The trade deadline isn’t that far away! We should all be throwing out trades right now like nobody’s business, gearing up our teams for a run at the playoffs or more. There are a lot of great trade targets, particularly at receiver sitting out there.

Let’s remind ourselves of the formula:

Sleeper Rating = Amount of Talent (Individual + Team Support) + Opportunity

Tier I

Calvin Johnson 19 (10+9) – Everything that I have seen has indicated that this injury isn’t nagging. His performance this season hasn’t been dazzling and he just missed a game. Most owners would love to ship him out and cut their losses. I am going to take a chance on him in every league if possible.

Anquan Boldin 18
(9+9) – Before you take any speculative shots on him wait and make sure that this ankle injury isn’t severe. Even if he’s only halfway healthy I love Boldin to turn his season around. Much of his lack of production stems from simply not getting in the end zone; his targets have remained relatively high. His asking price should be extremely low right now.

Greg Jennings 17 (9+8) – Another elite WR who has yet to step up and deliver on his potential. Donald Driver has been getting a lot more love from Rodgers than him and you can bet Jennings will voice his displeasure with the lack of targets.

Brandon Jacobs 16 (8+8) – As dynamic as the Giants offense has been I can’t believe how rarely Jacobs has been able to get in the end zone. Regular readers know I’ve been dissing him and jonesing on Bradshaw all year. But I feel like the time has come where it might be advantageous to take Jacobs off the hands of frustrated owners, particularly in non-PPR formats.

Frank Gore 16 (8+8) – Injured running backs make me really nervous. The upside to Gore is that you know the 49’ers are going to feed him the rock and if he’s healthy he will be extremely productive. Since he’s coming back next week his owner might be somewhat reluctant to sell him as low as they would have previously.

Tier II

Jerricho Cotchery 15 (8+7) – If you read “Gameday Companion” on Sunday you probably noticed that my prediction about defenses’ response to Braylon Edwards was accurate. And like I said I love what this will do for Jerricho Cotchery. Once he comes back, if he’s healthy, he will put up true #1 receiver numbers (not elite #1, think: DeSean Jackson).

Marshawn Lynch 15 (8+7) – If you watch NFL Network you’ve seen Michael Irvin refer to Cedric Benson as “running for money!” I love that bit, it’s hilarious. Marshawn Lynch is running like Forest Gump away from the cool kids on bicycles right now. I wish I could give him a higher “opportunity rating” but with how untalented/injured that Bills line is right now I just can’t do that.

Devery Henderson 15 (8+7) – You have to love any receiver in that Saints offense. As the #2 guy in New Orleans he’s going to get plenty of opportunities to catch the football from here on out. I think he makes a great #3 receiver/flex option for you week in and week out.

Sidney Rice 15 (8+7) – He just had a big game so he’s on people’s radars now. Percy Harvin might be dinged up also. None of us paid enough attention to Sidney Rice this season and it’s time to grab him before everyone catches on.

Michael Jenkins 15 (8+7) – Roddy White should continue to garner more and more attention. Watching Michael Jenkins and his role in that offense it just seems like his production should be higher than it is. Going forward I really like what he might be able to do relative to acquisition cost.

Tier III

Jamaal Charles 14 (8+6) – Larry Johnson needs to just go ahead and get injured already; he has no business being this healthy. I am going to keep touting Jamaal Charles until he gets his chance and rips it up. Then I’ll say “I told you so.”

Davone Bess 14 (7+7) – Chad Henne might actually be a serviceable quarterback. Davone Bess has looked really good so far and I love him for PPR leagues. Pick him up without reservations in 12 team.

Justin Forsett 14 (8+6) – He is starting to get more and more touches in that offense and Julius Jones continues to look more and more mediocre. Whether it’s injury or superior potential don’t be surprised if Forsett gets playing time as the season progresses. I love him as a potential breakout candidate.

Ladell Betts 13 (7+6) – Clinton Portis continues to stay healthy and run like a man possessed. If he goes down I like what Betts will do and he’s barely owned even in deeper leagues.

Garrett Wolfe 13 (7+6) – How bad was Matt Forte last night? How disappointing has his season been so far? Garrett Wolfe has gotten more and more touches in that offense. Forte could get injured or you could see the Bears go to a more democratic carry splitting situation.

Rashad Jennings 13 (8+5) – “Pocket Hercules” got 33 carries this Sunday. Are you kidding me? I love MJD but I’m really concerned that this excessive workload is going to catch up to him.

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  1. John says:

    Hey i definitely agree with Jennings & Calvin Johnson but i dont want to give too much up. Do you think a package like TJ Housh and Tashard Choice would be a good offer to get it done or what value would you see for them?

  2. hideousmutants says:

    Would you rank Sidney Rice over Maclin or Royal?

  3. Drew

    Drew says:

    @hideousmutants: in terms of production for this season I’d definitely take Rice over those two

  4. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Drew: what do you think of maroney?and have you heard anything new on boldin yet

  5. stumanji says:

    I’ve been hoarding my #1 Waiver Priority all season (doesn’t reset weekly) but I’m getting hit hard by byes this week (Megatron, Housh, Ray Rice). Worth using it for Maroney, Caldwell, Nicks, Lance Moore, Fargas…?

    I’m leaning Maroney since it looks like he’s the #1 now with Morris and Fragile Freddy out, but you never know in that NE offense.

  6. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    So I’m in a keeper league, and Devery Henderson was placed on waivers. I own Charles, Forsett and Britt. Would it make sense to keep Britt, since he should be the focus of that offense in years to come? My 3 starting WR are AJ, Ocho and Breaston, so this 4th WR is more just for my bench/potential spot start. Basically the question is, should I keep what I have and let Henderson pass through on waivers?

  7. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Great idea on Calvin Johnson….I just sent this offer and it was accepted a couple hours later.

    Braylon Edwards, Matt Ryan, and Darren McFadden for Calvin Johnson

    Looks like I’m giving up a good bit, but from my perspective:

    Braylon – he’s had 1 game where he “looked” good, and he’s still got a rookie QB who just threw 6 picks in a single game.
    Matty Ice – Rivers is my #1 and is past his bye week, and Ryan has a horrible schedule anyway
    Darren McFadden – IF he comes back healthy, and IF he takes back the starting job, and IF he finally produces, I might regret it. But I doubt it.

  8. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Cheese: Hmm, I don’t play football keeper leagues. Player values changes so much it would drive me crazy. My gut would say that Devery is probably worth more this year than just the potential of Britt in the future. Who knows what’s going to happen in Tennessee.

  9. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: @stumanji: The question is whether Maroney can produce against a decent defense. Granted, he looked a lot livelier on Sunday than I’ve seen in a long time, so it’s worth a shot. Just don’t hold him for too long. If he’s crap next week, the Patriots will find someone else (and we’ll all be rushing to pick up BJGE).

  10. Drew

    Drew says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I am in a deep 12 team league (2 flex, 8 bench) where rb’s are tough to come by. I have never liked Mauroney but with all the injuries in New England you have to like his production potential. I have the 1st priority in that league and I am going to use a waiver claim on him. For shallower leagues I wouldn’t do it unless you have late priority or are really hard up for backs.

    @stumanji: of those I think Mauroney’s the way to go.

    @Cheese: do you have keeper costs? (i.e. loss of the round where you drafted the player). That’s the only thing that’d keep me from dropping Britt for Henderson. As mgeoffriau alluded to the future of the Tennessee passing game isn’t that bright to begin with. Ultimately, wouldn’t Henderson probably make a better Keeper than him anyway?

  11. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    An added bonus of rostering Maroney is that you get to make lots of Police Academy/Mahoney/Steve Guttenberg jokes.

  12. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Haha he probably would, you’re right… We have keeper salaries, so any kept players salary increases by 10%. Henderson has a $1.5M value while Britt has $3.0M salary. So you would drop Britt for Henderson in this case?

  13. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Cheese: Yes. #2 in New Orleans is much more valuable than #1 in Tennessee. If you’re saving some keeper cost on the deal, that’s a bonus.

  14. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    A continuation with that… I’ve been reading reports that Meachem has passed or will soon pass Henderson on the depth chart at WR2. Does this scare anybody (especially with Henderson’s declining production)?

  15. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Cheese: Hard to say. To be honest, I’m not that high on any of the NO WR’s after Colston — too hard to guess who will be open and get the targets from Brees. Colston, Shockey, Henderson, Moore, Meachem, Bush…lots of targets. That said, I still like Henderson more than anybody stuck in that Titans offense.

  16. Marvin N. says:

    I’m in a 12 team PPR league and currently own Portis/Betts. I’ve also had Ward for most of the season waiting on the inevitable with Cadillac. I got an offer from the Cadi owner to swap Portis/Betts for Cadi. He doesn’t really need Ward as Cadi’s his 4th back so I don’t have much leverage in making it a bigger deal and, at this point, Ward’s just taking up space.

    Do i make the deal?

  17. Marvin N. says:

    Also, in my flex spot would you start Zach Miller vs. NYJ or Andre Caldwell vs CHI? We count return yards so I’m thinking that Caldwell may be the safer bet but Zach’s all the Raiders have and could repeat last weeks performance…thoughts?

  18. Nick says:

    @Doc: Going into next week I have waiver rank 5/10 and I’m looking to make some additions…

    Available: All of Tier III from post above, plus Bell, Breaston, Nicks, L Johnson, Clayton, Collie…

    I have on my bench now, N Washington, McCoy and Choice.

    Would you drop any of those guys for someone available on waivers?

  19. Josh says:

    is Forte too crummy right now to even buy low? I was thinking about offering someone Aaron Rodgers and Ahmad Bradshaw for Kurt Warner and Forte. should I even be putting that out there?

  20. adamh says:

    Standard league rules, 12 teams. Been offered Larry Fitz for S-Jax and Cotchery. My team (2-4 right now so maybe its time to mix it up):

    QB Romo
    WR (start 3) – Jennings, Cotchery, Coles, Massaquoi, J Morgan, A Gonz
    RB (start 2) – Jackson, Barber, Lynch, R Bush, D Brown
    TE Shiancoe

    I have some decent RB depth and my WR’s arent very good. Does this trade improve me squad?

  21. adamh says:

    Also, was offered Choice for Cotchery in this league at the same time. Accept both/either/neither?

  22. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Marvin N.: Eh…I don’t know. You’re locking yourself into the TB offense if you do that. It’s not bad. Just meh. I’d play Caldwell especially with return yardage. Relying on any Raiders, even Zach Miller, to repeat that performance, is a sucker’s bet.

    @Nick: I’d drop Washington for Breaston. The rest would just be lateral moves.

    @Josh: I’m not sure the possible upgrade from Bradshaw to Forte is worth taking on the injury risk in Warner. We’ve forgotten how old and fragile he is — I’d rather keep Rogers.

    @adamh: The deal is fair, but ideally, even with RB depth, you wouldn’t trade your RB1, especially since Barber will be dinged up for several weeks, and Lynch will likely split carries for a while. S-Jax should net you a legit WR1 by himself, you shouldn’t have to toss in Cotchery as well. I’d think something more like Barber + Cotchery or Barber + Coles would be more appropriate.

  23. Sean says:

    I have three trades on my plate right now:

    1. I give up D. Jackson and I get Mendenhall
    *I love Mendy but I’m afraid about my leftover WR’s – R. White, S. Moss and someone off my bench like M. Wallace. On the flip side my RB’s (we start 2, and a 3rd possibly at flex) would be AP, Benson, Mendy and Portis

    2. I give up S. Moss and Portis for Steve Smith (CAR).
    *I love the idea that someone is gonna finally take Portis off my hands but I’m not sure Steve Smith is much of an upgrade at WR at this point over Moss

    3. I give up Portis and I get Cotchery
    *This gives me White, D. Jackson, Cotchery and S. Moss in a league that starts 3 WR and possibly 4 (flex).

    Your thoughts? By the way this is a PPR league

  24. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Sean: I feel like I’m rejecting everything today, but I’m not a fan of any of those deals. #1 is the most fair, but you’re correct in thinking that giving up DeSean in a 3 WR league is going to hurt. I just don’t see any of those deals significantly upgrading your team.

  25. Sean says:

    I appreciate it…what about deal #3 though? I feel like it unloads Portis before his value plummets (his 2nd half schedule is tough) and it gives me some depth at WR where I’m a bit thin.

    Maybe this helps…my starters:
    QB – Rivers, Flex – Favre, RB – AP, RB – Benson, WR – White, WR – D. Jackson, WR – S. Moss, TE – Shiancoe, K – Nedney, D – Vikings
    Bench: Portis, M. Wallace, J. Gage, F. Jones, Foresett, B. Wells, S. Greene.

  26. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Sean: The idea is fine, but I think you can do better than Cotchery for Portis. Cotchery’s health and QB play may be an issue. Shoot for someone in the Brandon Marshall level? IE, not top flight Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne level, but just below. Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin if his ankle is healthy?

  27. Drew

    Drew says:

    @Sean: I like the concept of the deal; selling Portis. But you’re not getting enough in return. What if you offered Portis plus Roddy White or DeSean Jackson to try and get an uber-elite receiver (Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz, or Reggie Wayne).? I like upgrading more if you can pull it off.

  28. Howie says:

    Breaston or Rice off the waiver wire (non-PPR)?

    Thanks for the counsel…

  29. Christopher says:

    What do you think about Ryan Grant? Is he worth trying to get? 12-team non-PPR, my RBs are:
    Ronnie Brown

  30. Nick says:

    @mgeoffriau: Would you also take Collie, Nicks and Clayton over N Washington? Are any of them worth wasting my waiver # for if Breaston is taken before my waiver claim ?

  31. John says:

    Question bout the TE position:
    Currently i have Keller but zach miller and boss are on the waiver wire. im thinking about just streaming the three based on matchups that they have per week. Do you think any of the three are far better or have better potential then the other?

  32. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Howie: Breaston I think, especially if Boldin’s ankle is still gimpy next week. It’s pretty close, though, Favre seems to like throwing to Rice a lot.

    @Christopher: Most weeks he’d be 4th behind MJD, Brown, and probably Bradshaw. Depends on what you’re giving up, but I wouldn’t weaken your team to get him.

    @Nick: Nicks, possibly, but probably not worth burning your waiver priority for him. Definitely not on Collie or Clayton.

  33. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @John: I’m not a big fan of Boss — I just don’t see him getting consistent targets in that offense. Zach Miller is clearly capable of big weeks, but you’ll kick yourself the week you start him and Russell goes 2/15 for 36 yards. I’d roll with Keller most weeks. You’ll have some 30 yard, no TD weeks, but if you switch it up constantly, you run the risk of missing the big weeks too.

  34. jamiesonmj says:

    roddy/chris johnson/mendenhall for apete/wayne. who wins?

  35. cleaver596 says:

    Betts is available on the waiver wire. Should I pick him up and drop Ward? I know everyone thinks Caddy will get hurt soon, but when will “then” be “now”? SOON!

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