Just your standard week in the never ending year 2020, right? This presidential election was the most intense race since I ran for student council president against Dong Johnson. My platform of pizza roll Fridays kept the vote interesting, but at the end of the day I never really had a chance against a dude named Dong. Heck, I even voted for Dong; Johnson was just too smooth. Speaking of dong, Marquez Valdes-Scantling whipped his out on Thursday night as he caught 2 catches for 53 yards and his 2nd and 3rd touchdowns of the season. I won’t tell you to rush out and grab MVS, nor his dong, in your 10-team league because the 49ers skeleton defense was sketchier than my Richie Incognito Halloween costume. Also, Allen Lazard with probably return from his core injury next week. But kudos to you if you were desperate enough to start Valdes-Scantling this week. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday for fantasy football:

Aaron Rodgers – 25/31 for 305 yards and 4 touchdowns—he now has 24 touchdowns on the season. That’s a 48 touchdown pace which would be three more than he’s ever had in his 16 seasons, and Rodgers has only reached 40 touchdowns twice. Congrats if you discount double checked your way into A-A-Ron this year, not many saw this coming; like when Dong Johnson was shot down for re-erection. 

Davante Adams – 10 catches for 173 yards and his 8th touchdown. And that’s 8 touchdowns in only 6 games while also accumulating 53 catches for 675 yards. That pro-rates out to a 16-game pace of 141 catches for 1,800 yards and 21 touchdowns. Adams is the best receiver in the league right now and it’s not even as close as my race against Dong.

Aaron Jones – 15 carries for 58 yards, 5 catches for 21 yards. I found myself yelling at the TV way more than usual during this game. Maybe 2020 is finally getting to me. But what the heck was LaFleur thinking continuing to hand the ball to his star running back, coming off an injury, up 28 points with only 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Fortunately Jones seems to have come away unscathed and is an elite RB1 moving forward. 

Robert Tonyan – 1 catch for 5 yards on only 1 target. Robert’s fantasy value has coming crashing down to earth like a Tonyan of bricks.

Richie James – 9 catches for 184 yards and his 1st touchdown. There weren’t many bright spots for the 9ers, but Richie Rich was electric. Guess who saw this coming? That’s right, the Skinonator did! Alright, so our projections bot didn’t predict anywhere near this huge of a stat line but it did suggest he was a viable flex play, ranking him as the #38 WR vs. the FantasyPros expert consensus of #67. King James is worth an add in deep leagues, but don’t forget Brandon Aiyuk (COVID), Kendrick Bourne (COVID) and Deebo Samuel (hamstring) were all missing—meaning James is probably just a one-hit wonder.

Jerick McKinnon – 12 carries for 52 yards, 3 catches for 16 yards and his 6th touchdown. His usage has been erratic recently to say the least. Like my usage of the shower since March. But with 3, 8, 3 and 7 touches over the last four weeks, this week’s 15 touches were a windfall. Although without the garbage time touchdown those would’ve been 15 empty touches and I can’t say I trust him moving forward. 

Ja’Mycal Hasty – 4 carries for 3 yards, 2 catches for 10 yards. Ja’Mycal? More like Ja’GetTheHeckOffMyTeam! 4 carries and 2 targets is even less votes than I got when I ran against Dong. C’mon Shanahan!

Nick Mullens – 22/35 for 291 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. Mullens was much worse than this line looks, but still way better than Jimmy G-Poo looks. Well, not literally. Jimmy’s obviously a damn good looking man. Anyway, I still think Mullens might end up keeping this job for the rest of the year.


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2 years ago

trade deadline trade: Send a keeper package of $4 tua/ $2 dj chark/ $30 saquon barkley/ then baker mayfield for matt ryan/ drew brees/ antonio gibson/ leonard fournette?

current team:
qb: Mayfield/Tua/Watson
rb: sanders/dallas/freeman/wilkins
wr: nuk/Arob/M. williams/ A. brown/ T. Fulgham/ Dj chark
te: andrews


Water boy
Water boy
2 years ago

Hey Donkey!

Looking at week 10 defense streaming as my D the chiefs have a week 10 bye . Do I add a backup D now & I have open roster slot then I was thinking of dropping Chiefs d next week as their schedule gets harder

Week 10 streams

Cardinals D
Week 9 vs Dolphins
Week 10 vs bills
Week 11 @ Seattle
Week 12 @ pats
Week 13 vs rams
Week 14 @ giants
Week 15 vs Eagles
Week 16 vs Niners

Seahawks D
Week 9 @ Buffalo
Week 10 @ rams
Week 11 vs cards
Week 12 @ Philly
Week 13 vs giants
Week 14 vs Jets
Week 15 @ Washington
Week 16 vs rams

Packers D
Week 9 player & they are locked
Week 10 vs jags
Week 11 @ Indy
Week 12 vs bears
Week 13 vs Eagles
Week 14 @ Detroit
Week 15 vs panthers
Week 16 vs titans

Titans D
Week 9 vs bears
Week 10 vs colts
Week 11 @ Baltimore
Week 12 @ Indy
Week 13 vs browns
Week 14 @ Jax
Week 15 vs lions
Week 16 @ GB


Here’s the chiefs schedule:
Week 9 vs panthers
Week 10 bye
Week 11 @ Vegas
Week 12 @ Tampa
Week 13 vs Broncos
Week 14 @ Miami
Week 15 @ Saints
Week 16 vs falcons
* last time this season when chiefs played raiders chiefs D got -1 fantasy point.


Roger Klutz
Roger Klutz
2 years ago

Hey DT! Full ppr , which RB are you adding as end of the line bench stash? Options are Jordan Howard, Pat Laird, Gus Edwards, Brian Hill, Alf Morris , or Jordan Wilkins

Part 2 is for WR, which end of the line WR are you adding as a stash? Gage (I own Ridley), amendola, Christian Blake (I own Ridley ), Marvin hall, Michael pitttman, Hunter renfrow, jakobi Meyers, Nelson agholor, rashard higgins,

Thanks in advance!

2 years ago

Pick two from this illustrious trio. Standard scoring. I am a 3 point underdog to a solid 5-3 team. I am 6-2 so a win would be a big step toward a bye come playoff week. Lost Dak, Gaskin and have Boyd on a bye. so scrambling.

Beasley, Edwards, Crowder.

2 years ago
Reply to  Donkey Teeth

How things have changed. I grabbed Pollard earlier in the week just in case…and now it looks like Zeke may not play. My opponent has Zeke. So I am now an 8 point favorite. Two questions on my team below:

1. Is this the right starting lineup given Crowder’s injury and Jets don’t play until Mon.? Still starting JT, right?
2. Any swaps off this wire to improve my bench?
Jeudy, Hurst, B Hill, Dolphins, Reagor, Michel, Ingram, Mooney, Kelley

Cook, Taylor, Pollard
Julio, Crowder

Bench: Golladay (out), Boyd (bye), Beasley, Mattison, Wilkins, Edwards
IR: Gaskin

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
2 years ago

with k.allen out rivera’s insane hatred of haskins might have to get turned down for his own good. haven’t dropped haskins here yet (both since mullens isn’t good, and who even knows which one of these is more likely to start next year, obv this year mullens far more likely to start, but i don’t need to start any of these anyway ROS). 2 QB 12 team half PPR dynasty. have a spot to add tonight (daily FAAB).
QB (2): haskins, mullens, tannehill, rodgers, mahomes
RB (2): dobbins, kamara, d.harris, mckissic, scott
WR (3): k.allen, thielen, p-will
TE (1): j.smith (he might get benched for hooper next week)
2 flexes
IR (10): ertz, hooper, bourne (added like a day or 2 before his corona, sounds back next week), hyde (also obtained right before it was ruled the game he came in for carson he also finished and was injured), ingram, edelman, watkins, ekeler, penny, michel

options to add: wilkins, breida, laird, pittman, perriman, burton,

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
2 years ago
Reply to  Donkey Teeth

yeah i’ve stashed him as many other spots as possible this week. i doubt j.howard suddenly becomes back to useful if benched and barely used even in 1st 3 games of the year when he was active. d-wash eventually or laird, but breida makes more sense than any of the MIA guys ROS.

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
2 years ago

whew, j.smith finally got targeted and 2/32/1 on just that drive. good thing nobody thought c.davis was a good play this week (even guys such as ME (this is a super back pat but it’s really just lucky, i’ve made decisions that gambly before and they looked like completely stupid) who last week in 1 12 teamer (not this league) added c.davis and with 1 min till game decided to put him in over all of these for the flex: j-jax (that seemed crazy but kelley did look like he was getting the usage there going into week 8), hardman (and this is WITH full 1 pt per 10 yards returns), hines, claypool, cord patt, gus the bus. in this league i did play d-mont in the flex this week over c.davis, so i haven’t gained much on that one)

Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
2 years ago

WTF is this happy horse shit on j-jax being supplanted by k.ballage? who was just activated!? does this guy just roll dice or throw darts at names every week? (and kelley every week getting at least some usage). i get balancing kelley/j-jax. t.pope last week, ballage this week, just up and added off practice squad to get tons of usage. does this coach get bonuses or something if nobody obtains a certain amount of reps minimum at RB? (that would greatly explain this). is he trying to prove a real life zero RB strategy is a useful thing to do?

– scratch all the above, it was FAR later alerted to news that he did in fact get hurt on the first drive, but not even fantrax had that flag for a LONG time later. it all sort of makes sense now (not really as why wouldn’t kelley just get those reps anyway, unless he’s most worried about say kelley getting injured maybe?)