This week is my week of regrets…. quarterbacks I regretted sitting, wide receivers I regretted dropping, running backs I regretted starting, teams I regretted rooting for, and Saturday… where I regretted drinking all night and failed to wake up before kick-off to lock my team in (at least the last one I have a decent excuse, it was my birthday Saturday). [Jay’s Note: Happy Birthday! If it helps, I’m still hung over from mine, and it was over two months ago…] I think one of the biggest regrets of mine is that all of this is happening during playoffs.

First regret: Last week, I threw in the towel on Cam Newton. And look what flipping happens next. I think I held on to the illusion that Cam would be something great, longer than anyone, and as soon as I gave up, he emerges as the best quarterback of the week throwing 3 TDs, rushing for 1 TD, and leading to annihilation of Drew Brees and the Saints (and a pretty large brawl in the end zone). Just like that, the Panthers are not too far off from playoffs which effin’ blows my mind. This one game will make me draft him again next year because he restored my hope. (I shouldn’t let my personal feelings interrupt my fantasy league, but it has gotten me this far…)

Second regret: My fantasy team played so well this season, that at times, I missed out on a hell of a lot of decent waiver pick-ups. Mainly C.J. Anderson, who is delivering perfectly for his owners right in the nick of playoff time. Who would have thought that Peyton Manning would go touchdown-less this week and still beat the Buffalo Bills? C.J. Anderson scored all of the 3 TDs the Broncos scored, proving once again Broncos are the team with everything.

Third regret: I let my hatred for Tom Brady keep me from starting some Pats players, specifically Julian Edelman, who for the first time this season had over 100 yards. Besides Edelman, Gronkowski continued to prove to be the best TE in the league having close to 90 yards this week and 1 TD, and Brady himself passed over 300 yards and for 2 TDs (I really miss the days of bad Brady.) As much as it pains me to say it, the Patriots starting offense will be very valuable next week as they take on a weakened Dolphins team at home.

Other miscellaneous regrets:

Cleveland Browns – Surely that team regrets letting Brian Hoyer start this week. The Browns defense did the scoring while Hoyer threw for 2 interceptions. I talked about Manziel last week, and after this week, he looks even better to me and the Browns.

Andy Dalton – He has to be regretting his fumble which ignited the Steelers’ offense to score 26 points in the final quarter. Le’Veon Bell was the best fantasy player in the league this week rushing 186 yards, 2 TDs, and receiving 50 yards and another TD. He was not the only lucky Bell this week, Joique Bell had 2 TDs himself and over 140 yards.

Washington Football Team – They probably have more regrets than anyone right now. But I am sure there are tons of fans out there regretting dropping $80 for a RG3 jersey… and a McCoy jersey.

Last regret –  Lions TE Joseph Fauria announcing to the world that his girlfriend left him for Russell Wilson. His bitter (hopefully drunk) tweet led him to apologize to the QB and make his girlfriend look like a pimp who has her choice of NFL players.

  1. Scott says:

    Manziel is starting. O happy day! Should I start him over Sanchez this week? What about next week?

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