In the first two rounds, you picked the players that you are going to build your team around. Whether you picked two wide receivers, two running backs, or a wide receiver and a running back, the next three rounds are absolutely crucial in building you roster. In this post, I won’t be getting pick specific because there are a few different ways that you could have built your roster in the first two rounds and it also becomes more draft specific regarding who falls to these rounds. I feel that the best approach is to highlight the players that I’ll be targeting and avoiding in the following three rounds. You can always refer to my rankings if your draft board looks different than fantasy football calculator’s ADP. In some spots, it most definitely will look different. Especially when you are doing a live draft with your buddies instead of a draft online where everyone is looking at the same best player available list. 

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Third Round Targets

Josh Jacobs

The days of being able to get Josh Jacobs after the 3rd round are behind us. He’s starting to gain an avalanche of supporters with his training camp performance. Josh Jacobs is a threat in the running and passing game in Oakland and will see as many touches as many of the backs that are taken in the first round. He played one series in the second preseason game and gained 21 yards on four touches. The only reason that Jacobs doesn’t have an ADP in the first two rounds is that he never had the chance to prove that he could take on a season’s worth of a workload in college. But, he has a special skill set to be a dynamic play maker. 

George Kittle

I mentioned in Friday’s post that I will be heavily targeting Kittle in the third round of my drafts. I hardly ever target tight ends this early, but I think that we could be looking at a very big season out of a player that created a proven track record with a 1,300 yard season in 2018 while leading the NFL in YAC. Reports have suggested that Jimmy Garappolo and George Kittle have developed a nice groove in red zone drills during training camp. Kittle can give you an overall TE1 season but is a round cheaper than Travis Kelce

Other Targets: Amari Cooper and Aaron Jones

Third Round Fade

Leonard Fournette

Leonard Fournette’s rookie numbers gave people hope that 2018 could be a breakout year with numbers that would equal a first round return. Sure, he only averaged 3.9 ypc in his rookie season, but he proved that he can take on a full season of a heavy workload and also perform in the red zone. But, 2018 was a nightmare for those who put their faith into Fournette. Fournette wasn’t durable and made headlines that you don’t want to see regarding his dedication. 3.3 ypc is not a pretty number and I’d rather let somebody else take on the risk that comes along with Fournette.

Fourth Round Targets

Chris Carson

I have written throughout the preseason how big of a fan that I am of Rashaad Penny. Reports just haven’t been favorable for Penny getting the amount of playing time and touches that I had hoped for. I still like the talent, but it’s a hill that I don’t want to die on when there are reports that Carson is going to see two-thirds of the touches for an offense that was second in the league in rushing attempts in 2018. Even more damning for Penny, reports suggest that Carson is looking great in the passing game as well. I still like Penny as a strong handcuff to Carson. 

Chris Godwin

Chris Godwin has been on the field for every snap that Jameis Winston has played in the preseason, including some snaps in the slot. Godwin deserves the hype that he has gotten in the fantasy community, as eye-roll inducing as it is. He has been a great complimentary wide receiver in his first two seasons for the pass heavy Buccaneers and finally has a chance to be one of Winston’s top two targets in AIRian’s offense. I don’t think the haters are going to win this one. 

Fourth Round Fade

Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram has succeeded in this league for a number of years, but he’s not in New Orleans anymore. Lamar Jackson’s running ability puts a cap on Ingram’s profit potential. Also, Justice Hill looks awesome and is knocking on the door of being a big part of this backfield. 

Fifth Round Targets

I’m not too impressed with any of the wide receivers or tight ends going in this round so I am cleaning up running back depth since it’s still too early to take a quarterback.

Tevin Coleman

I wrote about Tevin Coleman last week as a nice profitable value in San Francisco. Jerrick McKinnon is probably going to start the season on the IR so that leaves Coleman and Breida. Coleman is a Shanahan guy so he should see a lot of quality touches in this offense. In a ‘meh’ season, he still finished as RB19 in the PPR format. 

Sony Michel

Sony Michel is healthy (for now) and coming at a reasonable price tag. Michel had a dynamic college career and had a good start to his NFL career and the fifth round is just too late for him to fall even with the knee concerns. The are murmurs that Michel will be involved in the passing game in New England so this could be an even bigger year for him than last season. If you are taking a risk on Michel it is necessary to handcuff him with Damien Williams.

Fifth Round Fade


If DeShaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers fall out of this round than go ahead and grab one if you really find it necessary. But, with Jameis Winston, Kyler Murray, and Jared Goff being on the board a few rounds or more later, there is plenty of reason to skip out on taking a quarterback this early. 

  1. Mak says:

    2 QB league. half PPR. here’s my team:

    QB: carson wentz, josh allen, stafford

    RB: connor, damien williams, tevin coleman, ekelar, tarik cohen, kalen ballage

    WR: deandre hopkins, robert woods, geronimo allison, emmanuel sanders

    TE: kittle

    what you think?

    • MB

      MB says:

      Oh you’re in pretty good shape. I’d shoot for more WR depth

  2. Tony C says:

    Great work MB. Keeper league question. 10 team full PPR with 6 point passing TDs and 10 points for rushing and receiving TDs. Keep Maholmes for a 13th round pick or Chubb for a 12 round pick? Thanks!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Chubb. I know Mahomes is tempting but you shouldn’t have an issue finding a good QB in a 10 team league

  3. The sportsguy says:

    14 team .5 ppr….can only keep 3 of these 4

    Mack -7
    M Williams -9
    Deshaun – 9
    Oj Howard -10

    • MB

      MB says:

      Mack, Watson, and Howard.

  4. Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

    14 teamer PPR keep 2 per year and i can keep these in these rounds:
    QB (passing TD’s worth 6 here)
    RB (2)
    WR (3)
    TE (1)
    flex (R/W/T, 1)
    K (1)
    DB (2)
    LB (2)
    DL (1)
    7 BN
    2 IR
    i got no worse than 2nd 3/4ths of years (1st 2 times out of 4 years, 1 2nd, till last year 9th. 2 years running had RB’s go out RIGHT after i drafted them (this was only league last year i went mckinnon over drake) one each in the 1st 2 rounds last 2 years). so i finally get a good draft slot. nobody drafted in the 1-2nd rounds can be kept (no mixon for me to keep).
    – a.brown (4th, this soooo was a slam dunk for years and why i joined the league)
    -jeffery (7th)
    – z.jones (21st)
    – c.hogan (21st)
    – humphries (21st)
    – oj howard (stashed him intentionally in case he’d be my best keeper, either 21st or 11th depending on whether 10 days means 10 full days or just counting 10 days after he was dropped, players retain their drafted round unless obtained 10 or more days after dropped, i waited till the morning of his 10th day dropped)
    -j.adams S (16th, but in non deep IDP’s like this it almost never pays to keep IDP guys)
    -wagner LB (9th)
    – a.phillips S (21st)
    -luck (6th, he seems VERY scary though, IND has now lied about his injuries for at least 3 of the last 5 or so years, 2 years ago at this time he was “certain to miss at most like 2-3 games” by them and then missed entire season simply since they burned him into ground with no surgery for far too long, and i’m pretty sure with like 4 days left till season the IND story was that he’d be fine for week 2. this actually led some writers around here to say we could draft him at a discount and it’d be a smart move as our 1st QB’s that year, albeit i doubt that many of those that said that actually did it themselves)

    reason i have no good RB keeper options is the last few years i’ve always gone a.brown (4th) and last round upside guy WR (21st), but often to compete drop the flyer guy (goodwin i think last year) if they aren’t panning out or i run out of IR space. i did NOT tank and just hold onto future upside guys last year. also i blew out my FAAB budget when mckinnon (2nd rounder got hurt literally about 12 hours after our draft) went out very early, so i lost out on tons of in season value guys.

    • MB

      MB says:

      I still think it’s Brown (sigh) and OJ Howard

      • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

        dude’s turning into a complete clown. back in the day it was easily believable as rapelisberger is a douche almost certainly. then not wanting to go to BUF is understandable (but then OAK is fine? what?) but now it’s everybody and everything in the world he’s at odds with, attacks JJSS for no reason, HIS HELMET vs the NFL?!! apparently they had it tested and yep, isn’t NFL applicable anymore. i guess when you spend your whole life being treated as a spoiled infant due to your talent you end up a …. spoiled infant. this is really sick i have to make this decision in like 18 or so hours here. if he holds out due to wanting to use a now illegal helmet this could actually be the stupidest story from an entitled jackass ever. what is funny as all hell is that OAK thought he wouldn’t be like this. and this isn’t one of the frequently seen instances of GODdell/NFL being the jackass either, if you can be sure of one thing it’s everything they do is for the money so you can be sure to dodge future lawsuits the helmets they’d be trying to make less concussiony for the players.

        • MB

          MB says:

          Yep, once the NFL actually does something to protect players, Brown fights it. Quite Ironic. I think he’s going to show up but who knows. I got him super cheap in an auction last night. Hopefully they figure it out this week

          • Eric the Waiter with Hands for Hands says:

            sounds like back at practice today. he apparently is also stupid too, tried bringing in a nearly identical to the 2010 helmet that was already nixed to the lab thinking that 2nd one would slide by the filters. like that “drug deal” in boogie nights where todd convinces dirk and reed that they’ll go to the crazy arab drug dealer’s house and sell him a kilo of coke when it’s really baking soda.
            reed + dirk: ” won’t he check to see if it’s real”
            todd: “nah he won’t check it”. “nice little bit of hustle bustle”

            • MB

              MB says:

              Hahahahaha!!! One of my favorite movies. Fantastic reference

  5. Water boy says:

    Morning MB! Full ppr had a draft last night yeah it’s bad lol but how bad? It’s a 12 teamer. I asked the commish all week to bump the time from 8 to 8:30 or 9 that I would be running late he said heck no , so I had to edit my pre draft rankings & yikes , oh and my team picked 11 out of 12.

    QB rivers who I just added by dropping Flacco

    RB1: Fournette
    RB2: miles sanders

    WR1: Michael Thomas
    WR2: Calvin Ridley

    TE: Dallas goedart

    Flex1: Robby Anderson
    Flex 2: diggs

    Defense: raiders D

    Kicker dan Bailey

    Bench : kallen ballage , TJ hockenson, Jameis Winston, Lamar Jackson, justice hill, josh Gordon,

    1.) I’ve never rostered 3 QBs , who to dump?

    2.) hold Dallas godart or TJ hockenson? Or dump both ?

    Best available WRs: John Ross, Geronimo Allison, Quincy eunuwa, Kenny stills , davante Parker , cole Beasley , DK metcalf

    Best available TEs: will dissly, eifert , witten

    Thanks man!

    • MB

      MB says:

      There is some talent on this roster but I thought i taught you better. I’m just…. disappointed. Dump rivers, pick up Allison. Drop Goedart and pick up Parker. You don’t need 2 tight ends, you can stream.

  6. Snacks Zillion says:

    Lost wifi several times during RCL draft last night so team already needs work. Would you trade Fournette for Carson or Montgomery? I just dont trust Fournette. With Montgomery, would ask for a throw in. Thanks!!

    • Snacks Zillion says:

      I read your blurb on Fournette/Carson so am thinking Fournette for Carson would be the best move.

      • MB

        MB says:

        Yeah that’s what I’d do

        • Snacks Zillion says:

          Thank you, much appreciated. These artic!es are great!

          • MB

            MB says:

            Thanks. I appreciate that! I enjoy writing them.

  7. RICE says:

    Hey MB!

    We talked about a draft path on Friday and I had my draft on Saturday. The first 6 rounds went almost perfectly according to plan. I lost a number of late round targets I wanted (Samuels/Latavious/Dede), and the booze kicked in somewhere after the Ekeler pick but I think I did alright overall.

    I have a free pickup when waivers open on Wednesday – I have Duke Johnson and Jaylen Samuels queued up in that order.


    Friday’s Goals:
    Path 2 (WR in round 1)
    Keeper: Dalvin Cook
    Round 1: OBJ
    Round 2: Aaron Jones
    Round 3: Chris Carson
    Round 4: Chris Godwin

    Saturday’s Drunk Reality:
    Keeper Dalvin Cook
    Round 1 Odel Beckham Jr.
    Round 2 Aaron Jones
    Round 3 Robert Woods
    Round 4 Chris Godwin
    Round 5 Evan Engram
    Round 6 Austin Ekeler
    Round 7 Tarik Cohen
    Round 8 Carson Wentz
    Round 9 Chicago Bears
    Round 10 Christian Kirk
    Round 11 Justin Jackson
    Round 12 Trey Burton
    Round 13 Mitchell Trubisky
    Round 14 DeVante Parker

    • MB

      MB says:

      Wow. You stuck to the plan even at a disadvantage. Props!

  8. Mr. A Knife says:

    14 team super flex where the throwing yards are even more valuable than normal (15 rushing or receiving per point, also non PPR)
    QB j.allen, goff (last year drafted both BUF QB’s with first 2 picks out of 3 picks)
    RB (2): gurley, breida, coleman, guice (actually he was my 2nd rounder last year), ballage
    WR (2): cooks, m.williams, green, pettis, j.reynolds
    TE (1): howard, walker
    1 regular flex
    1 super flex
    K (1): NO kicker
    DEF (1): MIN

    can keep this many or less. i draft out of the 13 hole in every round. basically is reynolds worth keeping, i’d guess yes since pick 41 isn’t likely to have anybody good left. with my first 2 picks here i’d be almost certainly targeting:
    1.13 best QB rookie left (if one is even left)
    2.13 just best player left. i’ll know more before draft but these are some of best in FA not owned at end of last year: hyde, moncrief, cj anderson, parker, a.wilson, m.lee etc

    last year i drafted out of the 8 hole and was quite happy to end up with allen/guice/peterman (peterman starter at the time and i had BUF locked up). it is VERY hard to get QB’s in this league. i’m not trading top end RB or WR to get one if possible. i have driskel in case he started this year as starter too (yeah that kind of league)

    • MB

      MB says:

      I’d just go best player left. Next year should be a much better QB year. Haskins, Jones, and Murray will probably be gone anyways

    • Mr. A Knife says:

      it’s funny in these leagues, i could be a top 3 team again, or just one QB gets hurt and i’d probably fall to like 9th (or worse), or if they share a bye i’m guaranteed a loss that week without major luck (in finding a backup that starts that week from an injury) unless i somehow am able to draft a QB starter. even for fantasy football 2 QB or super flexes the luck is insane compared to baseball.

      • MB

        MB says:

        Yeah it’s Brutal. Maybe Drew Lock? I just don’t know if he’s worth the pick. Quite the debacle. At least your QB situation isn’t dire

        • Mr. A Knife says:

          i’m still on page 5 (start doing my FF analysis usually around aug 5th, this year later, but in offseason i HAVE had the footballguys daily email reports (pretty much like rotoworld blurbs but written by guys better at fantasy football and more detailed), so not sure how youse guys are ranking the rookie QB’s (literally just about to listen to all the podcasts, last year’s were quite good for deep rookie stuff) but if by draft grades they’d be:
          -murray (plain gone, almost certainly 1st overall in this league)
          – d.jones (eli is going out probably faster than any of the old QB’s)
          i’d think the below lack this year upside though, and might not ever have jobs
          – finley (dalton sucks and could get hurt)
          – stidham (brady is old as dirt)
          – grier (cam newtown gets hurt all the damn time)

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