Dr. Donkey Teeth and The Boof, aka Ralph Macchio, are back on the YouTube talking fantasy football for your viewing pleasure. After discussing the BIG news of the week—Carlos Hyde signed with the Seahawks—the guys taking a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about some of their favorite fantasy players from past years including Rob Gronkowski, Randy Moss and Antonio Brown. Later the Karate Kid opens up about his anxiety in regards to trading for running backs in dynasty leagues which leads to an in depth strategic discussion about how to approach the buying and selling of RBs in dynasty. Tune in and subscribe to our YouTube channel now!

  1. Jolt In Flow says:

    Al, DDT, good show.

    Al, love the Ian Malcolm reference. Just watched Jurassic the other day. The quote was timed perfectly.

    DDT, I was right with you smoking the Blount a few years back. Best automatic player I’ve ever owned (sadly). Got him off the waiver wire.

    One thing I disagree on with both of you; I look to win every trade. I don’t try and make the other owner stumble. I always offer more than fair right off the hop. But I usually have a clear cut advantage in the trade through my analysis. And I bank on the other owner not having done their homework.

    Thanks for the show.

    • Donkey Teeth

      Donkey Teeth says:

      Thanks, Jolt!

      Maybe semantics, but I’ll elaborate on my views:

      Winning a trade isn’t relevant and can become a counterproductive obsession for people. What’s important is trying to get the most possible value in return for you assets and attempting to improve your team with every deal.

      The idea of “winning” is very arbitrary and depends on many factors in keeper/dynasty leagues including contention window, team build and needs, just to name a few. Not to mention the fact that you aren’t going to “win” every trade anyway…things happen that are outside of our control.

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