Sunday was yet another painful, but exciting day of football.  There were a ton of touchdowns scored and a few wide receivers horded many of them. There were some crazy games and there was Eli falling on his face and fumbling and lots of other things I’ll talk about just below this area here.

Jamal Charles: If only the Chiefs would lose! 126 yards on 14 touches ain’t too shabby, but when you have two big plays to get down to the goal-line and then some old geezer steps in to take your touchdowns away, well, that is just criminal and must be stopped! We need to collectively will JC Superstar to get into the endzone on those plays!  Get to work people!

Jon Kitna: 147 yards passing is not going to do much for you in fake football, but 4 touchdowns sure will.  I had Kitna all over my FanDuel leagues along with the Ravens defense and then Kitna goes all naked bootleg for a 26 yard touchdown and the Ravens return 2 interceptions for touchdowns to finish out the early games!  I was like a kid in a candy store.  As long as the candy was free and was worth a lot of fantasy points.

Steve Johnson: Wow, I didn’t see this one coming.  The Bengals secondary had been playing better as of late, but they must have forgotten Johnson since his name is so plain. After a clunker last week, Johnson rebounded with a vengeance, sadly from a lot of fantasy benches.

Greg Jennings: The Packers have to be feeling pretty good about being the 2 ton bale of straw that broke the Favre tractor’s back.  Or something that makes more sense.  Jennings went off and Rodgers went off and Favre just went pfft.

Santonio Holmes: So all this guy does is smoke the hashish and catch game winning touchdowns.  I’m cool.

Peyton Manning: In fake football circles his 4 touchdowns and 396 yards trump his 3 turnovers and makes his owners feel a little better.  His weapons are depleted, but he is still Peyton.

Ben Roethlisberger: Despite getting open hand punched by Richard Seymour, Big Ben led all fantasy players in points on Sunday.  That punch probably led to a little bit of pouring it on when Roethlisberger threw a TD pass to Redman with the game out of hand.  Or maybe it was for every Raiders fan who continues to cry about every call that has ever gone against them.  Ever hear of the Holy Roller?

Marques Colston: He’s been more productive as of late, but this was the kind of game his owners have been impatiently waiting for.  He has consistently been Brees’ number one target all season so you just have to take the good with the bad and take them both and have some facts of life cereal.

Sidney Rice: He played most of the game and was targeted 10 times.  He only caught 3 passes, but did get 56 yards out of them.  He should be startable from here on out.

Frank Gore: The Buccaneers have arguably been the worst rush defense in the league this season so naturally they shut down one of the best running backs in the league.  This is why you have to just shake your head and move on when looking at the players you benched compared to the ones you started.  This whole business is nuts!

Chris Johnson: He rushed for 130 yards and as our friend Evan Silva points out he has averaged 6 yards a carry since Randy Moss showed up and was averaging 4 yards a carry before he arrived.  So, that’s something.  CJ is still elite and he’s doing everything you could ask of him.  Hopefully he’ll start converting a few more touchdowns.

Randy Moss: Oh how the mighty have fallen.  But thankfully for him Vince Young will take away his headlines. He gets the Texans next week, which makes it hard to just punt him to the curb.  Nate Washington had a nice game and is a much safer play than Moss, but it sure will be tempting to throw him out there.

Jahvid Best: His tootsies are hurting and they don’t seem to be getting better.  Sadly he’s droppable. If you are out of it in a dynasty I’d do what you can to acquire him.

Austin Collie: The rumors were that he had another concussion, but that hasn’t been confirmed.  I think we have to take a wait and see approach at this point, but also preemptively grab Blair White.

Tony Romo: There is a chance Romo returns for week 15 and 16.  He would get nice matchups with Washington and Arizona and if you were planning on holding Kitna for those matchups you need to be wary of Romo returning.  I wouldn’t count on him, but if you do have room now that the bye weeks are over, I could see stashing him away.

Jimmy Graham: He had a nice game against Seattle going for 72 yards and with the inconsistent play of tight ends lately he should be on radars.

Marshawn Lynch: Two costly fumbles won’t endear him to Pete Carroll, and it looks like Forsett is more trusted with the ball around the goal-line.  I’d rather own Forsett at this point.

Robert Meachem: He hauled in two touchdowns and will be on a lot of waiver wire lists once again, but I’m not going to be duped again.

Reggie Wayne: It was nice to see him getting back in the stud column with 107 yards and a touchdown.  With Manning’s receivers dropping like dead flies (live flies usually stay in the air, or come to a smooth landing) he should continue to be a WR1.

Donald Brown: Finally a pulse! He didn’t have a huge game, but totaled 108 yards and gave dynasty leaguers some hope that he’ll be able to be the guy next season.  Of course his value this season till depends on the health of Addai and Hart.

Mike Wallace: With Big Ben’s escapability, Wallace is in a similar situation as Desean Jackson and could bust one at any time.  He is the obvious #1 receiver in Pittsburgh now and a must start every week.

Mike Goodson: I sure didn’t expect him to rush for 120 yards on the Ravens even though I knew they were pushing the boundaries of suckville.  Goodson looks like he could be the real deal, but of course he has Jonathan Stewart coming back at some point to screw with him.  I’d own Goodson and see how things play out.

Cedric Benson: Yet another back I didn’t believe in went off.  It was more my disbelief in the Bengals than Benson, but he did end up with 146 total yards and a touchdown.  Take a look at his remaining schedule.  If your trade deadline isn’t over, put him on the market.

Darren McFadden: I didn’t think he’d go off on the Steelers, but I did think he would get loose a couple times.  But instead he was completely shut down, rushing 10 times for 14 yards! The Steelers took all their post Patriots and ex patriot Seymour punching their quarterback aggression out on the Raiders.

Fred Jackson: Yet another big game from Fast Freddie.  129 total yards and 2 touchdowns is a nice helping of fantasy points, but beware the Steelers bell tolls for thee Fast Freddie.

Dustin Keller: Are you kidding me?  What in the name of all that is holy was that? I don’t want to talk about it.

Larry Fitzgerald: He somehow continues to put up respectable numbers, even if some are in garbage time.  You can’t tell the difference in the fake football win column!  He’s no longer elite with those ass clowns they roll out there at quarterback, but he gets the job done.

  1. emceeperiod says:

    Wanna know what’s worse than starting JC and watching Tom Jones vulture TD’s? Playing against a guy who’s starting Tom Jones the same week.

    Just because I’m hyped (and anxious about stat corrections, I’m praying for none) I need to post this. Playing PPR league. Down 30 with LeSean and Bradshaw going tonight. Not even close through 3 quarters. Quarter 4 comes. Bradshaw fumbles a second time, but it is reversed. LeSean McCoy busts a 50 yard TD. Still down 5 pts. McCoy busts a 40 yard run (I’m screaming “Endzone!”). Now I am exactly tied with my opponent. And we play with decimals, so score is tied at 143.64. Crazy. McCoy gets 8 more yards to help run down the clock. I’m currently up 144.44 to 143.64. Holy smokes. Looked hopeless for 56 minutes.

    Thank you for your time. I needed to debrief.

  2. emceeperiod says:

    …just to clarify, I believe that that 40 yard run put McCoy over 100 yards which got me a bonus point = 5pts. And this also reminds me of one week two years ago in fantasy baseball when I tied my opponent in ERA, WHIP, AND Batting Average (after the full week, not at some point during the week). That has to be like a one in a million chance doesn’t it?

  3. DP says:

    Cool story, bro.

  4. KVC

    cleaver596 says:

    So I only have malcolm floyd left to play, and so far my bench has outscored my starters 92-87. Fred Jackson outscored CJ, McFadden, and Bradshaw, and Jackson was on my bench. Last week I got screwed because I was playing Hines Ward, who went out with a concussion, and the guy I was playing had Mike Wallace. Wallace has a huge game, taking all the targets that should have been Wards. This week, Eli and Bradshaw sucked it up. I hate Sunday Night games. So for tonight I have Floyd going against Tolbert and Moreno. I’m losing 85-87. It is a PPR league, so I do have a chance, but I don’t feel great about this.

  5. 24hourjack says:

    hey doc….

    I have the top ww pick currently,so I will be able to grab any available player on wed. for my flex spot-non PPR league……..and there are some really appealing matchups this wk.

    so,which is the best p/u for this wk. only?……..

    Danny Woodhead @ DET

    Nate Burleson vs. NE

    Mike Williams(SEA) vs KC

    James Jones @ ATL

    Nate Washington @ HOU

  6. Wilsonian says:

    This is in regard to my ceremonious dropping of Dustin Keller this week:

    Cooley is v. the fightin’ Favres;

    the Pats are against the Motor City Kitties on T-giving;

    Carl Winslow is @ the Ravens;

    Jimmy Graham is @ the Cowgirls;

    Dreesen is v. Tenn, just for a primer on the matchups. Who’s the pickup?

    Probably leaning Cooley, just wish the dood would find the endzone, but at least he gets some catches unlike someone else who’s currently rostered until tomorrow morning.

  7. Howard says:

    My biggest disappointments this week were Gore and Vernon Davis. I don’t know what happened in Frisco but they’re usually money in the bank and they were going against the lowly Bucs.

  8. Damion says:

    @doc. My whole team rolled this week EXCEPT for Mr.Kellar. My bench did fantastically well also. Everyone scored in double digits. Should I hold on to Dusto No Gusto Kellar or should I make like a scavenger and pick one up?

  9. Damion says:

    I was down 50 with vick, mccoy, and akers….all looked lost as well until mccoy busted for those 2 runs the td, and the field goal to seal the deal

  10. jeff says:

    QB – Ben, Freeman
    WR – Jennings, Austin, Garcon, Breaston, Gaffney
    RB – Rice, Forte, Hillis, Fred Jackson, Forsett, McGahee

    We start 1 QB, 2RB’s, 3 WR’s and a flex spot which is WR/RB.

    I picked up Freeman to play week 13 and 15 when Ben has tough matchups. But Romo is available. Is he worth picking up? If so who would I drop? I love the depth of my team and would hate to drop someone who could be picked up and hurt me later.

  11. helpmebeatfirstplace says:

    hey guys…

    i need 4 points to beat the first place team in my league and i have Gates and McMichael. seeing that i live overseas and don’t really want to wake up at 3 am to figure it out, anyone have an idea if i should go with Gates or if i should do McMichael.


  12. emceeperiod says:

    @DP: Thanks friend. I think you’re cool.

  13. timSTi says:

    Whats the word on Maurice Morris with Best and Smith out? Worth a grab? I have some junk lower end RBs. Brown, Goodson, & Wells. Drop any of for Morris?

  14. Tom Brady says:

    @Howard: lowly Bucs? 7-3?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @24hourjack: I like Burleson

    @Damion: I’d dump him

    @timSTi: He’s worth a grab, but I wouldn’t drop those guys.

    @Tom Brady: Fantasy sees no win loss record.

  16. Matt Leinart says:


    It’s hard to see him being healthy enough to be effective. As Gates said, “For what I do, my feet and my legs are my two big assets,” said Gates, who has 40 catches for 663 yards and nine touchdowns. “I’d prefer not to hurt the team. That’s the decision I’m going to have to make and the coaches are going to have to make.”

    and. . .”It’s a tear. It’s not a tough-man, grind-it-out thing. I tore it,” Gates said. “It’s got to heal. That’s a big part of me running and cutting.”

    I’m sitting him.

  17. MikeMoustaches says:

    @helpmebeatfirstplace: Gates hasn’t been ruled out, so I would expect him to play. It’s a huge game for the Chargers, so he’s gonna go. Sure, he might not be the Gates we saw early in the year, but he should be better than McMichael. I’d play Antonio.

  18. helpmebeatfirstplace says:

    thanks Mike.

  19. helpmebeatfirstplace says:

    ugh…thanks Matt

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    **** Hakeem Nicks is out 3 weeks with compartment leg. ****

  21. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Figures after I drop Boss out if disgust. Not sure how much it bumps him but still.

  22. Rookie Season says:

    Hey Doc, thanks for the tip on Cleveland D. Amazing how you can ‘lean’ on a decision so early in the week. I might hang on to them with opponents like these…Car, @Mia, @Buf, @Cin

    I’m still waiting for word on Vernon Davis. He sure has been a rollercoaster this season. Should I be dropping someone to get a backup TE for Week 12 now? Or should I wait to see how Davis is doing and decide last minute since the TEs on WW are all sad anyways?

    TEs: Dressen/Daniels, Hoomanawanui, Graham, Moore, Z. Miller, Walker, Boss

    Players I can drop: B. Jacobs, Burleson

  23. MJD Took A Knee says:

    TE is making me hyperventilate now. I can’t even reclaim Boss

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @MJD Took A Knee: Probably not a big bump.

    Hagan looks like he’ll be the other starter at least this week. He’s worth a grab going against Jacksonville next week. Steve Smith could be back the week after.

  25. Isles Guru says:

    What can we expect from Sidney Rice from here out? 3 catches for 50+ yards isn’t comforting to me?

    Also, what kind of numbers do you expect Crabtree to put up against AZ?

  26. don89 says:

    I have a playoff spot locked and probably a Week 14 Bye (3 week playoff). Would you deal Crabtree for Nicks hoping to play Nicks in Weeks 15 & 16?

    Crabtree at Chargers, at Rams
    Nicks Philly, at GB
    12 Team PPR

    Would be my flex spot with my WR and RBs already must starts.

  27. Damion says:

    If I dump Kellar, what names should I look around to pick up???

    Vianscho, Dreissen, scaife, graham, olsen, hawainananu, moakie

  28. stumanji says:

    @Doc: Wow, I was making significant offers for Nicks this week in a few leagues. Glad nobody bit!

  29. Wilsonian says:

    That Nicks news is GREAT!!! Sorry for any owners out there…but I’m currently in a battle for 1st with 4 teams, and I’m playing one of them this coming week, huge for me.


    Still think I should grab Cooley for Keller, or should I look to Boss, Winslow, Dreesen, a Pats TE, Olsen, Scaife, Graham, or Hoomanooey?

  30. Wilsonian says:

    And would you move off of the Blair White Project for a pickup of Hagan?

    Many thanks, sir.

  31. BAM says:

    So, I’m a Nicks owner and this news sucks ass. Luckily, I picked up Blair White when Collie went down so a good game from him this week will be helpful…plus I have Bowe and Dez as my other receivers so maybe they pick up the slack. HOWEVER, Blair won’t have value much longer than this week, from what I gather, so my question is this: I picked up Hagan and Donald Jones with the plan to cobble something together until Nicks is back but I’m not sure either of them will do anything. Is Shipley, who’s still available, a better option?

  32. Black Beard says:

    NonPPR, Tolbert or Moreno?

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Black Beard: Tolbert

    @BAM: I think they are all in the same boat. I could see switching Jones with Shipley.

    @Wilsonian: I’m still leaning Cooley and I’d stick with White.

    @Damion: I’d look at matchups. I like Dreesen next week.

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @don89: I wouldn’t. That injury can be a lingering one.

  35. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Isles Guru: I like Crabtree’s chances for a good game. Those Rice numbers are good compared to what I expected from him for his first game back. I think he’ll be solid.

  36. trick dad says:

    any word on gates for tonight?

  37. Doc

    Doc says:

    @trick dad: The San Diego beat reporter just tweeted this — RT @sdutChargers: Decision almost made on Antonio Gates. Barring major shift, he will not play. He’s Gates, though, so don’t rule it out.

    Hah, clear as mud

  38. NFL_Addict says:

    Great recap! I benched Thomas Jones & Mike Goodson, can you believe it…this is a crazy business I tell you what. Moss continues to drown me along with Best, they’re both droppable in my opinion.

  39. Brian says:

    Need help guys! I was offered Brady and Tamme for McCoy and Cutler. McCoy is my keeper in the league and the other team is gunning for next year. My current QB and TE are Freeman and Heap so it’s clearly an upgrade.

    I can replace McCoy at flex with Fred Jackson, Blount, or Maclin.

    Do I make the trade and lose McCoy as my keeper??

  40. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Brian: I could see it helping you this season, but i would hate to lose McCoy for next year. If it’s PPR I wouldn’t do it at all. If not it’s close.

    @NFL_Addict: Yeah, Jones needs JC to get him to the goal line. He has slowed down. It is a crazy game!

  41. Doc

    Doc says:

    ***** Antonio Gates is OUT. Get McMichael in your lineups. ******

  42. trick dad says:

    thanks doc, rather mcmichael than gates for one play

  43. timmy riggins says:

    @Doc: Romo worth a roster stash for the playoffs? may be back week 14-15

  44. Damion says:

    1.)I picked up dressen for week 12. what about Owen Daniels??? Is there a shot he could come back and take the starter spot?
    2.) San Fran D or New Orleans D??

  45. Brian says:

    Hey Doc – another big trade offer on the table.. Keeper PPR league (my keepers are Chris Johnson and McCoy).

    I was offered Brees, Mendenhall, and Bowe for Chris Johnson and Percy Harvin. His Mendenhall is keeper eligible as well. Brees would replace Freeman as my QB and Bowe will be added to Fitz, Maclin, and Wallace.


  46. ThePoonTycoon says:

    so with nicks going down i need to start 2 from the following:

    ward, floyd, vincet jackson, and lee evans.

    trying to hang onto 1st place and a playoff bye.

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