I’ve gone a mediocre 4-4 in the playoff games this season, so the odds of a 1-1 record today are very good.  My belief that the best passing teams will prevail is hurting my record; damn you Jets!  So will I learn from my mistakes?  Of course not!  Do you have more respect for the Jets now? Yes, yes I do Mr. or Mrs. Jets fan, but I also haven’t lost my respect for Peyton Manning.  The only way to stop Manning is to get to him, but to get to him the Jets will have to blitz and blitzing Peyton Manning is like Christmas morning at the Manning’s. Yes, if the Jets can run effectively they can hang with the Mannings, but the Colts, even though they can be soft up the middle, have a good record against tough rushing offenses.  The Manning’s defense did well against both Ray Rice and Chris Johnson this season.  I see Manning playing conservatively and not testing Revis that often, but that’s how they’ll win.  If he tries too hard to force the deep passes he’ll get picked and that’s what the Jets want.  He won’t give them what they want, but if they try sometimes they might find they get what they need.

The second game pits two very good offenses against each other.  I underestimated the Viking front seven’s ability to get to Tony Romo last week, but I feel a little better about the Saints’ offensive line at home where they can hear themselves think. It won’t be an easy task, protecting Brees, but it will be much more manageable in the Superdome.  It’s almost impossible to say who will come through for the Saints, but that’s one of the biggest reasons I like them this week.  Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Reggie Bush, Devery Henderson, Lynell Hamilton, Mike Bell, founder of Wendy’s Dave Thomas, Pierre Thomas, Jeremy Shockey, Robert Meachem, anyone of them could do something to put them over the top.  From top to bottom I believe the Vikings probably have a better team, but in the dome, and as long as Brees has time, I believe the Vikings pass defense is weak and Brees can beat guys with his deep balls.

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