Monday Night Football has lost some of it’s mystique for me now that I am older and don’t wear big headed charactertures of my favorite players on my shirts.  (Those Bash Brother shirts were ironic, huh?).  But with Jon Gruden taking over for Mr. Potato Head I am actually looking forward to watching as well as listening to the game, well, if I could somehow turn down Jaws’ used car sales-voice I would be happier.  My wife always asks why football announcers scream all of the time and I just can’t give her a good answer.  Jaws could learn something from Vin Scully, well, all of us could really.  Anyway, Gruden is good.  He knows what he’s talking about and he gives it to us straight.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t go back to coaching soon.

There is a game tonight and one with some interesting fantasy questions to answer.  You all know my Ronnie Brown love.  It is still true and strong and spectacular.  I can’t say I am thrilled about Ricky Williams getting so many looks, but this is the way football is played now and I knew it was there, lurking like a doctor’s appointment.  I see a good game from him against the Sanders-less Colts.  I hope Pennington can at least try to stretch the field with his noodle arm and give Ronnie some running room.  Chad is hurting Ginn Jr. and Bess and whoever else is playing wide receiver on a given day, and the Colts pass D is their strength.  I look for Bess to be helpful in ppr tonight, but big yardage from either will be asking a little too much. So stop asking!

The Dolphins D stopped Michael Turner in week one and should be able to keep Addai’s yardage down.  But he’s always a threat to get in the endzone with that offense.  Wayne will be Wayne and Peyton will be Peyton, and they’ll do what they do, but it’s going to be interesting to see who Manning favors in the #2 slot.  I tend to keep my #2 slot free of receivers, but I don’t judge.  Garcon, Collie and Baskett should see some work, but Garcon should be the starter.  Predicting his game is very tough, but he will get single coverage and if he can take advantage he could have a good game.  It’s a gamble and probably depends on how your matchup looks coming into this game. If you have the choice between Garcon and Bess and need 12 points to win or just 5 points to win I’d go Garcon with the former and Bess with the latter.

If I was one for prognostication I’d say the Colts will win tonight, but I’m more interested in the how and the who and the whaddayoudo!!

  1. danimal35 says:

    if i was to trade flacco and caddy (the other dude has mcnabb/hasselbeck and graham) for a receiver, which one would you want more? Colston or Jennings? and is that too much?

    I am waiting on my Felix Jones/Garrard for Peyton manning/C. Taylor trade to go through before I offer this but could I pull the trigger early leaving Garrard as my starter if my other deal goes down in flames?

  2. jamiesonmj says:

    In overall fantasy points, PPR league, who do you see with more overall production tonight – ronnie brown or reggie wayne? my buddy’s match has him down 2 pts after yesterday, and he has brown playing tonight – his opponent has wayne. Im concerned for his well-being!

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    Wayne is going to have a good game, no doubt. It will be close.

  4. danimal35 says:


  5. jamiesonmj says:

    Ronnie running the wildcat and scoring the TD but otherwise playing a sproles-esque role.

  6. Corey says:

    The Colts D is so gassed. Ronnie and Ricky running all over em’.

    Question about a trade.

    Alright, I’ve got Benjamin Watson manning my TE spot.

    I was just offerd Greg Olson for my Tim Hightower. I have some RB depth, with Addia, MJD, Caddilac, Mendenhall, Norwood and Hightower.
    Should I do this trade?

  7. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Corey: What TE’s are on your wire? I don’t love the trade for you, but I also don’t like Watson.

  8. Corey says:

    There are actually some good TE’s there. Heath Miller, Vernon davis, Robert Royal, Daniel Graham, Jerramy Stevens.

    I’ll probably just pick up Miller, Royal, or VD

  9. Steve says:

    I heart Ronnie Brown. I know very little about football, but I know what I heart, and I heart Ronnie Brown.

  10. nick says:

    Should I push ronnie brown for my thomas jones?

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Corey: Yeah, probably go Davis for the upside.

    @Steve: hah!

    @nick: I would, but it might be hard after tonight’s game.

  12. mmp22 says:

    couldn’t have been more spot on with those predictions

  13. Nick says:

    Would you attempt to pickup Manningham/Felix Jones/Stuckey/Stokley and drop either Bell, Ginn Jr. H Miller or Larry Johnson

  14. Dixon says:

    Shoot, Manningham was picked up. I knew I should have got him after week 1.

    I have Antonio Bryant, James Davis and Laurent Robinson on the bench. Would Ted Ginn Jr. be worth picking up by dropping either of the three (I’m leaning more towards Antonio Bryant…Leftwich looked horrible against Buffalo, though his stats may prove otherwise).

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