Following up on last week’s launch of weekly in-season NFL projections – aka the Pigskinonator – we are psyched to announce that we now have fantasy football player pages for all QB, RB, WR, TE, and defensive players!

Just like with baseball, our goal is to create the most useful player pages for FANTASY players. You’re our only target. We feel the big sports sites awkwardly bridge the gap between actual and fantasy sports fans – usually at the detriment of the degenerate latter. Not us! (I refuse to put a picture of the player’s face on our player pages. Last time I checked, there are no fantasy categories involving faces. Just a waste of space on the page.)

Some highlights:

  • Projections for the next week are the first data that you will see. These include all the standard stats, fantasy points (Standard, 1/2 PPR, and PPR), and DFS points.
  • For QB/RB/WR/TE, we project the % chance they fall within certain yard ranges – e.g.,  Cam Newton is projected as having a 27% chance to throw for 300 yards in Week 2.
  • There are ‘jump’ links that will jump you down if you want to see full season stats or their game log since Week 1 of 2015.
  • The game logs are jam-packed with as many stats as we could fit. We don’t just have targets for RB/WR/TE – we have the percentage of the team’s targets they had each game and the percentage of their position group’s targets for that game. We have fantasy points as well as how that player ranked at his position for that game. Within seconds you can see things like “Huh, Dez Bryant has only been a top 10 WR once since September 2015.”
  • We have projections, season stats, and game logs for defensive players as well for those of you who play IDP.

To access the player pages, you can click on a player’s name in an article or stats pages, go to the Pigskinonator where you can find every active QB/RB/WR/TE, google something like ‘razzball eli manning’ or use the site search box in the top right corner of all pages. When looking at a player page, you can navigate to another player’s page by using a pull-down menu in the top right of the page.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for improvements to the player pages and tools!


  1. mikeMaher

    mikeMaher says:

    I also just noticed that the player pages link back to recent posts about the player. Really great stuff, Rudy!

  2. Packers says:

    Great stuff. Wow!

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