When P&E came into my clinic today I rushed them into my office and closed the door. “Let’s get right down to business” I said, opening up their chart. “The bye week was not kind to you” I mourned as their faces dropped.

“But how?! No one played a game for us!” I had to gently explain that even though their fantasy team was on bye, the real NFL players still had to suit up. Devin Singletary once again showed his incredible efficiency scoring 11.7 fantasy points on just 6 touches. Unfortunately this performance was wasted on the bye week and what’s worse is that he pulled up lame with a hamstring.

After inquiring if I could fix him I laughed and said I’m not a real doctor, just a fantasy one. All I can do is look forward and we’ll try to make the best decision for the coming weeks. The good news is P&E have the WR1 and WR2 on the season as well as the ever exciting Odell Beckham Jr and Travis Kelce. RB continues to be an issue.



Record (league rank): 1-0 (2nd)

Points scored: 122.2 (13th, remember they’ve had the bye)

Week 3 matchup: Autodraft All Stars (1-0, 122.4 points scored) 

Waiver priority: 11 (resets each week in reverse standings)

Chart Review

Taking a look at our drop/adds after week 1:

John Ross III – Ross looked explosive as ever and saw plenty of targets again. He turned 8 looks into 5-112-1, although the TD was in garbage time. But that’s fine! The Bengals D is looking horrific and that means garbage stats will be ever present. The current WR2 overall is probably still a WR3/FLEX even when AJ Green returns. Zac Taylor is mirroring the Rams setup and I envision 3 fantasy relevant WRs with everyone healthy.

Cowboys D – This was all about week 3 and they get the Dolphins on tap. Lock and load.

Peyton Barber – Dropping Barber was an L for me and P&E. He miraculously led the Bucs on Thursday night with 23-82-1 and 1 catch for 7 yards. I still don’t like him, but 24 touches is hard to ignore no matter how inefficient they are. Given Singletary’s injury we may have to swallow our pride and add him back.  

Alternative Therapies

Sitting in the 11th position, P&E will hope to grab a helpful RB with Singletary limping, and last week showed that the waiver may be easy pickings in this league:

Drop Mike Davis ⇒ add Peyton Barber OR Darwin Thompson

Davis feels like a drop now after logging only 3 touches for 1 yard in week 2. I cannot explain the week 1 timeshare but it appears Matt Nagy has chosen a lead back.

A good fantasy manager takes their medicine, and this transaction is exactly that. A week after dropping the uninteresting Barber, we’re begging for his empty carries. I think starting him over Jordan Howard or in place of Devin Singletary is a good move for week 3. This is what rock bottom looks like.

With Damien Williams leaving Sunday’s game early and Lesean McCoy headed for an MRI on Monday, Thompson is the most exciting back on the market. It may amount to nothing but I’d rather hold him through the week over Armstead. UPDATE – Got sniped on Barber, landed Darwin.

Drop Jake Elliott ⇒ add Rex Burkhead

Burkhead has been getting some work, and apparently James White’s wife is expecting their child. He almost missed the trip to Miami and he may be on #babywatch for the next few weeks. There is precedent here with teammate Kyle Van Noy missing week 1 for a new baby. Should White watch the game from the hospital, Rex Burkhead is a nice RB2 plug-and-play. We’ll add a kicker for someone Sunday morning. UPDATE – success!

Drop Jameis Winston ⇒ add Josh Allen

Last week I suggested adding Cam Newton, which the patient refused. Turns out this was a good decision as Cam is now in a walking boot. Winston gets a fun matchup against the Giants but Allen has been impressive for 6 straight games dating back to 2018 and now gets the welcoming Bengals D.

Allen can gain points in all phases of the offense and may be the team’s best running back with Singletary out. I think he could be “the new Cam” and a season long answer at QB. UPDATE – Allen was taken ahead of P&E, looks like Jameis gets one more chance. He’s in a great matchup at least. 

Further Tests

Last week’s Watkins-for-Mixon offer was rejected, so no dice there. When I approach a trade, I like to identify players on my roster that should be attractive to other teams. I don’t try and dump obviously underperforming or bad players to opponents because that is just going to create poor rapport with your mates. Dangling an over-performer can also rub people the wrong way, but at least that a guy playing well at the time. One thing I like to do is sell a big name if I believe in a bench replacement, rather than try to sell the emerging bench player.

Looking at P&E’s roster some tradeable assets are:

  • Odell Beckham Jr – Off a great Monday night game of 6-161-1. Worth a back-end RB1.
  • Travis Kelce – Always producing, he got into the end zone Sunday for an extra bump. Worth a low RB1/highRB2.
  • Brandin Cooks – Scored a TD this weekend hauled in 3 balls for 74 yards. I’ve never been a fan of WRs that produce on low volume like Cooks and think that Ross can replace 75% of this production even when AJ Green comes back. Looking for an RB2 return here could make a lot of sense.
  • Sammy Watkins – Despite 13 targets, a dud of a game will make managers shy away from acquiring him. Shoot for a back-end RB2.
  • John Ross III – Back to back TD games could have some people believing, but he may be a tough sell. Would love to get a low RB2 but feels too soon, and opponents will counter with AJG’s eventual return.

Some RBs worth targeting in a Cooks deal:

  • Nick Chubb – The team is 0-2, Chubb has produced below his lofty expectations so far, and there is buzz about how bad the offense looks. Regardless, I’d be happy to buy and this would be the optimal deal if possible. The opponent has an underperforming Diggs and injured Tyreek Hill so could see a need for a WR upgrade. They do have some RB depth as well. 
  • Leonard Fournette – Same managers as Chubb, and Fournette hasn’t scored a TD yet. On the bright side, he has seen the 5th most weighted opportunities per game, a metric that is strongly correlated with fantasy points, but is 24th in fantasy points per game. His usage in DeFilippo’s offense is excellent and I’d be looking to buy at a discount hoping to cash in when the points follow the opportunity.
  • Chris Carson – I always like to target players off a dud. Sharp fantasy folks know one game is nothing but some managers will just see a shiny new object and pounce. Cooks for Carson isn’t crazy given their preseason ADP. A snag is that the Carson team is strong at WR with Davante Adams, TY Hilton and Mike Evans so not looking like a great match.
  • David Montgomery – This could be a tougher add coming off a TD and increased use, but worth a shot. This team lacks a strong FLEX option where Cooks could help. They are thin at RB, so I would anticipate needing to sweeten the deal maybe throwing Howard in. It’s worth opening up a conversation.  
  • Phillip Lindsay – I am not a Lindsay truther, but he is right next to Fournette in weighted opportunity but had scored even less points. This could be a very realistic deal and would help solidify one RB spot for P&E. Unfortunately I am not hopeful as this team lacks any RB depth at all to fill the gap left by Lindsay.
  • Mark Ingram II – A boring acquisition, Ingram should offer a stable floor of 15 touches in the Ravens offense. He has scored more than expected given his weighted opportunity, but I am comfortable with his role. Most importantly, this team has 2 other viable RBs, needs WR help, and made some waiver moves this week so they may actually respond to a trade offer.

An interesting return for John Ross:

  • Miles Sanders – Very disappointing start but still leading the Philadelphia backfield and is worth a gamble in P&E’s situation. This deal would be taking a loss on paper at a position of wealth to hopefully buy low on a game changer.


No major changes to the starting lineup. We’ll wait on reports out of Buffalo (Singletary), Kansas City (Thompson) and New England (Burkhead) to see if there is some way we can patch together 2 starting RBs. Better yet, hopefully someone will bite on a trade offer.

Also, can’t forget to add a kicker on Sunday morning!

Final Thoughts

Hey, this team is still undefeated but heading into week 3 bruised and battered. The thrill of #ZeroRB is risky living and the unknown. We just need to be flirting with .500 through week 6/7 and an RB will surface. They always do. Trust the good doctor.

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  1. The Harrow says:

    you can be SURE it’s a fairly non competitive league if barber isn’t WW’d by somebody, assumng it’s a 12’er, which you might’ve said it wasn’t already.

  2. al_FF_red

    What a BOOF says:

    It’s a 13 teamer and we had Barber, dropped after splitting time and getting outplayed week 1. Was not available to the league then picked after ThNF and then was picked up this week when waivers ran.

    That being said I’m not convinced this is a super competitive league, but not because of Barber

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      locked*** not picked

  3. Chet says:

    What a BOOF,

    Which one of the following would you choose for your week 3 flex position?

    Josh Jacobs @ MIN (health status: questionable)
    Demarcus Robinson vs BAL
    LeSean McCoy vs BAL (health status: questionable)
    Frank Gore vs CIN

    I’m leaning Gore or Robinson. I hate playing game time decision players…they always seem to backfire on me.


    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Gore certainly safest to get you 6-10 but I kind of think Josh Allen may just run more and be the goal line guy like Cam used to be for Carolina

      Can’t go wrong with either Chief imo and I would lean there. Damien most likely out and McCoy has been practicing Thurs/Fri so I’d probably roll with him assuming 15 touches as the lead RB this week

      Jacobs is last in line given the matchup and offense

      • al_FF_red

        What a BOOF says:

        One easy thing to do when splitting hairs like this looking at implied team totals with the spread and o/u

        Approx team totals
        Raiders – 18
        Bills – 25
        Chiefs – 29

        That’s why I’d pick a chief

        • Chet says:

          Awesome! Thanks a ton! Much appreciated.

  4. Commish Cauda says:

    12-team, 0.5ppr

    My RB’s are Zeke/Pollard, Montgomery and Freeman/Ito Smith

    I lost Hunter Henry and am streaming TE, (Witten this week).

    I’m concerned about Freeman. Trade ATL combo for Marlon Mack and TJ Hock? I would then insure Mack with Wilkins.

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Big handcuffer huh?

      I’d trade the ATL duo for Mack and TJH. Shocked someone would do that but definitely a good move for you

  5. Trader says:

    His Edelman for Delanie and Samuel. I already have Waller at TE. Thoughts?

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