Broncos, Broncos, Broncos (in my annoying Brady Bunch Marcia, Marcia, Marcia voice), once again top the fantasy football world. It has been 12 weeks of the NFL world revolving around Peyton Manning, and despite last week, the Broncos continue to score an absurd amount of points on the field and in the fantasy sector. The Dolphins did a decent job holding on, and I thought for a minute my home state’s team might take down America’s golden child.

But Denver’s team is a fantasy owner’s dream (honestly, I would be content having my whole entire starting line-up be Broncos players), with Demaryius Thomas, who scored 3 touchdowns (he had to, since I was playing against him), and had 87 yards. C.J. Anderson, who is proving a great add, rushed over 160 yards and for a TD. Yes, he won’t be the starter forever, but hey, only a couple games left till playoffs. He might as well secure your spot in the brackett. Even Emmanuel Sanders, who was a game-time decision, had 125 yards and 9 catches. Peyton even shared the love with Wes Welker, who scored his second TD of the year (yippee…).

Now, Odell Beckham Jr(OBJ) scored his second touchdown (and had 146 yards with 10 receptions) of the night in the best moment this week in the NFL. Despite pass interference, his one-handed catch is one for the books, and his fantasy potential is freakin’ incredible. ESPN still reports he is owned is 75 percent of leagues, but his performance thus far makes him one of the top WRs in the league. Giants still lost to Tony Romo’s Cowboys, and Dez Bryant gave OBJ some competition scoring 2 TDs for himself with over 80 yards receiving.

As the last week of most regular-season fantasy leagues sneaks up on us before the playoffs, I can’t help but focus on the so-so players rather than the monsters mentioned above. This week I am back to swiping and deciding which guy is a match for me in terms of starting and adding to my team.


Swiping Right:

Ryan Tannehill – Starting Philip Rivers has been a downward trend for my team, and Tannehill is a pick-me-up I need. I struggle starting a Miami player, since I am surrounded by bitter fans, but Tannehill is the tenth ranked QB and worthy to replace Philip Rivers (who does not even seem 100 percent healthy).

Daniel Herron – He replaced Ahmad Bradshaw and has been named the starter for the Colts, though Trent Richardson got the TD this week. Herron is not a bad add for someone who needs a RB before playoffs. He might share downs, but I don’t think it will take long for him to surpass Richardson.

Delanie Walker – Tight Ends are just hard to come by, and maybe Walker will not have over 100 yard game next week, but he is roughly 60 percent owned… where else will you find a starting tight end? Zach Mettenberger had a great day too, throwing almost 350 yards and 2 TDs (and one INT), targeting Walker the most.


Swiping Left:

Carlos Hyde – So Frank Gore did absolutely nothing this week, but Hyde is not one I am running to pick up or start. He had 1 TD this week, but nothing shows me he is a better back than Gore (maybe his age). Right now, I do not want to start any 49ers RB.

LeGarrette Blount – Belicheck really messed with fantasy owners this week sitting Jonas Gray after he overslept for Friday’s practice. I am sure Gray needed the reality check, but I did not think the Patriots really needed Blount. He looked like he was happy to be back in New England, rushing for 2 TDs and 78 yards in this week’s game. But after being burned this week by Belicheck, I am not putting faith in Blount being the main man next week (Shane Vereen is patiently waiting). I guess it just depends what lesson Belicheck wants to teach next week while he is prepping for his Super Bowl appearance….

The rest of us will be prepping our teams for our play-offs and gearing up for the last week of regular fantasy season. My mind is on the money….

  1. CL says:

    Yep, claimed Tannehill in one league to replace (?) Rivers as well. I need to put a waiver claim in another league, but I’m dropping McCown to do it. Tannehill is preferred over McCown, right?

    Since I have low probability of making playoffs in that one league, I’m also doing to eff with the other 11 managers by sitting on two QBs. Sue me.

  2. B2 says:

    I’m also strongly considering Tannehill over Cutler this week.


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