Life is rarely simple, as pros and cons must be seesawed before rendering a decision. We all love football, but what if the only game for consumption was the Jets vs Giants? I see y’all nodding your heads up and down. Now, shut down gambling and fantasy. What now tough guy or gal? How about sex? It’s wonderful and, without it, humans would cease to exist. Calories are burned and smiles are formed, but what if it was Lady Eloise from Boomerang who was purring “Marcus, darling.” Yuck, but it’s sex. Which brings me to Marcus Johnson of the Indianapolis Colts. Who? Exactly, but he caught 5-of-8 targets for 108 yards yesterday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Fling or a thing?

Johnson is 26 years old, 6′ 1″, and 204 pounds. He played his college ball at Texas and went undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft. The Eagles signed him as a free agent, but he suffered an injury and eventually ended up on the practice squad. He made the roster the following year and received bling for the Super Bowl LII chip. In 2018, Johnson was traded to the Seahawks, then sent to the Colts later in the year. He bounced from the injured list, practice squad, and active roster.

Over his career, he’s played in 25 games (7 starts) and caught 32 passes for 504 yards and 3 TDs on 53 targets.

Go to his PlayerProfiler page and…..MARCUS, DARLING! 4.44 40-yard dash, good for 83rd percentile, 105 speed score (83rd percentile), and 130.4 burst score (89th percentile). The catch radius is poor at 48th percentile and the agility score of 11.65 is a laughable 11th percentile but, but, but….You know who has a similar profile? D. K. Metcalf. I’m not saying Johnson is on the same level as Metcalf. The pedigree isn’t close and Metcalf is a flat out freak, but both have no agility with tons of size and speed. 

Now, Johnson has received his opportunity because of the injury to Michael Pittman Jr., who could return after the Week 7 bye. When Pittman returns, Johnson will likely be irrelevant. In addition, the Colts are game flow and script dependent, so passing volume is never guaranteed. With that said, Johnson is someone to keep in the mental rolodex as a deep threat who could do damage on the fast turf in Indy if the opportunity arises again.