Greetings! Tis I, Beddict, and I’m gonna drop some serious Bangerz on you today. Sky stole my breaking bad idea, so I suppose my version will have to drop on Drop by if you want to witness some hot solo jerk sessions and some life changing mankini shots. Back to Sky: I mean the guy is on season 4 for the God’s sake, and he has the balls to drop a breaking bad special on that ass and ask for no spoilers? Ok, think Tehol, think! Is there anything in this incredible universe more fascinating than the greatness that was Breaking Bad? After pulling my hair out and choking the chicken a couple times, it hit me! MILEY. Is it the Salvia smoking, the charmingly boyish haircut, the boner inducing twerking, or is it the blindingly white skin that almost makes Dakota Fanning look African American? We all know Miley’s super producer Mike Will is tagging and bagging that scrumptious pasty pancake ass. I mean, he’s got to be right?!? God dammit,  I wanna be him, and that’s probably the first time I’ve ever wished to be another human being. I’d literally kill to bang my wrecking balls against that lurid, smooth skin. Speaking of wrecking balls, that’s my favorite song of Cyrus’s new album, which I listened to on my flight to Maui Thursday morning, specifically for the purpose of writing this prized piece. What I’m doing here is going through Miley’s song titles from her most recent album, Bangerz, taking a quote from them and placing the players under the songs I see fit for them after this last week. As per usual I will be breaking down the targets and touches for players that stood out to me. Oh and one more thing: It slipped my mind that last season my post’s were called ” Hard Targets” not “Targets and Touches,” so that’s coming back as well. I can feel your excitement from my hotel room, where I have two washed up models feeding me grapes and waxing my body for the big shoot tomorrow. When I say “shoot,” I don’t mean money shot, for this is not a porn. Only if I come upon dire straights will that happen. Dear Sky,

I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in
And instead of using force
I guess I should’ve let you win.
Yeah, you, you wreck me
Yeah, you, you wreck me

Yea, we are gonna dive in, balls deep into Miley’s lyrics in this post. Take Heed!

Track 1- Adore You 

Boy, I adore you
I adore you.

Jerome Simpson- 7 receptions for 124 yards on 11 targets. One of my all time favorites has been the most pleasant surprise in Minnesota this season. Matt Cassel recognizes the realness. One is know as Moose, the other, donkey, and I don’t believe it’s because he’s stubborn. Swang them sticks fellas. Sword fight! Jerome, I adore you. I always have. Even before the flip. Decent WR 3 going forward.

Knowshon Moreno- 12 carries for 78 yards with 1 TD and 1 reception for 13 yards on 1 target. Obviously the best fit for the Denver lineup of all 3 of their backs and I think he finishes with the best numbers barring injury. No, or should I say Know, I don’t think Ball will ever overtake him this season. Witness

Not my favorite Miley track on the album but still, everyone has those players they adore, and these are 2 of mine.

Track 2- We Can’t Stop

Can’t you see it’s we who own the night?
Can’t you see it’s we who ’bout that life?

Le’Veon Bell- 16 carries for 57 yards with TDs and 4 receptions for 27 yards on 5 targets. Oh Le’Veon is definitely about that life ya’ll. The backfield in Pittsburgh is Bell’s for the foreseeable future and when I say foreseeable, I mean like 10 years. RB2 from this point. The man can’t stop.

Track 3- SMS (BANGERZ) (feat. Britney Spears)

Bangerz (bangerz), f*cking bangerz (bangerz)
Bangerz (bangerz), f*cking bangerz (bangerz)
Bangerz (bangerz), f*cking bangerz (bangerz)
Bangerz (bangerz), f*cking bangerz (bangerz)

Bone-chilling lyrics, eh? Yea, these two men below are F’ing banging out stats at a clip only matched by Adrian Peterson, if you don’t count the game Bush missed with injury. Their ability to catch the ball is what makes them 2 of the 3/4 most dangerous running backs in the league today. I told someone to start Murray over Bush last week and I feel terrible about it. Never again. Start every week. MF’n bangerz yo.

Jamal Charles- 18 carries for 65 yards and 5 receptions for 62 yards with a TD on 11 targets

Reggie Bush- 18 carries for 139 yards with 1 TD and 4 receptions for 34 yards on 6 targets. 

Track 4- 4×4 (feat. Nelly)

He don’t understand what he’s doing to me
Deep down inside like a pitbull in heat

These 2 vets got me all like a pitbull in heat. I thought they had fallen off harder Pauly Shore but I was dead wrong. Start these visionaries each and every week. I’m sure you were already, but hey, sometimes we need positive reinforcement.

Frank Gore- 20 carries for 153 yards with 1 TD and 0 receptions on 2 targets.

Arian Foster- 27 carries for 102 yards with 1 TD and 6 receptions for 69 yards on 8 targets


Track 5- My Darlin (Feat. Future)

It’s in a love you need to show fast
Plenty odds are running out of time

Can someone explain to me how this Future dude is stealing money from the industry? Like, how is this possible? I truly don’t get it. However, this Miley quote on the song Future is featured  breaks down what CJ2K needs to do. “Show Fast.” The numbers were obviously ugly considering Jackie Battle out gained him but that’s a tough Jets defense. Hey, if it makes you feel better, great. If not, just keep praying for a score.

Chris Johnson- 15 carries for 21 yards and 2 receptions for 10 yards on 2 targets

Track 6- Wrecking Ball

Don’t you ever say I just walked away
I will always want you
I can’t live a lie, running for my life
I will always want you

Truly one of the 2 most beautiful, meaningful, songs I have ever listened to. THIS is the other one. I suggest you listen to it. I will always want David Wilson to be great. The question is: Can he be? Great may be too strong of a word. How about just middle-of-the-road average? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK DAVID?!??! It happens this week against Philly. Trust me.

David Wilson- 13 carries for 55 yards and 2 receptions for 8 yards on 3 targets

Track 7- Love Money Party (feat. Big Sean)

In a one night stand then one that ain’t for me
Giving too much cause you hate that you love 
Everything that he do and you can’t deny you want him
So what, light a fire underneath this bitch and blow

Light a fire under these 2 beeeiiitches and blow yo. Woods looks a steal in the 2nd round for Buffalo and a man that should be rostered, even in 10 team fantasy leagues. If Stevie Johnson is banged up, Woods immediately becomes the number one wideout. Though this could actually hurt him, now drawing the opponent’s top overall corner, I say Woods rises to the challenge. If McFadden is out, start Jennings. They literally have no one else and he’s toting it anywhere near the goal line, plus he can catch the rock.

Robert Woods- 1 carry for 13 yards and 4 receptions for 80 yards with 1 TD.

Rashad Jennings- 14 carries for 45 yards and 8 receptions for 71 yards on 8 targets


I feel the thirst pouring out of me
The things that I wanna try
That echoes in my head
This is the first time I get to see
Things I’ve never seen in my life
You make flowers grow under my bed

Damn girl, that shizz is deeper than the abyss. I was hoping Ray Ray and Dougie Fresh would make flowers grow under my bed this season but that’s not the case thus far. I’m kidding. I didn’t have Doug Martin in my top 8 on any board and didn’t understand the insane love he was getting. Glad he’s not on my team. On the foot, Ray can get it done all day and I think that begins this week. Enjoy his reemergence.

Ray Rice- 5 carries for 17 yards and 0 receptions on 1 target. 

Doug Martin- 27 carries for 45 yards and 3 receptions for 16 yards on 4 targets. 

Track 9- Drive

 You told me you were coming back, right back
You promised it was real and I believe that
But if I fall for it again, I would be a fool
If our love is at the end, then why do I still want you

YOU PROMISED ME MAURICE! You told us all on live telecast that you were past the injuries and back to your old self. You and Roddy both lied to my face. Why don’t you just bang my girlfriend while you’re at it. It would certainly sting less than this does. Still, you must start him this week against a horrendous Saint Louis run defense but if it doesn’t happen this week it may be time to look for another running back or just give up on your season altogether.

Maurice Jones-Drew- 13 carries for 23 yards and 1 reception for 5 yards on 1 target

Track 10- FU (feat. French Montana) 

Only two, ooh ooh letters to choose
One of them is F and the other one is U

Tavon Austin- 2 receptions for 6 yards on 8 targets. That didn’t really happen did it? Austin looks minuscule out there and when you add in the fact that he can’t see to beat anyone downfield, you have a serious problem. Congrats Saint Louis. You’ve officially drafted a bust.

Michael Bush- 0 carries for 0 yards 0 receptions on 0 targets. Remember when this guy actually served a purpose in life? DROP.

Austin Pettis- 5 receptions for 59 yards on 9 targets. PLEASE GET OFF THE FIELD!! This guy is the definition of below average. The mere site of him makes me cringe and want to pimp slap Jeff Fischer. Don’t own him on your fantasy team please.

Golden Tate- 3 receptions for 17 yards on 5 targets. More like Golden Taint. Another week, another worthless fantasy performance. His numbers will be a little better going forward but nothing to write home about from prison to your girlfriend who you thought was loyal, who’s really getting smashed by your best friend.

Track 11- Do My Thang 

Bang bitch
You think I’m strange bitch
It’s bananas like a fucking ‘rangatang bitch
Don’t worry ’bout me
I got it all arranged bitch
Mind your business, stay in your lane bitch

Tony and Jimmy J both went F’ing ‘rangatang on the opposition last weekend and I for one, loved it. Graham looks like he’s gonna break some records this year, though I’d be surprised if opposing defenses did even more going forward to stop him. Tony G had his breakout performance and even had 2 Patriots not letting him off the line of scrimmage, as they felt he was the Falcons only real threat out there. They were right. Roddy White is an absolute disgrace right now.

Tony Gonzalez- 12 receptions for 149 yards with 2 TDs on 14 targets

Jimmy Graham- 4 receptions for 100 yards with 2 TDS on 4 targets

Track 12- Maybe You’re Right

Felt the pages now, this chapter’s done 
Moving on up and forward onto all that will become

Maybe Cleveland was right in letting this dump truck go for a first round pick. Needless to say, I’m not impressed so far. I still really like the fit and see T-Rich getting many more short yardage touchdowns throughout the year. He may even lead the AFC when it’s all said and done. His Cleveland Chapter’s done but this Indy one is just beginning. I’d like him even more if he could get his moronic owner to shut his ignorant mouth for a couple days.

Trent Richardson- 20 carries for 60 yards with 1 TD

Track 13- Someone Else

We cried we lied
Cannot pretend to change the fact
That what we had could make us feel alive again
Hold me close, don’t let me go, I hope
Tell me that now is not the end

Uhhhhhhh, what the hell is going on with Stevan Ridley? I’ve mad sacrifices to the elder God’s in hopes of receiving a reason for his ineptitude. I have yet to get one and frankly, I can’t recommend starting Ridley right now unless you have a starter on a bye obviously. To me, it’s one of the crazier story lines of the season. People expected Vareen to be used quite a bit but he’s been hurt as you know. Now we have the scrubs, who I won’t even name, punking Ridley for his cornbread. What an absolute joke.

Rashard Mendenhall is done. Pick up Ellington, who will be more useful weapon shortly.

Stevan Ridley- 11 carries for 53 yards and 2 receptions for 26 yards on 2 targets.

Rashard Mendendall- 12 carries for 21 yards 3 receptions for 13 yards on 4 targets

Tell me that wasn’t one of the most marvelous fantasy football pieces you’ve ever witnessed? What? You hated it? Oh well, I’m on Maui giving these dark, oily models the hammerhead. I’ll get over it. Please follow on Twitter at @TeholBeddict47, where you can read my thoughts on life and we can converse in real time through the power of the world wide web. As per usual your comments and questions will be responded to with high efficiency. Last week, a couple questions came in real late before the afternoon games and I missed them. If I let anyone down, I will forever hold myself responsible and try with every last ounce of my soul to repay you. Together, we can win this thing. F*cking Bangerz.

  1. Chicken Dinner says:


    Which side?

    t. Rich/ Fitz

    Forte/ J.Gordon

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Chicken Dinner: wow. interesting. this trade is so even I don’t even know why its happening. Im so confused. T-rich/fitz for sure

  2. Heisenberg says:

    Great read, Tehol! Only on season 4..? Wth, couldn’t believe it when I read that too. Plus he took your thunder. (nuttin but love, sky) Bummed BB is over, but it ended well imo.

    ROS – Blackmon or Broyles? Could see this taken as a dumb question, but the Jags are horrible and the signing of Ogletree may limit Broyles touches. Which way you lean for this flex option?


    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Heisenberg: thanks Heisenberg. I enjoyed the ending too. well done. I’d say Blackmon all the way but maybe that’s because I had Broyles as my sleeper last week and he completely failed me. Blackmon all the wya. thanks for reading

  3. J-FOH says:

    That other favorite video made me blush….and adjust myself

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @J-FOH: its just so real

  4. sam willis says:

    Funny if you are a 19 yr old acne faced kid that can’t get laid. Good lord get your mind out if the gutter. Unsubscribed.

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @sam willis: Only two, ooh ooh letters to choose
      One of them is F and the other one is U

  5. Frank White says:

    Yerrrrrp Wutup Man!!! Hey I have some bad luck on the receiving end except for DT I have Bowe & Nicks in a 3 WR 12 team league. I haven’t been able to grab much off waivers cause I have the #1 waiver so I’ve been sitting on it for something great. Hopefully!!! Anyway the WR’s on my bench are Chris Givens and Robert Woods. Would you drop Givens for Jerome Simpson?? The other bench guys are Pierre Thomas, Zac Stacy, Ellington and Daryl Richardson. I know Daryl needs to go soon but if you think picking up Simpson is good for my team then who would you drop??

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Frank White: yo yo yo Frrrrrraaaaankiiiie what’s good pimpin. I would have no tourble dropping pierre thomas and the zac stacy thing probably isnt gonna turn into anything but we’ll have a better idea after this week maybe. so yea you can drop either of those two for simpson. Waiting for givens to do something. very frustrating

      • Frank White says:

        I have Sprolles though and I was gonna ask why the projections for Pierre Thomas went up for the next couple weeks and I was wondering why?? It’s up to 15 a game

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Frank White: thats not even humanly possible

          • Frank White says:

            Check Yahoo>>

            • Frank White says:

              u around right now?

              • LT Murray IV

                Tehol Beddict says:

                @Frank White: yea man chillaxin. whats good? fuck pierre thomas

  6. Johnny Hammersticks says:

    I have torrey smith, wayne and david wilson, (started gordon last night). who would you play at second wr, and flex? Do I roll the dice on wilson’s matchup??? Thanks!

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Johnny Hammersticks: Torrey for sho. Wow the second one is a tough call but I like Wilson to score at least 1 long td this week and finish with over 100 total yards. possibly much much more

  7. Scott says:

    Hi Tehol,

    What should I do with McGahee? (Already used him as my bye week flex fill to much success). But I’m thinking of selling him in a two for one package. This is 14-man ppr league, 2RB|2WR|1 Flex (RB/WR).

    Any buy low targets I should go for that could boost my team (Brady, Spiller, D/ST)? Unfortunately, I was trying a Roddy White for my McGahee + Hopkins to no avail.

    Below is my following lineup.

    Matthew Stafford,
    Ray Rice, Bal
    Giovani Bernard
    Doug Martin
    Demaryius Thomas
    Pierre Garcon
    Jordan Cameron
    Streamline D/ST
    Matt Prater

    Bench Willis McGahee,
    Bench DeAndre Hopkins
    Bench Miles Austin
    Bench Bernard Pierce
    Bench Roy Helu
    Bench Michael Floyd
    IR Mike Goodson*

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Scott: id rather have stafford then brady. U could try bernard and Willis for spiller.that would be nice get. Ur team is pretty stacked man. Keep puuuushin

  8. Shake N Bacon says:

    If I was Miley’s dad, I would stick rusty forks into my eyes.

    If MJD has another lackluster performance this weekend, what is the lowest RB you would be willing to trade him for? Just throw out a few names for a general idea.

    For me, I’m thinking RB3/Flex plays. Maybe David Wilson, Gio Bernard, Ryan mathews, Deangelo Williams, Moreno, etc..

    I know it’s 50 cents on the dollar but I’m sick of MJD.

    • Tehol Beddict says:

      @Shake N Bacon: yea id gamble and trade him for david wilson. Bernard perfect example of what u could maybe get.yea I would deal him for all guys u mentioned . Throw in sproles or maybe even ridley as possible bounce back. Aloha

      • Shake N Bacon says:

        @Tehol Beddict: Ridley, yeah that’s another good one. I don’t know if I could get Sproles, especially in a PPR league. I’d love to trade MJD for him though.

        Thanks for the suggestions. Enjoy Maui brah

        • Tehol Beddict says:

          @Shake N Bacon: thank u. I mean best case scenario mjd balls this weekend then u can use or trade hihh

  9. NoSurrender says:

    Roster improvement help….

    12 Team – Standard Scoring, I have…
    1 QB: T.Romo
    2 RB: A.Morris, F.Gore, G.Bernard, J.Bell, A.Ellington
    2 WR: P.Garcon, M.Colston, J.Gordon, A.Jeffrey, J.Blackmon
    1 TE: J.Graham
    1 W/R/T:
    1 K: D.Bailey
    1 DST: Kansas City, Dallas

    I’m a wavier wire junky
    What do you think?
    Our league has available…

    QB: T.Pryor, J.Cutler, E.Manning
    RB: M.Reece, C.Ogbonnaya, [S.Vereen In wk 9 – sooner? ( I originally drafted him) ouch! ]
    WR: J.Simpson, N.Washington, K.Wright
    TE: H.Miller, C.Clay
    DEF: Cleveland, Minnesota

    So many choices and so few roster spots (I didn’t they were good choices)… Thank you

  10. Nick says:

    Is it time to drop Cecil? I have Blackmon, too. I also have Gordon and decker.

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Nick: oh wow. no need to drop cecil. he has some value. anyway to trade him or what else are we working with here? I love that you have gordon and blackmon. ur a visionary

  11. Alex says:

    Deangelo Williams or MJD this week??

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Alex: based on what cardinals run defense has looked like im tempted to say MJD. I mean this kinda like MJD’s final chance here. Go De’Angelo

  12. FillyP says:

    CJ2K + Edelman for Fitz. 0.5 PPR. Hurting bad at WR and figured CJ2K’s SOS is brutal and Edel will drop far once Gronk and Amendola are 100%. Dumb move?

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @FillyP: not a terrible move depending on ur other running backs? who are they? but yea you I would do that trade

  13. Chicken Dinner says:


    Is it too early to pick up and sit on Vereen?

    Looking to drop Knile Davis. Love having him as a lottery ticket though. We know when Vereen’s coming back. Davis may never play. He could also be the starter next week with an injury to Jamal. What do you think?

  14. LT Murray IV

    Tehol Beddict says:

    yea I have charles and refuse to drop Davis. I dont usually own my handcuffs but this one was necessary. Ive looked at grabbing Vareen also but its so far away. id hold now or maybe drop another scrub

  15. Phil says:

    Would you drop Givens for Simpson?

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Phil: its a tough call. im rostering givens right now myself and am going to wait till after this weeks matchup before deciding. you should do the same Phillip

  16. Mike says:

    Pick 2. Tompkins, Shorts, D. Williams. PPR. Also .25 pts per rushing attempt.

    • LT Murray IV

      Tehol Beddict says:

      @Mike: If amendola does not play id take thompkins and shorts since i dont like williams matchup. i suppose even if amendola plays ill go with that. arizona run d is tough and williams not the goal line runner.

      • Mike says:

        @Tehol Beddict: yeah I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for validating it! Appreciate the feedback.

  17. Timmy riggins says:

    Hello, 12 team .5ppr. Who would you start at RB2, quizz or bolden? (Looks like bolden will get short yardage carries). Also, who would you start at flex? Quizz, Bolden, or mike Wallace? Thanks for the help

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