At this point, you are either in your league’s playoffs, or you’re not…. You either won this week and secured your spot, or have already advanced to the second round. Or you completely lost, but you still care enough about Fantasy Football to keep reading. But I am assuming most of you are the “first ones”… ones that are still in the game and getting so close to the end (hopefully an end with money), that we cannot afford some fantasy blunders (like Drew Brees completely neglecting one of the top tight ends in the league. Jimmy Graham… seriously, not one freakin’ target!).

The only thing we can afford is an awesome performance like DeAndre Hopkins, who had 2 TDs and 238 yards leading the Texans over the Titans. He has definitely surpassed Andre Johnson, and it is safe to say he is the number one WR for Ryan Fitzpatrick, who reclaimed the starting role for the Texans. He surely made a nice return throwing 6 TDs and for over 350 yards. He plays the Jags next week, so if you want to gamble on a QB, there is an option.

Speaking of the Jags, they take their second win of the season defeating Eli Manning and the Giants with a 43-yard field goal in the final seconds. Though, there is still no one I want on my fantasy team from the Jags (not even Josh Scobee the kicker). The Giants Rashad Jennings was the notable fantasy player of the game, who coming off an injury, scored 2 TDs and rushed over 90 yards. Being a Florida girl, I am always a little shocked seeing any of our teams win, so while the Jags surprised me, Tampa Bay did exactly what they always do: screw up in the last minutes of the game. No one would notice if the Bucs just added another player to their offense on the field, no one except the Bengals coach who threw an illegal challenge in order to get the refs to look at the play. That illegal challenge cost him a timeout but won him the game because lord knows Andy Dalton did not win that game. [Jay’s Note: Because it’s Andy Dalton?]

Since I am already discussing disappointing players, I figured I would give the guys I am swiping left on or passing for next week (and possibly, ever!):

Cam Newton – It is painful for me to say, but I said it. The question now is: can I drop him if he is part of my team’s name? Decisions, decisions….

Sammy Watkins – Week after week, ESPN says to start him. Kyle Orton and he simply do not have great chemistry. He has not had over 35 yards since before his Week 9 bye.

Trent Richardson – Like many, I thought Bradshaw’s demise would be beneficial to Richardson’s fantasy owners. But it seems like Richardson is just going to keep being the number two back…. Or 3 (if rumors are true about the Colts pursuing Rice.)

On the other hand, guys I am swiping right on:

Daniel Herron – Because Trent Richardson is not good, and Herron has the start. Regardless of Ray Rice (who has at least 4 teams interested in him), Herron will have the start the next week which is all that matters right now.

Johnny Manziel – I have been dying to type his name this year because I am one of his only non-haters, and have been waiting so patiently for him to play. It is still undecided if he will start over Hoyer, but his first drive in the NFL was one for the books. His love for the game and energy is contagious, and I could go on and on…. But I like him as an add and possibly a starter if the Browns go with him.

Kenny Stills – A record for him! His day just proved that Drew Brees wants to throw him the ball, and fantasy owners are looking for WR that will actually be targeted. If targets turn into TDs, well then so be it. ​

  1. mguy31 says:

    Struggling to figure out who to plug in as my third receiver.
    12 Team Standard

    My obvious starters are Antonio Brown and Alshon. I have been plugging in Garcon or Reggie Wayne all year with no results. My other options on my bench are Davante Adams and Cecil Shorts. On the waiver I see Robert Woods, Sherman Bailey and Moncrief. Who would you start out of all of these options?

  2. Scott says:

    Are you down with Colt McCoy at all? He has some swe-eet matchups the rest of the year.

  3. Dom B says:

    So I have Charles Sims and I don’t see him overtaking Doug Martin would you drop him for Steven Jackson or Johnathan Stewart

  4. Bye Felicia says:

    I am on the money manziel hype train with ya!

    Would you bench McCoy vs Sea for J Gordon or J. Bell?

  5. Grant says:

    I can only pray the person I play for the next 2 weeks decides to pick up Manziel and start him if he gets the nod, would be easy victories for me.

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