That time of year is quickly approaching when fantasy football fans everywhere will begin gearing up for the draft. Many players in 2015 started the season with such potential on the fantasy front, only to be sidelined with injuries that jeopardize fan standings around the country. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable injured players and how they look in their quest to return strong this coming season.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable injured players is Steelers tight end Ladarius Green. He is a critical piece in Pittsburgh’s hopeful return to the Super Bowl and will be a prized selection in the fantasy football draft if fans are confident in his return. At this stage in the offseason, the Steelers are reporting that Green will not likely be ready for training camp, but is probable for a return this season.

The Broncos are in obvious need of a quarterback, and they are hopeful that Mark Sanchez is the man. As fantasy football fans are aware, however, he has been suffering from an injured thumb. The latest reports are that he is a probable to be at training camp, even though he now only has a tiny edge in the race to become starting quarterback.

Frank Gore is almost always good for 1,000 rushing yards a season, but not when he’s injured. Word is that he is still sore about not getting that tally last year and has been working hard to get back in shape after his finger injury hampered his ability to run with the ball. He is tough and resilient, and reports are that he will be ready for training camp.

Ravens fans are still lamenting the loss of Terrell Suggs, and he has made it difficult on fantasy football teams as well. A healthy Suggs is a boost for both, but his Achilles tendon is still giving him fits at last report. His status has been downgraded to questionable for the start of the 2016 season. Along with him is quarterback Joe Flacco, who is a fantasy favorite. His knee injury has landed him in the questionable field for training camp, but is likely viewed as a precaution. There is no mention of him not being ready for the start of the season.

Tony Romo fans are also curious about his recovery from a collarbone injury. The Cowboys are reporting that his return is probable for the start of training camp. As the Cowboys are popular targets for fantasy players, fans are also eyeing the foot injury to Dez Bryant and shoulder injury to Tyrone Crawford. The Cowboys have recently announced that Dez Bryant will not be limited at all come the start of training camp, and has been cleared for all team activities. The timetable is not as clear for Crawford, but the anticipation is that he will be back at full strength by week four of the regular season.

Who knows what players will end up on the P,Q,O list come Week 1, but knowing the status of these integral pieces is a necessity coming into the new season…

  1. Zach

    Zach says:

    Great read man!

    I’m hoping for the best for Romo and Dez Bryant, especially Romo. I’m hoping he’ll slip, slip, and slip some more so I can get him late.

    Do you have a Twitter account I can follow you by?

    • Joe says:

      @Zach: Hey Zach, thanks for the kind words. You can follow me at @joemess17, as you’ll see, I’m not a huge tweeter though.

  2. Dorian S. says:

    Heya! Good read. Just wanted to know your thoughts about how Sanchez threw an INT at camp and then got benched for Siemian who then stayed in. I mean, he’s injured and threw bad throw, but still. That seems to say a lot.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dorian S.: Hey Dorian, since Joe seems to be afk, I’ll go ahead and answer that I’m not too surprised. I think people know what they are getting with Sanchez, and why not give Siemian reps? There is no downside there, and I think that’s what they are thinking.

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