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Many terms are flying around to describe last night’s NFL Week 8 Monday Night Football game. Dominated. Complete massacre. Overwhelming win. NFL MNF Week 8.

All of those are appropriate to sum up the game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns.

MNF Game Recap NFL MNF Week 8

First Half Fumbles

Fans of the Bengals’ led Tee Higgins and Joe Burrow were quickly shut down as they watched their team dissolve before their eyes. There were high expectations as the 3-4 Super Bowl losers entered the season, but there has been disappointment around almost every corner.

Joe Burrow threw a tipped pick early in the first quarter, giving the Browns an immediate advantage. Unfortunately for the Browns, the turnover was scoreless, but they stopped the Bengals’ momentum.

In an attempt to confuse their opponents, Jacoby Brissett handed the ball to wide receiver Amari Cooper who immediately threw an interception at the end of the first quarter, giving the Bengals hope for another chance to put a score on the board. Welp, that didn’t happen, and the next several plays were in the Browns’ favor.

Browns fans were delighted as running back Nick Chubb carried the rock into the end zone for the first score of the game in the second quarter. He followed that three-yard touchdown run with the two-point conversion, putting the Browns up 8-0. 

A forced fumble quickly gave the ball back to the Browns with 3:25 left in the second quarter, leaving Bengals fans mystified as they watched in dismay at how their team was falling apart. The rollercoaster of emotions continued as Brissett turned the ball back over to the Bengals with 1:49 left until the half.

Cade York finished the first half of the game with a successful 55-yard field goal. Both teams ran through the tunnel delightedly, looking forward to a break.

Second Half Scares

The third quarter belonged to Cleveland with a three-yard touchdown run by Jacoby Brissett, followed by a successful extra-point kick and a four-yard touchdown by Amari Cooper.

Entering the fourth quarter, the Browns were up 25-0. Tight end Tyler Boyd quickly connected with Burrow for a 13-yard touchdown. However, Evan McPherson missed the extra point, which punctuated the team’s poor performance as a whole.

Nick Chubb answered back as he ran for 11 yards and the touchdown with 8:46 left in the game. If you’re keeping score, the Browns are up 32-6 now. Sheesh. To make matters worse, looking at the total yardage at this point in the game, Cincinnati had 182 yards vs. Cleveland’s 415 yards.

Tee Higgins finally had a shining moment as Burrow rocketed the ball downfield for a 41-yard touchdown. That was the game’s final score, and the Browns walked away with the W.

Burrow is 0-4 against the Browns. They owned him all night long, and it truly was a happy Halloween for the Cleveland Browns.

Key Stats

  • Jacoby Brissett: 17-22 for 278 yards, one touchdown and one rushing touchdown
  • Nick Chubb: 23 rushes for 101 yards and two touchdowns
  • Amari Cooper: Five receptions for 131 yards and one touchdown


  • Joe Burrow: 25-35 for 232 yards, two touchdowns and one interception
  • Joe Mixon: Eight rushes for 27 yards
  • Tee Higgins: Three receptions for 49 yards and one touchdown

Takeaways NFL MNF Week 8

What else is there to say? The Browns showed up and played a great game. They dominated the Bengals on every angle. Cleveland had 12 rushing first downs and 12 passing first downs. They finished the game with 440 total yards versus Cincinnati’s 229. The Bengals had three penalties versus zero for the Browns. Cleveland rushed for 172 yards versus just 36 for the Bengals.

The picture is clear. Cincinnati played a mental game, and they were dominated. Expectations were high for this team after the 2021 season when they went to the Super Bowl. They need to have a meeting with Jesus to get right. They’re 4-4, so not all hope is lost, but they need injured players back and need to come up with a new game plan.

That’s it for me this week! I’ll be back next week when the 5-3 Baltimore Ravens hop on a plane to the Big Easy to play the 3-5 New Orleans Saints. NFL MNF Week 8 NFL MNF Week 8. 

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