And week 7 nears as one of the worst games of the season gloriously nears an end.  Whoever scheduled the Titans and Jaguars on Monday Night Football is going to need a Jerry Jones like vote of confidence and then quietly let go. And if you lost or won on that last long TD run by Chris Johnson, congrats!|my condolences.  Here are some odds and ends you might want to know about, or maybe not, I really can’t tell —

In the right situation Ryan Torain is going to have games like Sunday night’s, but the Colts miniature defense isn’t the best to judge him against.  He fits Shanny’s zone blocking scheme, but anyone who runs straight forward fits. I wouldn’t sell him for a bag of Peanut Tillmans, but I do worry about his injury history and his extreme slowness, if you can sell high I would give it a shot.

Danario Alexander: I had him on my Waivered Wire post, but I don’t think I gave him enough of an endorsement.  The Rams just signed him to a four year deal, and this is a guy right off the practice squad!  He led the nation in receiving yards last season, but went undrafted due to knee issues.  Another little tidbit from Adam Caplan is that he had a faster short shuttle time than Jahvid Best.  I wonder if that’s anything like the short bus?  Anyway you look at it, Alexander has WR1 ability with a young QB that is already stepping up and showing he’s for real.  He’s got a real risk of injury, but he’s worth the risk.

Willis McGahee: Harbaugh said he was surprised that McGahee didn’t get in the game and that it was a flow of the game thing.  Um, Ray Rice touched the ball 36 times which is the most for his career.  I’m guessing they could have slipped McGahee in there, especially since they were mainly slamming Rice between the tackles to not much avail.  Harbaugh says that McGahee isn’t on the trade block, but I find that very hard to believe.  If he’s on the wire or can be had for a song, grab him just in case he is traded and goes somewhere he can play.

Matt Moore: Jimmy Clausen is out and Moore is in.  This has to help the Panther’s offensive players even though Moore looked horrid early on. At least Moore has done it in the past, Clausen just isn’t ready.

Antonio Gates: He rolled his ankle twice, which is two times more than his owners would prefer, but what looked like a possible bench stay is now looking like he could be back on the field this weekend.  Keep an eye on this, but don’t sell the farm for a backup.

Dwayne Bowe: I guess the Houston pass defense can make anybody not suck.  I hear Jacksonville can do that as well and the Chiefs face them next week.  I’m selling high, but I could see waiting until after they face the Jags.

Kevin Walter: He had a whopping zero targets on Sunday and as long as Jacoby Jones and Owen Daniels stay healthy his production will fluctuate enough that he’s not going to be a safe start.

Ben Roethlisberger: All of you who were waiting for Ben to come back and help your Steelers players, you got your wish.  All of the Steelers big 5 got a touchdown. I don’t see any reason that this kind of production can’t continue.  Of course not all of them will get TDs every week, but there will be plenty to go around.

Matt Schaub: He’s too good to keep down every week.  Sometimes we hold onto studs too long when they are declining or just not producing, but they aren’t called studs because they only had one or two good games.  As long as a player is youngish, has a history of excellence and is in a similar situation as he was in the past, the odds are good they will return to their fantasy greatness.

Calvin Johnson: The poster child for not sitting your studs, Megatron had a huge touchdown to make his game.  He, like all receivers, will have down games, but no matter who he is against he has the ability to have a good game, even coming off an injury.

James Starks: He is off of the PUP list, but he’ll need to get up to speed with the offense before he can get on the field.  If he can give the Packers a combination of what Kuhn and Jackson are able to do, I think he could make a second half impact.

Chris Cooley: More good tight end news, Cooley’s concussion was minor and he could even play this week.  Don’t count on him, but don’t throw him out with the bath water.  And stop taking baths with Chris Cooley.

Desean Jackson: in much less good news, DJax will be out next week, then have his bye, and then there is no guarantee that he’ll be ready in week 9.  With the rules getting stricter on concussions he’ll need to be 100% and concussions of his severity can linger.

Malcolm Floyd: His hamstring injury seems to be bad and it already looks like he is out for next week and I don’t think we can count on him the week after.