It’s May isn’t it? Something like four months until football starts?  But it’s never too early to see how the chips are falling, albeit really early chips.  Like when Erik Estrada wasn’t as famous.

I was hoping for some specific guys early on, and all my hopes were crushed.  The rankings this year are going to vary dramatically based on several position battles, free agent moves, rookies etc.  Which is par for the course, but it isn’t usually as dramatic in the first few rounds.  The top of the rankings are going to get shaken up more than a Bond Martini.

Here’s how my roster shaped up, in a 12-Team non-PPR Mock with industry guys like Scott Pianowski, Andy Behrens, Christopher Liss, and others:

QB – Aaron Rodgers

RB – Matt Forte

RB – Steven Jackson

WR – Marques Colston

WR – DeSean Jackson

WR – Torrey Smith

TE – Tony Gonzalez

FLEX – Reggie Bush

Bench – Malcolm Floyd

Bench – Mikel Leshoure

Bench – Anquan Boldin

Bench – Daniel Thomas

DEF – Detroit Lions

K – Robbie Gould

Here’s a recap of my thoughts on some of the picks:

1st Pick – Aaron Rodgers (5th Overall): Knowing Arian Foster was going first, I was hoping either Megatron, Ray Rice, or LeSean McCoy would end up falling to me, but all three were taken in that order.  I do not like MJD enough to take him 5th, and while I hadn’t planned on going QB in the first round, I kind of got stuck with Rodgers.  He is easily the consensus #1 QB and should be the class at the position.  With QBs getting drafted higher than any draft in recent memory, I have no problem grabbing the best one and being able to forget about the position.

2nd Pick – Matt Forte (20th Overall): This was a pick I labored over immensely.  Forte has got all sorts of question marks with ending last year on an injury (albeit a minor one), new acquisition Michael Bush in town, and currently in a contract dispute that may end up in a trade.  I was crossing my fingers either Trent Richardson or DeMarco Murray would fall to me, but both went much earlier than I had anticipated (8th and 13th overall).  So I was stuck in a rut of wanting a RB, and took a shot on Forte’s upside.  He will be a focal point in whichever team he ends up with in both the rushing and passing attack, and if he does indeed stay with the Bears, the addition of Brandon Marshall should help spread the field and give Forte a bit more room.

5th, 6th, and 7th Picks – Marques Colston, DeSean Jackson, & Torrey Smith (53rd, 68th, 77th Overall):  I grouped my receiving corps together because I really, really like this group which I took consecutively after building my QB and backfield.  Colston is back with Brees and with the Saints defense losing playmakers due to the Bounty mess, the Saints should have to throw even more.  Jackson is a total upside play; the Eagles have committed to him, and a rebound season should be in store.  And I really, really, really (three really’s!) like Torrey Smith for 2012.  He and Flacco were really clicking during the second half and his sheer speed and athleticism are going to translate into some monstrous games.  After going fairly safe through the first five rounds, upside plays like Jackson and Smith are exactly what I wanted.  I would be happy with this receiving trio even in a 10-team league, so WR-depth appears early on to be quite plentiful.

12th Pick – Tony Gonzalez (140th Overall): I bring this pick up only to mention that Andy Behrens took Jacob Tamme the pick RIGHT BEFORE ME!  Thanks a lot, Behrens.  With Gonzalez still on the board, it wasn’t the end of the world, but you can read my thoughts on Tamme here.  Behrens commented he was thinking about taking Tamme earlier, so I think he’s slowly climbing up the draft boards.  I wouldn’t mind a middlish-round pick for Tamme, as he’s gaining some momentum.

Overall Thoughts: I was really bummed out with my first two picks… I really thought Calvin Johnson might land to me, and then take either T-Rich or Murray.  Forte is my biggest gaffe and question mark, but then looking at my team, I think it’s a very well rounded and an absolute contender, especially in a 12-teamer.  I went a little safer early on, but was able to get HUGE upside playmakers in Jackson and Smith.  I was also able to get handcuffs in Anquan Boldin and Daniel Thomas, which will alleviate some of the question marks behind Reggie Bush and Torrey Smith should they falter out of the gate.

What say you about this draft?

  1. OhForPetesSake says:

    Any possibility of getting a link to the overall draft? Would be easier to comment if we could see where players went.

    That said, I love Marques Colston and Smith as a value pick, but I’m hesitant on DJax. He strikes me as a very high risk high reward play this year. I also think SJax is a great value in the mid 3rd and Bush is probably a solid mid 4 pick.

    • JB Gilpin

      Jonathan Gilpin says:

      @OhForPetesSake, I can’t post the entire draft as it’s going to a magazine for publication. It will be in Lindy’s 2012 Fantasy Football that everyone should pick up!

      But yea, I have doubts with DJax, but as I said, he was a huge high-reward option still out there and I needed some upside plays with my yawner of a team to that point.

  2. I woulda grabbed Stevie Johnson Antonio Brown or Maclin over Desean FYI to me Antonio safer pick to me in that offense now Hines is retired and Sanders as the 3rd Wr

    • JB Gilpin

      Jonathan Gilpin says:

      @Marcus, All three were already taken… Antonio Brown at 38th overall, Jeremy Maclin at 55th and Stevie Johnson at 62nd. I’m pretty sure I would’ve taken any of those three as well over DJax!

  3. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    dynasty keeper league. players contracts never expire: my current team looks like this:

    QB: Vick, Ben
    RB: DMC, Beanie, Starks
    WR: Larry Fitz, Steve Smith (Car), Titus young, Crabtree
    TE: V Davis

    I’m offered a trade where:
    I give:
    Larry Fitz, James Starks, my 1.09 and 3.09

    I receive

    McCoy and Brandon MArshall, plus a 5.10.

    I should note that i already acquired an extra 3rd round pick. so i would still have a pick in every round besides the first.

    Take it?

    • JB Gilpin

      Jonathan Gilpin says:

      @The Talented Mr. Dope Man, I’d probably do that deal… Without knowing exactly who is available, it seems like you have a lot of keepers and you 1.9 pick isn’t the most valuable draft pick in the world. DMC always has the injury question mark and I’m just not a big Beanie fan. With McCoy you’d have a sure-fire RB1 and I think Marshall will outclass Fitz this year. Back with Cutler and Fitz with… ummm.. who knows? Lol. Marshall is younger as well, giving him some better keeper value. I like the deal.

  4. David_KOA says:

    @Jonathan Gilpin,
    I’m going to try and avoid at all cost having to go QB early in 2012. So much value to be had in the later rounds. Looking at current ADP of QB’s such as Romo, Rivers, Ryan & Big Ben(coming off the board in the 9th round as the 14th QB). It is finding value like this, that i believe is key to winning fantasy football championship. Depending on the format this type of value will allow you to load up on RB’s & WR’s.

    Hopefully the Bears can get this whole contract dispute taken care of with Matt Forte. If he can get into camp and not miss anytime I think you got a a RB1. I know people wanted to jump off the Forte wagon when Michael Bush was brought in. He is intown to take over for what the past two backs(Taylor & Barber) faild to do and thats be a effective goal-line RB. We can’t forget that his YPC has drop each of the last three seasons. 4.8 in 2009, 4.1 in 2010 & 3.8 in 2011.

    Speaking of value how about the depth the WR position is going to be offering come draft day! Two of your draft picks, I would like to type about Torrey Smith & Malcolm Floyd.
    Torrey Smith finished as the 24th best fantasy WR in standard leagues. Delving deeper into your comment of his and Flacco strong connection in the 2nd half. His targets jump to 6.5(20%) increase from the first half. If he can obtain that jump in targets and hold his number 22 rank(1.33) fantasy points per target. We are looking at a top 20 fantasy WR. Right now over at FFC he not coming off the board till 7.08(30th WR) off the board.
    Malcom Floyd his last five games of 2011 24 catches, 455 yards & 4 TD’s. That is top five for his position over that span. Injurys have always been the dark shadow hovering over a very talented player. That being said Vincent Jackson is out of the picture his number one WR targets are left vacated. He is not coming off the board till 9.06(39th) WR off the board. Can he stay healthy(it’s a big question mark) for a full 16 but for that price and his production(when healthy). I’m going to try and get him on as many teams as I can. We could be looking at a WR2 in terms of fantasy production.

    I saw in another mock experts draft(10 teams) Jacob Tammy go off the board in the 10th round.

    • JB Gilpin

      Jonathan Gilpin says:

      @David_KOA, Starting at the bottom, Tamme is going higher and higher… With it so early in the year there’s not much draft data out there, so maybe I got my hopes up he’d be around later… Still like him around there though. I obviously like Floyd a lot as well… Especially since he’d technically be a fill-in in a 12-teamer, I have some pretty monstrous WR depth. I already gushed on Torrey Smith, so agree with ya there!

      I also agree a QB in the first round isn’t exactly the best idea. I sure as hell didn’t plan to get Rodgers 5th! But at least I could set-it and forget-it at QB and address RB and WR for the bulk of the draft.

      I’m definitely not as afraid of Bush as others were, it’s the contract and issues with the front office that made him slip that far… Once that’s all sorted out, we’ll have a much better idea of what Forte’s ADP will be.

      Thanks for reading!

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