After this week in the NFL, I feel like I might need to shed my old-school thinking that a quarterback is not worthy of a first-round draft pick in my fantasy football league. I always refuse to spend my first two picks on anything besides a running back or wide receiver (yes, I have never drafted Peyton.), but I always feel like I get a decent QB (usually Cam Newton and, you know, Cam Newton…) This week, I might adjust my mindset, especially after Newton’s week. Next year, you will see me spending my first round pick for Andrew Luck over LeSean McCoy every single time.


Quarterbacks who were the Reason You Won (heck, they probably carried your whole team, that you didn’t even notice your defense scored negative points, a la the Bears, the Colts, or Eagles):

Ben Roethlisberger – He is back!!! He only broke over 20 points in traditional scoring leagues once this year (versus Tampa), but Sunday afternoon he ranked up over 40 points against the Colts. He threw for over 500 yards and 6 touchdowns… I really hope you started him if you could, but if not, I feel like there is no reason not to start him moving forward. He is owned in 80 percent of ESPN leagues, but I feel like that will change this week. Big Ben proved Peyton is not the only QB to win your fantasy match-up.

Tom Brady – He too has reemerged after a lackluster first few weeks. Brady scored over 30 points this week; second time this year he threw for over 350 yards. This week versus the Bears, he threw for 5 touchdowns, helping Gronkowski score three TDs and receive almost 150 yards and rack up around 32 points in non-PPR leagues (the most points fantasy points for TE this year). Tom Brady owners are quite relieved and glad patience paid off for them.

Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers – The top three QBs respectively in the league. Week after week, they continue to score in the 20s for fantasy points if not more. Andrew Luck might have lost to record-breaking Big Ben, but he still threw for 400 yards and 3 TDs. He is the most dependable fantasy starter out there. Rodgers also lost his game to the Saints, but he still helped fantasy owners throwing over 400 yards and racking up around 24 points. These three men make your fantasy team and might just prove a QB is the most important asset.

QBs you should add if you are desperate: Kyle Orton. Yes, I know Bills just had a monster game. But Kyle Orton is still proving to be consistent throwing for over 200 yards every game he has started. Hopefully, his interceptions will decrease, but his stats are better than a lot of starting QBs (like my Cam.) Orton is owned in 1.7 percent of ESPN leagues, so if your QB has a bye coming, I would use him as a fill.


Now on to the Quarterbacks who were the Reason You Lost:

Cam Newton – Major bummer… I love Cam (in case you cannot tell from my profile picture), but he is just so dang inconsistent.  I know it’s not entirely his fault, the defense, OL, blah, blah. But for a QB to score a measly 4 points is pathetic. I get more from my kicker than that. Thankfully, I did sit Cam this week because of the Seahawks D, but moving forward, Cam is staying on my bench, because he is purely too much of a gamble for me right now. Rivers is my starter, and every time I start him I win. I think there is a correlation, because I am 6-2.

Joe Flacco – Another inconsistent QB that belongs on the bench. One week, he has 7 points, then 32, then 14, and now 4. Unless, you have a super good feeling about him one (which I rarely do), he is just a bye-week filler. Russell Wilson is also playing a similar game with Flacco where his points are all over the place, but I have more faith in him.


WTF Moment of the Week:

I think the first crazy thing that happened this week was when football started at 9:30 in the morning. I am pretty sure most people had to set an alarm for that. But the WTF moment of the game happened in the last 4 seconds when Matt Prater missed his field goal but got a second chance when Detroit had a delay of game penalty. Prater did not miss twice, and pulled off a field goal that had an extra five yards because of the penalty. This second kick sealed the Lions victory by one point. The Lions own penalty won them the game.


Next Week, Broncos versus Patriots looks to be the toughest match-up. I predict both QBs throw for 3 TDs and over 300 yards, but Broncos end up on top (age always comes before beauty). Colts redeem themselves on Monday Night Football versus the Giants. Luck easily gets 30 fantasy points and helps T.Y. Hilton owners have one of the best wide receivers of the week. Jets chose Michael Vick in their battle of crappy QBs, so the Chiefs stomp over them.

Do we agree or disagree that a QB makes or breaks your team? ​


  1. Grant says:

    This is why I laugh at ESPN “projected” points. They wanted me to start Newton and bench Stafford, and their supid app kept reminding me. Well sure glad that didn’t happen. Would have won either way but still.

    • CL says:

      @Grant: Can we agree to get rid of projected points? Just show me a weekly average, or perhaps the last 4 weeks.

      • goodfold2 says:

        @CL: for some stupid reason in yahoo/espn football pages you have to go to player pages, not from your own team to look up avg pts per week, in hockey you can do it from your team page as well.

    • KC

      KC says:


  2. dtrtliedowns says:

    I went against flacco and still lost… Due to the back of romo and cowboys unwillingness to block or throw to Bryant with one on one coverage….

  3. Nick says:

    I have to agree with you KC…the past 3 years I was all RB/WR in a 10-team non-ppr H2H…but this year I drafted Murray followed by Rodgers and Cobb which solidified my position in first today (well tied with 1 other person)…

    Rodgers & Murray are clearly carrying my team…now I would not go as far to say to draft a QB in the first round (unless your at the bottom of the draft order) but go for a solid RB (like Murray/Foster/Charles) followed by a QB!

  4. zach says:

    (Andrew) Luck is the main reason I’m in first place. But he has a bye next week and Big Ben is available on waivers. Do I use my #1 waiver on him? Is it worth it for only one week?

    • Chicken Dinner says:

      @zach: Hold.

    • KC

      KC says:

      Who else would you possibly spend your waiver wire on? Don’t know who is available in your league, but with Luck’s bye, I would definitely go after him.

  5. friar says:

    At this point, how much is too much to trade away for a top QB? My roster is pretty stacked everywhere except QB, where I’m using Ryan and Palmer (which is fine, and should get better once the Falcons’ schedule gets easier post-bye, but is not like having an elite QB).

    I’m thinking of offering Ryan + Torrey Smith + Rainey + Donnell for Peyton. Is that too much?

    12-team, non-ppr (currently 6-2)
    QB: Ryan, Palmer
    RB: Charles, L. Bell, Gio B, Mathews, Rainey, Ball
    WR: Dez, Megatron, D. Hopkins, T. Smith
    TE: Olsen, Donnell

    • KC

      KC says:


      6-2 isn’t bad- don’t know if I would go trading almost half my team with that record…. I agree Ryan is not bad option. How bad do you want Peyton?

      • friar says:

        @KC: It’s not so much that I need to have Peyton, it’s more that I want to make my team as strong as possible for the playoffs, and trading bench depth for a stud QB is one of the few ways I see to do so (since my starters at the other positions are already about as strong as I can make them). My feeling is that I’ll never play these bench guys (except Donnell during Olsen’s bye), so I may as well try to spin them into something that will help my team win. Plus, the potential replacements on waivers don’t seem to be so great a downgrade as to be appreciably less valuable (e.g. Riddick, A. Holmes, J. Brown).

        Do you think I should just keep my current roster (if it ain’t broke…), or should I keep trying to upgrade at QB without giving up quite so much?

        Also, in case it affects your advice, I’ve dropped Ball for Gray since my initial post.

  6. Dom B says:

    So I know I asked and you said Charles Sims but Eddie Lacy is on a bye and I need a starting RB for week 9 options Deangelo Williams named starter, Charles Sims, Carlos Hyde, or Johnathan Stewart or Bobby Rainey. I need a starter now and I’m already dropping Malcolm Floyd for Big Ben because Aaron Rodgers bye who do I drop and for who also could pick up Twp RBs if I drop 3 wrs including Malcolm Floyd for Ben here is my roster thx.

    QB – Aaron Rodgers – Packers
    RB – Eddie Lacy – Packers
    RB – Andre Ellington – Cardinals
    WR – A.J. Green – Bengals
    WR – Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers
    WR – T.Y. Hilton – Colts
    TE – Larry Donnell – Giants
    PK – Steven Hauschka – Seahawks
    DEF – Baltimore Ravens – Ravens

    RB – Fred Jackson – Bills
    WR – Michael Crabtree – 49ers
    WR – Mike Evans – Buccaneers
    WR – Malcom Floyd – Chargers
    WR – Percy Harvin – Jets
    TE – Delanie Walker – Titans

    • KC

      KC says:

      @Dom B:
      Wish you were in my league to trade for WR- I’m the opposite with more RBs, but I say Rainey followed by Williams.

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