possible too.

Joseph Randle (Rushing: 87 Yds, 3 TD’s Receiving: 2-18) – Wow, what a game that he had. I’m so proud of him. It’s those Okie State college backs. First Barry Sanders, now Joseph Randle. They don’t compare. Well, Brandon Weeden was forced to feed the ball to the backs, and not throw it as much, as even Run DMC got into the mix with a touch. Maybe this continues for the ‘Boys?

A.J. Green (10-227 Yds, 2 TD) – This confuses me. Do people forget? A.J. Green is one of the best in the business and it showed 2 years ago. But then, he got injured last year, and now people forget about him. He is one of the elite WR’s, yet he is not being priced that way! Keep on exploiting the prices, and keep on winning. It’s him and Carson Palmer.

Anyone You Took In STL-PIT Not Named Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown – What a disappointing week for this game. 12-6, oh my. After Tom Brady and the 49ers did damage against the Steel Curtain, the entire Rams offense did boo. Yuck.


Week 4 Preview

Bye Games You Already Knew About Because Jay and Tehol Are Better At Fantasy Than I Am TEN, NE.

This week features BAL-PIT on Thursday Night (no DFS Plays Here), seven 1:00 games, four 4:00 games, and the regular SNF and MNF games. Also, we now have a 9:30 AM game between the Jets and Dolphins, so don’t forget to set those lineups! Some games that I particularly like in terms of Daily Fantasy are: Green Bay vs San Francisco, and the main one is Oakland vs Chicago.

Let’s get to it…


Andy Dalton, CIN ($7,600) – The Red Rifle. He had a great first season in the NFL, and his second year was very crummy. Why? Injuries to Tyler Eifert, A.J. Green and Marvin Jones was because of it. Also, going to High School at at place called Katy isn’t a good idea either. But now, he has all of these players, and it shows in the first 3 weeks. He has thrown for 866 yards and 8 TD’s, averaging 23.91 points per game. This week, against the Chiefs, is a desirable matchup, and he should thrive just like he has all season.

Colin Kaepernick, SF ($7,500) – Sound, the alarms, ladies and gentlemen! Hear Hear! Colin Kaepernick threw 4 interceptions, and for 67 yards last week! He is done! Off with his head! Woah people, not so fast. Yes, Veggie Tales character Colin Kaepernick did throw 4 INT’s, however he is still a good QB, and especially against Green Bay. Does anyone remember this? Yes, he has struggled somewhat this season and last, He had 444 total yards and four touchdowns in the 2012 playoffs, 412 yards and three touchdowns in Week 1 of 2013, and 325 total yards and a score in the 2013 playoffs. He’s kinda good.

Derek Carr, OAK ($7,000) – (See Latavius Murray)

Running Backs

Karlos Williams, BUF ($6,300) – With LeSean McCoy possibly sidelined, Karlos Williams is a must-start this week against the mild defense of the New York Football Giants. He has averaged 13.0 fantasy points per game, and this week he should get more, due to the fact his first few weeks’ matchups aren’t as good as the one this week. With McCoy out, they should feed the ball to Williams. Key word=should.

Latavius Murray, OAK ($7,500) – When will it stop? Is Zach right about Latavius, like he was last week? Is Zach actually good about fantasy football? But isn’t that Tehol’s job? Well fantasy reader, every answer is yes. Latavius has been very good so far, averaging 16.37 points per game, and this week is a chalk play against the Bears. Here’s the scenario I can see: Murray will do enough to make you not throw up in the second half, and you will be cursing your own name for not starting Derek Carr. However, things will change. The Raiders will be in control from the second half kickoff, all they need to do is run the ball, because why throw it when you’re up 37-3? So Latavius will be fed until he can be fed no more. And then, you see Derek Carr having 35 pts, and Murray will have 20.3. Huzzah!, says you. Huzzah indeed.

Frank Gore, IND  ($7,300) – After two disappointing weeks, Frank Gore finally had a good week against the Titans last week. I do believe this will change against the Jags. Both Dion Lewis and Blount Forced Trauma wrecked havoc last week, and Gore should do the same. He is a very good play this week.

Wide Receivers

Julio Jones, ATL ($9,400) – Yes, he is very, very expensive this week. However, have a pairing of Karlos Williams and Ryan Mathews, and you can definitely put him in there. He has been unstoppable, averaging 28.3 fantasy points per game. He comes in this week against Houston, and he should have at least 25 points, and the bare minimum. Even I could score 3 TD’s and have 145 yards this week. Do the right thing.

Percy Harvin, BUF ($5,700) – SLEEPER OF THE WEEK. With Sam-I-Am not playing this week, Percy Harvin’s likeability should increase by the hour. He has averaged 12.13 points per game, and that was with Watkins (at least playing) during those weeks. Take him out, and put the Bills against the G-Men? You, my handsome friend, are a good man. NOTE- Even if he does have 12.13 points this week, that is still enough bang for your buck.

Tight Ends

Richard Rodgers, GB ($4,900) With Andrew Quarless out this week, and Davante Adams not looking good, he should draw some decent targets. San Francisco is not a good defense at all, and Rogers should get enough volume and points for sub-5K price.

Jordan Reed, WAS ($5,600) – Like I stated last week, keep using him until he gets hurt. Carry on.

Kickers and Defense & Special Teams

Josh Lambo, SD ($4,500) – He’ll do enough.

Indianapolis Colts ($4,400) – A must-win game, and the Jags offense will not produce.

Alright kids, go read a book…



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  1. Dom B says:

    Hey would you trade Keenan Allen for CJ Anderson.

    My Roster
    QB Phillip Rivers
    RB Leveon Bell
    RB Latavius Murray
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    TE Jason Witten
    Flex Steve Smith
    QB Eli Manning
    RB Jonathan Stewart
    RB Gio Bernard
    WR Keenan Allen
    WR John Brown
    TE Crockett Gilmore

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Dom B: You’re team is really good, so at this point, I would wait and see how Anderson does in the next two weeks, and then act accordingly

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