One of my favorite movie scenes is an obscure moment in Batman (1989) where Grissom is talking to his associate Jack Napier (pre Joker transformation). They are in a deserted office and Grissom, Napier’s boss, is telling him about why he was chosen for an important job. Grissom grips him by the shoulders and hisses “you’re my…numbah one…guuyyy”. It’s both creepy and awesome. I feel like I am telling this to each and every player on a weekly basis as I slide them into my lineup.

Since I am in an all time high 18 fantasy football leagues this year, I have a lot of guys. But only a select few have the honor of being so cherished by me that I have invested heavily. These leagues range from a long running standard redraft to  startup 2 QB superflex PPR devy league and everything in between. Because of this, some draft strategies have been different than others, but overall I clearly have some soft spots for certain players.  If you like reading about other people’s fake football teams, proceed!


Ben Roethlisberger, Kyler Murray (25%)

A savvy vet and sparkling rookie will lead most of my teams into battle this fall. Many of the Ben shares are leftover from previous dynasty teams but should perform just as well in 2019. It is curious how the QB of a unanimous elite WR, stud RB (who catches passes), and highly touted TE sleeper is going around the QB12 borderline after finishing QB3 in point per game a year ago.

As for Kyler, what can I say? That’s just on #brand. I touted him in my first article published on Razzball and I continue to go all in, especially as his price has dropped below Lamar Jackson in some leagues!

Running Back

Tevin Coleman, Matt Breida, Darrell Henderson, Justin Jackson, Justice Hill, Dexter Williams (25%)

Give me all of the Bay Area Backs (BABs™). Coleman is more expensive at RB27 while Breida is going around RB44, but both should outperform their ADP. Coleman has received the bulk of the use this preseason logging a strong 62% of the snaps while Jimmy Garoppolo has been in. As for Breida, how can you pass up a guy that can do this???

My July Henderson shares morphed into Justice Hill shares as the summer dragged on. I see them as a similar guy: explosive, pass-catching rookie RBs for whom I just have to pay to see the flop. We’ll see what hits.

Justin Jackson was simply too cheap not to invest in while MGIII continues his hold out. I think he’s a good player, but that backfield wont be all his even with Gordon gone. He’s a luxury end-of-the-bench stash.

I miiiiiiiiight be overweight on Dexter Williams, who was merely an attrition play earlier in the summer. However, the scuttlebutt is that he’s not going to do anything in 2019.

Damien Williams, Darwin Thompson, Miles Sanders, Kalen Ballage (19%)

I am starting to believe if Kansas City cuts Carlos Hyde, as all the beat writers have projected, Damien Williams is a stone cold lock to be a league winner. Still often available in the 3rd round, it seems that the Chiefs may only have 2 viable backs to start the season. It’s hard to envision Andy Reid giving much more than a 30% snap share to Darwin Thompson. That leaves a lot of uber-quality snaps for Damien and a top 5 finish is not out of the question. As for Darwin, the fantasy football writers guild would excommunicate me if I didn’t have a few shares.

Sanders became expensive to acquire but I couldn’t ignore the most athletic rookie back who landed in one of the best offensive situations.

Although I’m not very excited about Ballage, he landed on multiple teams just because he is in line for volume and was practically free early in the draft season.

Wide Receiver

Cooper Kupp (38%)

[guy blinking dot gif]  I blame my ADP Royal Rumble III article for Kupp being my most owned player across all leagues. He was barely on my radar before diving in, but safe to say I came away impressed. He was so good in 2018 before his ACL tear derailed him and the entire Rams offense. It certainly takes a leap of faith (and some cherry picked stats) but there is a path that leads to Kupp finishing as a fantasy WR1. In 7 healthy games last year he was on pace for 123 targets (with Woods and Cooks). He has averaged 14 yards per catch and a nice 69% catch rate for his NFL career. Putting all that together, it’s conceivable a 123 target season would result in 85 receptions and 1190 yards. Touchdowns are fluky but his career 10% TD rate would add roughly 8 scores to his line, and we know that offense is not shy about getting in the endzone. In the end, I think this is a player being drafted at his floor in a great environment with room to grow.

Odell Beckham Jr., Davante Adams, Demarcus Robinson (25%)

Can you tell I tend to draft WR heavy? A pair of consensus studs show up here, however the Adams shares are of the previously owned dynasty variety. In redraft I have liked my teams that start with 2 of the top 7 receivers and 2 of my preferred middle-tier RBs. I don’t think I need a deep dive into OBJ or Adams as they are rock solid elite WRs. Lock and load.

LOL @ Demarcus Robinson! These were all acquired prior to Tyreek Hill being reinstated, of course. All DRobs have been notified that they will be dropped at the first waiver wire run.

Christian Kirk, Andy Isabella, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, Tyler Boyd, Josh Gordon (19%)

Like Murray, I’d question my own integrity if I didn’t have a good amount of Kirk. There was a time during draft season his price was getting a little high, but I expect to add one or two more now that all the Cardinals hype has cooled.

My two favorite rookie receiving prospects are up next. Both had teenage breakouts, good college dominator rating, encouraging testing numbers, and were drafted into appealing offenses. Isabella has seen his stock dwindle this preseason while JJAW’s has risen, so net neutral investments so far.

Tyler Boyd is Cooper Kupp in a worse offense. I think he’s destined to outkick his ADP but the ceiling probably isn’t as high. A safe WR2 or premium WR3.

A late bull market on Josh Gordon has coaxed me to land a decent amount. My first share was in the 18th round of an RCL the night before his reinstatement and I’m still buying, albeit at a higher price. With a Gronkian void left in the New England offense I am willing to place a bet on the league winning #GordonSZN we all want to see.

Tight End

Darren Waller, Rickey Seals-Jones (19%)

I have played tight end differently in almost every draft. It really depends on how the other positions fall. While I like the top 6 group that ends with the trio of Engram/Howard/Henry, I typically don’t find myself willing to pay the price. Darren Waller is a suitable dart throw once you get past those top 6 and if he doesn’t pan out I’ll just stream (or pick up Chris Herndon).

RSJ shares are leftover from 2018 and will be cut after the first waiver run I’m sure.

Wish Listgordon

Players I’d like to add 

I still think Damien Williams is a value and would be happy to add more this weekend… Even in the 6th round I can’t get enough Josh Gordon… I’d like to see Will Fuller as my WR3 on some teams. Give me James Conner, Nick Chubb, Chris Carson, and David Montgomery at their prices. At the end of drafts I’ve been leaning towards Deebo Samuel with all the negative vibes surrounding Dante Pettis.  

No FOMO here

Players I am glad to have limited or no investment in

Joe Mixon, Le’Veon Bell, Melvin Gordon, Antonio Brown, Amari Cooper, Julian Edelman, Kenny Golladay, and Chris Godwin just aren’t appealing at their ADPs.

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  1. jonboy says:

    How would you rank TE’s Waller,Andrews and Hooper?

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Hooper – safest and unanimously highest ADP

      Waller – riskier but more upside I think. He’s who I have landed on most.

      Andrews – easily third here because of concerns around preseason use

      • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot, who wins says:

        and hurst is healthy on andrews. these 2 exactly a year ago came in with similar draft pedigree and grades.

  2. Chucky says:

    PPR league. Any chance Cole Beasley flies tree top, under the radar level, and becomes Allen’s safety valve in the slot?

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Think that’s probable. Just not sure what fantasy value that has… Beasley and Crowder PPR value picks at the end of the draft

  3. Ed says:

    I can protect Carson in the 6th or Kerryon in the 8th?
    I keep going back and forth but favoring Carson.

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Yeah both are pretty interesting. Tiebreaker is the cheaper one… KJ in the 8th

  4. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    see how this looks. comish 2 years ago probably for a good reason (the worst teams had utterly horrible keepers from being run into the ground) went to non snake. starting this year though the purpose had been fulfilled, the worst 2 teams in record last year had better keepers than me (team that won, and most other top 4 teams), meanwhile a ton of owners showed up (but were very lazy and waited till draft date yesterday) wanting to go back to snake, but for this year it’s still non snake. .2 PPR with position maxes and deep benches. for some reason mixon and chubb weren’t kept, but obviously those 2 went 1.1 and 1.2. i went RB for my 1st 4 picks from what i saw available already being weak. could’ve kept drake instead, and could’ve drafted drake ahead of ballage, but ballage was cheaper of course. draft starts in the 7th. 12 teamer here.
    QB (1 starts, 3 max): wentz (K), murray (19th), dalton (29th)
    RB (2, 6 max): michel (K), coleman (7th), ballage (8th), breida (9th), singletary (10th), d.henderson (14th)
    WR (2, 6 max): julio (K), JJSS (K), c.davis (11th), sutton (12th), j.brown (BUF, 15th), metcalf (24th)
    TE (1, 4 max): ertz (K), hooper (got i hate hooper, TE is probably only position i got snaked to a few times but this is backup anyway, 16th), everett (27th)
    3 R/W/T flexes here
    K (1, 3 max): lambo (30th)
    team D (1, 2 max): LAC (17th), CAR (28th)
    LB (2, 4 max): wagner (K), l.david (21st), kwon A (25th)
    DB (2, 4 max): baker (18th), mcdougald (20th), h.smith (23rd)
    DL (2, 4 max): j.bosa (13th), vernon (22nd), c.heyward (26th)
    1 IDP flex spot (and i have too many 12th week bye guys, 2 per at DL and DB). we have a lot of IR slots here, and if any of my WR/TE/RB go into those i’ll add depth IDP guys, since IR guys DO count against position maxes.

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      Wow start 3 QBs!

      Looks good man

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        no, it’s start 1 QB, reason i own 3 is that you cannot have more than 6 RB nor more than 6 WR’s, but it’s super deep benches. this is also why k.murray lasted until 19th round, but even then i was happy to get him that late. also why i have 2 DEF’s, since mostly ever body else does, and nobody wants to get stuck having to use one of the last 5-6 (max) DEF’s left in FA during your main team’s bye week. glad to see the singletary news here as i thought my RB’s are pretty damn weak for any sized 12 teamer. my problem is in the last few years my RB keepers have fallen off (j.howard, drake, mccoy were guys i had last year as keepers). in future years i would’ve been able to go RB/RB at 1.12 then 2.1 but this year was still non snake. had it been this year i’d have gone coleman/sanders (or drake) at 1.12-2.1 and probably would’ve had a lot of the same other guys i ended up with, but better than henderson for the 6th slot. 23 RB’s were kept in this league (michel my only RB keeper). obviously julio + JJSS + ertz is probably the best TE/WR1/WR2 in entire league though. rudy’s bot doesn’t hate c.davis nor sutton as pretty much everybody else does too.

  5. Trader says:

    Licking tenth in 12 teamer, non-ppr. Trying your two WR strategy for top picks. It is not for the faint of heart! RBs are scarce. Here is my latest mock. Thoughts?

    Rodgers 58
    Michel 34. Jacobs 39. Lativus 63. Barber 106 D Harris 135
    Julio 10. Tyreke. 15 Watkins 82 J Washington 111 Stills 154
    Cleveland D 159
    Gould. 178

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      I like it

      May take JuJu or OBJ over Julio personally. But I like JuJu.

      Wouldn’t bother with ARod that early. Where’s your TE?

      • Trader says:

        Thanks. TE is Cook. Missed him

        Available at 58: RB Duke Johnson
        WR. Moore

        My QB a few rounds later would have been Wilson or Goff

        • al_FF_red

          What a BOOF says:

          Definitely prefer Duke at 58 and Wilson/Goff later

  6. Trader says:

    Picking not licking although that might work too

  7. Trader says:

    I am enjoying this double WR strategy with my tenth pick. Some mocks have gone great….OBJ, JuJu, Carson, A Jones, Jacobs with first five picks! Other times RBs are gone.

    1. Does your overall philosophy change at all in a h2h league ESPN standard league?

    2. JuJu or Tyreke?
    Carson or Jacobs?
    Ingram or Murray?

    • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot, who wins says:

      what is different about an espn standard leagues such to ask that? (nearly all fantasy football is h2h leagues, so that part wouldn’t change anything). i’m not being facetious here are they markedly different than leagues in yahoo/fantrax/ etc? if this actually is about is espn’s ADP’s different than other sites, that is possible, check here for many league types:

      but that shows 4 league types, none of them espn. so you’ll have to cross check by espn’s own ADP’s.

      • al_FF_red

        What a BOOF says:

        Philosophy changes more based on scoring settings not site. Still, in standard this wouldn’t really change my thinking. I don’t have data to back it up but have a hunch that elite WRs in standard may actually be even more important because you don’t have these cheap guys that can earn points through receptions you can plug in.

        JuJu won an ADP battle against Tyreek I did previously –

        Carson v. Jacobs is really difficult for me. I’d be thrilled with either. Rudy’s projections give it to Jacobs by 4 total points in standard.

        I’m guessing this is Ingram or Latavius Murray? I’d go Ingram, but haven’t been choosing either very often.

  8. Trader says:

    My non-PPR, 12 teamer listed below. Not thrilled. What guys from this group would you try to move?

    Conner, Michel, Lindsay, D Williams, D Harris cuff
    OBJ, Thielen, Samuel, C Davis, Geronimo
    Walker, Reed (figured one can go)

    • al_FF_red

      What a BOOF says:

      I think that’s a solid squad… certainly could upgrade at TE bait I’m sure that was by design. I was targeting Reed before his concussion and now I’m pretty concerned with him. Poor dude. Alas, he may not help us this season very much.

      I’d not feel a big need to shake things up day 1. Play walker at TE and see what happens.

      Potentially could trade 1 of Thielen, Samuel or Davis to upgrade TE. I like the top 3 RBs… Damien took a hit for sure but as a flex for u that’s still a strong play imo

      • Trader says:

        Good feedback. Best TEs on the wire are Rudolph and Waller.

        I can see how TE shakes out as I planned and adjust. Also had a Big Ben v Wentz choice and went youth. Some concern there but we shall see.

        • al_FF_red

          What a BOOF says:

          I think you made the right choice at QB

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