We got a great game out of San Francisco and New Orleans, but Frank Gore was the only real fantasy stud. He accumulated 168 yards and 2 TDs.  His ability to catch the ball is what made him a high end 1st rounder and he did just that with 7 receptions.  He could have had an even bigger game if Anthony Dixon hadn’t vultured a TD from him (after he got dinged up). The Saints rush D is not very good, so that is something to file away as well.

Alex Smith: He was much better this week.  He’s not going to be a QB1 anytime soon, but he can be a decent by week fill in against the right team and him not falling apart is good news for the 49ers many fantasy players.

Drew Brees: He didn’t have a huge game, but he took what the defense gave him and completed 28 passes to 7 different receivers.  You’ll get bigger games out of him, but even on a downish game he was ok.

Reggie Bush: He was having a good game, which included a TD reception, but then hurt his knee on a muffed punt (insert Kardashian joke).  If he is out for any amount of time Pierre Thomas’ stock goes up.

Lance Moore: He didn’t even get on the field.  New Orleans wide receivers are maddening.  The 49ers took the deep ball out of the game for the most part, so the receivers didn’t get much work, but it still looks like Moore is droppable until he goes off for 150 yards and 2 TDs.

Robert Meachem: He had only one target and no receptions.  I’d hold him because his upside is so good, but he’s on a very short leash.

Marques Colston: He led the Saints in targets which is nice, but he still had a sub-par game.  Like I said, the Niners took away the deep pass, and the Saints love to take the path of least resistance.

Pierre Thomas: He finished with over 100 total yards, but couldn’t get into the endzone.  He worked well in PPR leagues with 8 receptions though.

Josh Morgan: He led all 49ers receivers with 8 targets and 6 receptions.  He’s always had potential to be a fantasy player, but can’t seem to stay consistent.  With a run first offense I’m staying clear of him for now.

Michael Crabtree: Ugh.  One catch for 37 yards.  He easily has the skill, but not the commitment.  You have to hold onto him and I think he will turn things around enough to be serviceable, but I’m not starting him until he can prove it.

  1. Would you drop Meachem for Demaryius Thomas?

  2. Black Beard says:

    Hightower and Clayton for Matthews (non-ppr)? What about for DeAngelo Williams?

  3. Dominic says:

    I’m not looking so stupid for taking Best in the 2nd round now huh….

  4. Dominic says:

    wait actually I took him in the 3rd but w/e

  5. ken plane says:

    Doc – What is your assessment of Santonio Holmes and would you drop any of these for him. D. Bowe, Dez Bryant. 12 team , non ppr.

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    Finally, Bush is out of the way for 6 weeks and now my boy PT can run rampant. Blessing in disguise.

  7. Eric says:

    Does Wynn have value as a Saints RB?

  8. keith says:

    Had Crabtree going into last night needing 6 points to win. Awesome. I really wanted to start M. Williams (TB) but chickened out at the last minute. DFGKSDFGjbDFAGKadfK:G:ADFKLDFKL:A

  9. keith says:

    Would you drop Massaquoi for D. Thomas or K. Walter? Or maybe now that B. Edwards is DWI’d up should I grab Cotchery?

  10. Jim Parkey says:

    Would you drop Crabtree for: D. Thomas or K. Walter (and would you drop him for the players in that order)?

  11. Joel says:

    should I drop Mike Williams TB for D. Thomas?

  12. Wilsonian says:

    Hey Doc, appreciate the help so far…my teams have been pretty strong so far with your help. Anyway, I’m in an 8 team 0.5 PPR league (also has yardage bonuses for passing, rushing and receiving yards). I love but hate 8 team leagues because there is so much talent out there. Here’s my roster:

    QB: Rivers
    WR: Wayne
    WR: White
    WR: Marshall
    RB: CJ
    RB: Best
    TE: Celek
    W/R: Run DMC
    BN: Boldin
    BN: Demaryius
    BN: Moreno
    BN: BJax
    BN: Cooley
    BN: Big Ben

    Here are the FAs out there:

    Santonio, Wallace, Jacoby, Naanee, Williams (TB), Louis Murphy, Lloyd, Keller, Snelling, Hillis, LDT, Caddy, Harrison, Brown.

    Any moves that you see right now? I’m looking hard at Santonio (I drafted him and dropped him) after Sanchez’s big day Sunday, but obviously he won’t help for a couple more weeks.

  13. genghis chone says:

    Who do you drop for Demaryius Thomas? Amendola, McCluster or Gaffney?

  14. Chief says:

    I’m really concerned about Bowe this year with Matt Cassel looking terrible. I’m thinking of dropping him for D. Thomas, K. Walter, or M. Clayton. What do you think?

    Also can you rank these WRs for rest of the year?

    D. Thomas, K. Walter, M. Clayton, J. Knox

    Thanks Doc

  15. TheEvilEmpire says:

    What do you think of these moves this week Doc?

    1) Drop Broncos D/ST for Pats. I think I’m going to try to play matchups for the year with D/ST after getting low returns on the Broncos D/ST the first 2 weeks.

    2) Drop Amendola for Demayrius.

    3) Drop Witten for another TE. I’m hearing Witten will be splitting time with Bennett. Is this correct? If so, which TE should I grab?

    TE’s available:

    Marcedes Lewis

  16. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Just got offered Steven Jackson & Mike Sims-Walker for my Randy Moss and Jon Stewart. Yay or Nay? The rest of my team in a standard 10 team Yahoo league (no flex):

    QB: Aaron Rodgers
    RB: Cedric Benson
    RB2: Arian Foster
    WR: Randy Moss
    WR: Greg Jennings
    WR: Wes Welker
    TE: Chris Cooley

    Bench: Beanie Wells, Jonathan Stewart, Felix Jones, Mike Wallace, Johnny Knox, Santonio Holmes

    Beanie Wells, Jonathan Stewart

  17. stumanji says:

    Anthony Dixon, not Davis #corrections

    And Gore took himself out to give Dixon that carry after he got dinged up on the previous play. It wasn’t the coaches.

  18. Joel says:

    Hey Doc, who would you rather have rostered right now: brandon jackson or Shonn Greene?

  19. friar says:

    What are your thoughts on this potential trade, Doc? It’s three players whose value I have a hard time assessing. Thanks.

    Team A gets: Michael Vick and Brandon Jacobs (has Favre and Kolb, Matthews, Best, Greene, and Slaton)

    Team B gets: Shonn Greene (has DeAngelo, Addai, Cadillac, Jacobs, and Reggie Bush)

    If you think it’s lopsided as is, which RB should Team A receive to make it fair?

  20. stumanji says:

    @Dominic: Well you probably could have gotten a top WR and then gotten Best a round or two later, so yea it still could be looked at as stupid.

    Then again, if you want your guy, go get your guy.

  21. Randy says:

    Could you rank P Hillis, K Huggins, Fred Jackson, and Donald Brown for me? R Bush and CJ Spiller are my #3 and #4. With Bush hurt and not sure what’s going on in Buffalo I fear I need to get another one. Thanks

  22. Howard says:

    Hi Doc, Would you drop Naanee for Manningham and Stewart for Hightower?

  23. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @friar: I’d want Greene side there. Hands down.

  24. trick dad says:

    @ Doc: non-ppr league…i have a plethora of RB’s but could use some depth at WR. Do you think I should trade bjax for Bowe? Is that a good value for me?

  25. Derrick says:

    I have Best, MJD and Pierre Thomas as my starting RB’s with Hightower and McFadden on the bench. I have AJ and Crabs at WR and really no one else. If you were me, would you trade Hightower, McFadden and Crabtree for a WR like, Moss, Fitz or Colston?

  26. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @trick dad: You can get more for BJax. #1 RB on a decent offense.

    I recently traded Boldin for BJax in one league I am in. Especially if you’re in a non-PPR league, a good RB is much more valuable than a WR.

  27. KCC26 says:


    i was ecstatic when i managed this haul in the first 6 rounds of my 14 team draft:

    Rd 1: Ray Rice
    Rd 2: Jamaal Charles
    Rd 3: Desean Jackson
    Rd 4: Antonio Gates
    Rd 5: Michael Crabtree
    Rd 6: Jay Cutler

    Talented roster loaded with explosive playmakers. a talented roster that is now winless after two weeks. so it goes…

  28. friar says:

    @TheEvilEmpire: What would be a fairer trade for Greene? Vick and Cadillac? Vick and Addai? I have a hard time gauging the value of Greene who was obviously an early pick but, so far, has not only been terrible but seems to have lost his primary back job to an LT timeshare (and maybe the lesser half of that split).

  29. Calogero says:

    I know I kind of asked the other day, but with more time to chew on this…

    Do I use my #2 waiver priority to snag Demaryius?

    Will he be consistent enough to be counted on as a bye-week fill-in or occasional spot starter?

    Will other, more valuable pickups emerge in the next few weeks, or will I be stuck all season holding a high waiver with nothing else worth spending it on?

  30. Joel says:

    Doc, would you trade hakeem Nicks for Boldin and Shonn greene?

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @ChrisV82: Tough, but yes.

    @Black Beard: I would take Deangelo or Mathews, but Deangelo first.

    @Dominic: Doubt anyone called you stupid. i grabbed him in the 3rd in ppr leagues.

    @ken plane: Bowe is getting close, but I wouldn’t yet.

    @Eric: Not really.

    @keith: Not sure how that Edwards stuff will shake out. I’d drop him for DT.

    @Jim Parkey: I think Crabtree will turn around enough to hold him there.

    @Joel: I’d hold Williams.

    @Wilsonian: I think you hold with what you have.

    @genghis chone: McCluster if there is no return yardage.

    @Chief: I’m concerned as well, but I’m holding for now. But DT would be who I’d grabf you are going to do it.

    @TheEvilEmpire: Those moves look good to me except the Witten one. I’d hold.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Don’t love the trade since you can only start 2 RBs and you’d have to end up starting MSW.

    @stumanji: Thanks, corrected. Yeah, it wasn’t something that will happen usually. But still a vulture for Gore owners!

    @Joel: Greene

    @friar: Greene side. Addai would make it pretty close.

    @Randy: Brown, hillis, Fred, Huggins

    @Howard: Nope.

    @trick dad: I’m not buying Bowe now. Cassel has looked too horrid.

    @Derrick: Yep

    @Calogero: I’d use it.

    @Joel: If you get Greene. Double Yes.

  32. Gambler says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m trying to trade for Jamaal Charles (and I’ll give a lot to get him.) I still think he finishes as a top 10 back. His schedule is just so favorable, it is impossible to describe it in PG terms. It is so favorable that Cleveland is really one his tougher matchups. I think he has to get more carries than he is now.. Once the Chiefs start playing from behind (which I think is inevitable) it will not make any sense to give the ball so much to Jones in the 2nd half.. If he just got 25 carries a game, he would probably finish 2nd in rushing. I think he’ll average 15-20 touches a game and that will be enough to finish as a top 10 back.. What do you think?

  33. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Doc: PPR-league. Been offered Nate Washington for either Ricky Williams or Felix Jones. I don’t know much about Washington hence my asking.

    Here’s my team:

    QB: Romo
    RB: Turner
    RB: BJax
    FLEX: Hightower
    WR: White
    WR: Sims-Walker
    TE: Cooley


  34. WR says:

    Which 1 WR would you start this week in non PPR?

    Knox vs GB
    H Ward vs TB
    Nicks vs TEN

  35. emceeperiod says:

    I may be biased, as I own Kolb in 3 leagues, but I don’t think I am. Who are these idiots saying that the Eagles should start Vick? There are so called experts saying this. Kolb didn’t even get one half of football as the Eagles starter, got hurt, and Vick had a good game…against the LIONS. An electrocuted dog could throw for 300yds against the Lions. Reid invested a ton in Kolb, and starting Vick would be Reid basically not even giving him a chance as the starter. Less than half a game, and that’s it, you’re out?

    People are stupid. I’m starting to think the people who want Vick to start are biased TOWARD him because they probably picked him up off waivers and want a freebie, which I can understand, but SAY THAT. Don’t act like that’s it’s the best football move for Reid.

    Plus, I think I saw a stat somewhere that said Kolb is the only QB in history to pass for more than 300 yds in his first two starts…can’t back that up though…yet.

  36. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    After Zach Miller’s (and entire Raiders) dud against STL, I can no longer justify having a non-DMac Raider. Would you rather have Keller or Hernandez? What are your thoughts on Hernandez in general?


  37. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @emceeperiod: Even Vick said it: It’s Kolb’s team.

    Kolb will be back and will show why he was a high tier 2 QB.

  38. Matt Leinart says:

    Hey Doc,

    If you had to lose one, would you rather drop Jacoby or Naanee?

  39. bobbo says:

    $100 FAAB… once waivers clear we can pickup FA with no bids.
    League starts 3WR (1pt/20 yards, 1PPR, +5 bonus at 100yd)

    Currently have: Sims-Walker, Crabtree, Wallace, Williams (SEA), Clayton

    How much to bid on Demaryius and/or Kevin Walter?

  40. Matt Leinart says:

    One more. . . would you rather have Orton or Kolb?


  41. Hugh says:


    Here is my question again (we’re not required to have a TE at all, they play at WR or Flex):

    12 team Non-PPR (we start WR/WR, RB/RB, Flex). Would you trade BJax/Knox for Gates/Ricky Williams? Gates would play at WR.

    I have AP/Best/Hillis/McGahee and AJ/Jacoby/Mike Wallace/Aromashadu (along with BJax/Knox)

    what do you think?



  42. TJ says:

    For a WR2, non-PPR:

    Which of these guys would you swap, if any, to pick up D Thomas, K Walter, J Knox, or Crabtree:

    Collie, Garcon, M Floyd, Clayton

  43. alfalfa says:

    Hey doc, do you think flacco will ever not suck this year? I haven’t watched him play, but he is killing my team. I am starting to look at possible trade partners, but I’d hate to give up anybody important from my team. How long should I wait on Flacco?

  44. timSTi says:

    Braylon Edwards was arrested for DWI this morning. Does that up Cotchery’s value this week? Cotch, Bowe, or LdT for my flex in a .5ppr.

  45. Dom says:

    I need to upgrade at WR. I’m offering Steven Jackson, Jahvid Best, and Arian Foster. I’m been offered Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall, and Roddy White in return (3 separate deals obviously). Which RB do I trade and which WR do I take? 12-team PPR league, I can only start 2 RB.

    (I also have Brandon Jackson as my 4th RB, but no interest in him from anyone)

    The other option would be to hold and deal with Santana Moss, Steve Breaston, and Dwayne Bowe – I don’t like this option…

  46. stumanji says:

    Pick 2 from this poo-poo platter for week 3:

    Crabtree (@KC), Nate Washington(@NYG), Jacoby Jones(vs. Dal), Mike Thomas(vs. Phi), Naanee(@Sea).

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Gambler: Completely agree. He is a buy low for sure.

    @TheEvilEmpire: He’s barely rosterable depending on the league. Decline.

    @WR: Nicks

    @Deeeeeez Nuts: Keller

    @Matt Leinart: Naanee

    @bobbo: I’d spend on DT with that lineup. i don’t think you have to go crazy, but 15 maybe?

    @Matt Leinart: Kolb, but I do like Orton.

    @Hugh: It’s really close. I like Gates a lot of course. i could see going for it.

    @TJ: Hmm, that’s a tough one. A lot of those guys are pretty interchangeable. I would drop Clayton for DT or Knox.

    @alfalfa: I’d give him this Browns game and then decide. But that’s it.

    @timSTi: It does up his value if Braylon is benched. We need to see first.

    @Dom: I could see going Foster for White.

    @stumanji: Mmmmm, that is poo poo. Going with Jones.

  48. stumanji says:

    @Doc: Unfortunately I need to start TWO of those guys. Crabtree?

  49. nick m. says:

    Trying to shape up my roster with the plethora of players available on the WW. 12-team PPR. Should I drop any or all of Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, and Mark Clayton for the likes of: Demaryius Thomas, Fred Taylor (now that Faulk is out maybe he is more valuable?), Marshawn Lynch, Mario Manningham, Louis Murphy, Peyton Hillis?

  50. Doc

    Doc says:

    @stumanji: whoops. Yeah. I guess! Damn Crabtree.

  51. Norx says:

    Hey Doc,

    having the best year so far and I have to thank you for your advice in the months leading up to the season. This is my first year paying attention to a specific strategy and sticking with it and not falling in love with guys. I believe that is huge during the draft and it is paying off. My question is if I should use my 1st overall waiver wire on Dem Thomas by dropping Mohamed Massaqoui / D Mason / Ras Jennings. I am currently in 1st place and have Calvin, Miles and Hakeem as my WR’s. I also have M Floyd who I like. This would be more of a bench depth move or should I hold onto the #1 waiver for later on in case someone goes down? My god I love football!

  52. Norx says:

    Sorry – 12 team / .5 PPR

    1qb / 2rb / 3 wr/ 1 w-r / 1 te / 1 k/ 1 def

  53. Nonstoptalk says:


    10 Team (.5 PPR)

    I have a team of….

    QB: Brady
    WR: Roddy White, Hines Ward, Welker, Mike Williams x2, V-Jax
    RB: Gore, Jacobs, Ricky Williams, Huggins, Maroney, Lynch, Rashad Jennings
    TE: Gates

    We start 2 RB, 3 WR and a WR//RB

    I was just offered Megatron, Sims-Walker, Fred Jackson for my Welker

    To me it seems like a pretty good deal in terms of overall value but on the other hand I feel like if I’m going to deal a WR I need an every week starter at RB in return even though at this point I think Jackson would be my RB2 as my team sits. Would you make the deal? Maybe stand pat and try and deal Roddy for a RB1 if V-Jax signs? Any guidance from you would be appreciated…

  54. Plainville says:

    I’m reluctant to roll with my Broncos D against Indy in week 3. How would you rank these:

    Tampa Bay

  55. Buge Hoobs says:

    Doc, I could really use some advice.

    This is my first year in a competitive 10 team PPR redraft league. I have NO experience / confidence team evaluation let alone trades and was issued an intriguing offer that’s got me stumped.

    We start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE and 2FLEX

    My team:
    QB: Schaub, Palmer
    RB: Gore, Charles, Best, Spiller, Sproles
    WR: CJohnson, Nicks, SMoss, Maclin, TO, Evans, Manningham(Hicks insurance from week 2)
    TE: Z and H Miller

    His team:
    QB: Cutler, Vicks, Big Ben
    RB: SJax, Foster, Deangelo, Portis, Slaton, LJohnson
    WR: Smith (Car), Colston, Nate Wash, Sims-W, Knox
    TE: Gates

    The Proposal (from a die hard Skins fan):
    My Moss for his Colston or some other trade.

    I like it, but as I mentioned earlier, what do I know?
    Where would you start in a counter offer?

  56. Dakota says:

    @Buge Hoobs: Obligatory, I’m not Doc disclaimer, but I’d trade Moss for Colston. I think Colston has the potential for more TDs and is just as consistent (probably more so) as Moss.

    My other thought would be to target A. Gates because that’s where the largest gains could probably be made on your roster given who you have and who he has.

    Basically, I’d rather have Colston than Moss and I’d rather have Gates than Moss.

  57. Buge Hoobs says:

    @ Dakota: Funny. Believe it or not, that was pretty much my exact thinking.

    I like Colston straight up for Moss

    But, in an attempt to take advantage of his Skins’ crush even more, I was also thinking about a package to get Gates (increasing my uneasiness exponentially).

    What about something like My Moss, Manningham and Z. Miller for his Gates and Colston? Giving too little?

  58. Black Beard says:

    Bucs, Dolphins, Chargers, Titans or Pats @ D/ST this week? Thanks again.

  59. TheEvilEmpire says:

    Vick named starter for Sunday.

    Eagles playing it safe with Kolb or has he suffered setbacks?

  60. Black Beard says:

    If the Vikings lose this week…Vick gets traded to Minnesota?

  61. Wilsonian says:

    With Vick regaining the starting job yet again, do you think Keller is a better option than Celek? I’m just not trusting or enjoying Celek right now. He’s useless…

  62. Jack says:

    Start McFadden @AZ or Bradshaw vs. TEN?

  63. paulzone says:

    would you drop eddie royal for d. thomas? I cant roster them both…

  64. dirtyd says:

    Snellling, Tolbert, or hold number 1 waiver for next week?

    Extremely thin at RB (mendenhall, forsett, kuhn, and huggins) and the league is very deep with huge benches so keeping the #1 waiver for next week is not as glorious as you may think-a lot of players are already owned.
    Leaning towards Tolbert for possible goal line carries, but tempted by Snelling’s monster game and Turner’s injury history. Bottom line though: they are both only backups.

  65. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dirtyd: I like Snelling’s upside more than Tolberts. I could see waiting though.

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