We’re into round four of our analysis of Draftmaster 29 and things are starting to get serious.  Thank goodness I’m here to un-serious this whole ordeal.

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Okay, I think we’re ready now.  Your eyes are about to get baptized with some fantasy football goodness.  Aaaaaaand away we go…

@ericdickensBrandon Marshall (#37 overall): Everyone wants to talk about how Marshall sucked last year because, well, he sucked last year.  But lost in his 2010 suckfest were his 86 catches for 1,014 yards which isn’t too sucky.  It was his 3 TD receptions that killed him.  He came on strong late in the 2010 season, recording 26 catches for 305 yards and a score in his final three games.  That makes me optimistic about his potential in 2011.  This team may regret not going RB here, but I couldn’t take Felix Jones, Shonn Greene, or any other RB on the board this high either.  I may have considered Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or Antonio Gates if I already had two WRs on my roster.

Team @ericdickens after four rounds: Calvin Johnson, Rashard Mendenhall, Jeremy Maclin, Brandon Marshall.

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker ...

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@FantasyTazDeSean Jackson (#38 overall): Jackson caught just 47 passes in 2010.  I’m not real high on Jackson in PPR leagues.  I think 38th overall is a little too early for him.  Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd or even Antonio Gates would have been safer picks with more upside.  Jackson could get you 200 yards or he could get you 20 yards.  I prefer more consistent options, but DJax can pass as a WR2 in a 12 league PPR league like this one.  I just like him more in round five.

Team @FantasyTaz after four rounds: Frank Gore, Hakeem Nicks, LaGarrette Blount, DeSean Jackson.

@Treadstone06Mike Williams (#39 overall): The Tampa Bay version of Mike Williams had a solid rookie campaign, recording 65 catches, 964 yards and 11 TDs.  Expecting another 11 TDs in 2011 isn’t unreasonable, but I do think it’s unlikely.  I expect his reception and yardage totals to increase and his TD total to decrease.  There is always the fear of a sophomore slump, but this offense is quickly putting all the pieces together.  Worry not, fellow fake footballers – Mike Williams will be a big factor again in 2011.  He’s a nice WR2 to pair with the PPR stud, Roddy White.

Team @Treadstone06 after four rounds: Roddy White, Michael Turner, Jonathan Stewart, Mike Williams.

@GridironGuyDrew Brees (#40 overall): Brees has 5 consecutive seasons of at least 4,300 passing yards, and 3 consecutive seasons of at least 33 TD passes.  Brees scored at least 15 fantasy points in 11 games last year, and had over 20 fantasy points 4 of those 11 games.  Drew Brees rolls out of bed, stumbles over Baylen’s toys in the middle of the floor, trips and accidentally throws a completion for 18 yards while sleepwalking.  Drew Brees is really good at American football.

Team @GridironGuy after four rounds: Andre Johnson, Matt Forte, Knowshon Moreno, Drew Brees.

@vmahaffeAntonio Gates (#41 overall): The tight end position is a little thin this year, so if you want a stud TE you’ll have to spend an early pick to get one.  This is where I expect Gates to be drafted in all leagues, and I’d take him even higher in PPR leagues.  Landing him 41st overall is nice value.  The guy had 50 catches, 782 yards and 10 TDs in just 10 games last year.  The presence of Vincent Jackson will take some TD opportunities away from him, but it’s scary what this guy is capable of every week.  Love this pick.

Team @vmahaffe after four rounds: Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Mike Wallace, Antonio Gates.

@Redsoxnation88Wes Welker (#42 overall): I’m not sure how Welker fell this far in a PPR league.  Prior to his 86 catch, 848 yard, 7 TD 2010 season (in which he came off major knee surgery), he had three consecutive seasons of over 110 receptions and over 1,150 yards.  The emergence of Rob Gronkowki will cut into Welker’s red zone targets, but I fully expect Welker to approach 100 receptions again in 2011.  Barring injury, Welker will never lose you a PPR league fantasy game.  He’s an ideal WR2.

Team @Redsoxnation88 after four rounds: Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker.

@EricPedigoPhilip Rivers (#43 overall):  I’m a little surprised to see Rivers go ahead of Peyton Manning, but he does have the talent to justify it.  Rivers is coming off a career year in which he threw for 4,700 yards and 30 TDs, and he’ll have Vincent Jackson for the entire upcoming season.  A healthy Antonio Gates for 16 games won’t hurt either.  I expect more of Ryan Mathews in 2010, so I do expect Rivers’ numbers to decline some, but he’s still a top 5 fantasy QB in any format.

Team @EricPedigo after four rounds: Ray Rice, Greg Jennings, Peyton Hillis, Philip Rivers.

@RadialRebelsBrandon Lloyd (#44 overall): I’m not sure why Lloyd slipped to the 18th overall WR taken in this draft.  Tim Tebow starting may have something to do with it, but check this out – in the three games Tebow started, Lloyd averaged 4.7 receptions and 87.7 yards per game, and caught 2 TDs.  Project that over 16 games and you have roughly 75 catches, 1,400 yards and 10 TDs.  Lloyd also finished 4th in the league with 153 targets.  Whether it’s Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow taking snaps in Denver, Lloyd will produce.  This pick makes up for the Miles Austin pick in round two.  Terrific pick.

Team @RadialRebels after four rounds: Jamaal Charles, Miles Austin, Jahvid Best, Brandon Lloyd.

@BNQuinlanDeAngelo Williams (#45 overall): We can speculate all we want as to where Williams will end up playing in 2010, but who knows.  Just as with Jonathan Stewart, it’s too early to tell what kind of fantasy value Williams will have in 2011.  If he gets a starting gig somewhere this pick will be a steal.  I think @BNQuinlan likes to steal, because he’s done it several times in this draft now.  Thief!

Team @BNQuinlan after four rounds: LeSean McCoy, Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, DeAngelo Williams.

@FF101Felix Jones (#46 overall):  This team had to get an RB2 and the pickins were pretty slim at this point.  Jones is a nice choice in PPR leagues considering he caught 48 passes last season while splitting carries.  I expect him to see more work this year, so naturally I expect his 2010 numbers of 48 catches, 1,250 total yards and 2 TDs to be exceeded.  I do think Tashard Choice will make some noise in the Dallas backfield this season, but given the choices this owner had at the RB position, this pick is a decent one.

Team @FF101 after four rounds: Adrian Peterson, Michael Vick, Vincent Jackson, Felix Jones.

@FatKat52Jason Witten (#47 overall):  Witten has back to back seasons of 90+ receptions and 1,000+ yards.  He closed out the 2010 season with 6 TDs in the final 5 games.  Witten is a stud regardless of who is quarterbacking this Cowboy offense.  Dallas Clark and JerMichael Finley are tempting options, but given the fact that both of them are coming off major injuries, Witten is the safer pick.  I have no problems with Witten going here.

Team @FatKat52 after four rounds: Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten.

@eyeofthegatorPeyton Manning (#48 overall): Pairing Manning on a fantasy team that already has Reggie Wayne is just setting yourself up to kick ass all season long.  You can’t pass on Manning here.  He should have been gone by the end of round three.  I could spit a zillion stats about how great of a fantasy quarterback Manning is, but if you don’t already know that then just leave your address in the comments so I can drive to your house and punch you in the face.

Team @eyeofthegator after four rounds: Arian Foster, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Thomas, Peyton Manning.

I’m dying to go into a big immature profanity-laced rant about how bad some picks are, but these owners are making it difficult.  The DeSean Jackson pick is the only one I question in this round, but even then it’s not a terrible pick.  Obviously these readers are loyal readers of Razzball.  We’ll continue on with the 5th and final round of my analysis of Draftmaster 29 next week.

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    Yeah I don’t get how Welker lasted that long. He is a machine, pure and simple. In a PPR league there is almost no player in the NFL that will be as consistent as Welker. He may not always put up huge points, but he will always put up useful points. I like pairing him with Bowe, who could be a little hit or miss.

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