The divisional round of the playoffs is nigh! Amazingly each game this weekend looks like it should be good.  Of course last week we may have thought the same thing and 3 out of 4 of the games were prescribed for insomnia by 3 out of 4 doctors.  I’m very much hoping that this weekend we have better games.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a betting man, or at least not a good one! And that’s because there are ten million factors that go into winning a NFL game and I only have time to factor in a million or so.  But I do have my hunches and I’ll give them to you if you ask nicely.  Ok, thanks.

The Cardinals showed they don’t need a defense or Anquan Boldin to win and that will probably be how they’ll have to do it once again to beat the Saints’ high powered offense.  I do believe rust can hurt all the bye week teams, especially if it’s in the axle of their team bus, but I also think the rest offsets the rust. Rest, rust, rust, rest.  I feel like both teams have similar defenses and similar offenses so this game will hinge on turnovers, special teams and all those things us fake footballers hate.  I’m taking the Saints in this game based on home field advantage and my affinity for the TV series The Saint starring Roger Moore.

In the late game the Ravens head to Indianapolis to face the Colts who they lost to earlier in the season 17-15, and 6 times in a row before that.  The Ravens have been playing very good defense lately and I expect this game to be close.  Unlike the early game these two teams are not similar and whoever imposes their will on the other will likely win.  The Ravens will want to run and continue to run until they get into the endzone.  The Colts will want to pass and continue to pass until, well, you get the picture.  The Colts are good at losing in the first round after a bye week, but I do think Peyton Manning is a better QB under pressure than those days.  This isn’t the Joseph Addai vs. Ray Rice game, it’s the Peyton Manning vs. Joe Flacco game.  I have the Colts.

TheSongOfTime is killing in our Sporting News Playoff Challenge with 2818 points, congrats! And amazingly I (Doctor Razzball) am in the lead over at our Playoff Challenge.  Don’t forget to set your lineups for this weekend’s games!

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  3. I thought the Saints were done, and still cannot get over an NFL team giving up NINETY points in two playoff games!!!

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