I’m pretty sure I could compare tonight’s Monday Night Football game to that of the first Presidential debate pretty closely, but I get kinda stuck at who plays the part of Donald Trump. Like, I think the obvious choice would be Sean Peyton, but then we’d have to inject his skin with Cheetos to get the correct pigment. Hey, if you’re going to do an analogy, you gotta go 100%. But since this is a day where football actually will finish second to something other than it’s own news, I don’t mind going ahead and just talking about the matchup tonight that features two dumpster fires. I’m actually talking about football this time guys. Yes, the eternal battle between two floundering NFC South teams not named the Panthers is on full display tonight as we get to see the idea of defense be dismissed and scorned like the silly idea that it is to both these teams. Generally, I’d usually pick the home team between the two, so the Saints get my vote (see what I did there?), but I think the real debate (did it again, red hot fire they call me folks) is how many points the teams score total. I’m guessing in the thousands, but you’re right, that number sounds a bit too conservative. (WOOOO. Trifecta baby!)


Drinking Game


Take a sip of your drink…

You see Sean Payton’s lemon face.

Every time Jon Gruden says something that’s complete nonsense.

There’s a crowd shot with fan holding a “Who Dat” sign.

Chris Berman Berman’s all over the place.

If Matt Ryan does something stupid. (Baby sips.)

You see Arthur Blank looking pensive with his bizarre pedo-mustache.

Someone gets the ball when Julio Jones should have.

Finish your drink…

If Mike Ditka is still alive.

Tony Gonzalez is mentioned.

Katrina or Bountygate is mentioned.


Totally Legitimate Game Prediction

To celebrate last night's win, Arthur Blank tied a damsel to a train track.

Falcons – 7,825

Saints – 9,246



  1. Grope says:

    Drop Whittaker, Austin, Kevin white, or dorsett in Ppr keeper league for darqwa, Smallwood, humphries, hardy, sieman.

    None of these guys listed will be a keeper just seeing if I should make any swaps, except white if he learns the route tree lol

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I think Austin for Smallwood is an okay switch, but do you need a RB? I’m assuming Whittaker is a bench piece? I don’t think you need to do anything drastic if that’s part of your depth there.

  2. Allan says:

    Tamme or Fleener ppr tonight? Have Tamme in right now but does Snead out make Fleener the better play? He’s been pretty awful so far.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Allan: I’m thinking Fleener. He needs another target with, like you said, Snead out.

  3. Shkwstoppa says:

    Would you trade Crowell for R Jennings and Cardinals defense?

  4. Old Dirty says:

    In a 1/2 point PPR

    team is:
    qb – rivers
    wr – odb, dez
    rb – sims, c. michael
    te – reed
    flex – d. thomas, coleman
    bench – floyd, r. mathews, stafford, charles, john brown
    defense – new england

    Minnesota D, jordan howard, wentz, moncrief are out there on waivers…

    Who do you prioritize out of those players and who to drop?


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Old Dirty: I would drop Stafford for Howard. I like your team, but some RB depth would help here.

  5. Old Dirty says:

    ppr league

    qb – luck
    wr – julio, nelson
    rb – freeman, sims
    te – kelce
    flex – d. walker, cobbs
    bench – ware, coleman, jennings, dorsett, ivory, mckinnon

    Who do you prioritize out of the following free agents and who to drop?
    wentz, j. howard, dwayne washington, drake, antonio gates, eifert

    Thanks for the advice

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Old Dirty: This team, I’d probably hold for now.

  6. Old Dirty says:

    1/2 point, 12 team, Keeper league – you helped me out last week with a similar question and wanted to see if anything has changed since last week

    Looking ahead to week 5 with thomas and wilson on byes:
    qb – ryan/wilson
    rb – sims
    rb – freeman
    wr – ab
    wr – evans
    te – thomas
    bench – k. benjamin, t. benjamin, shepard, jennings, ware

    I am looking to do a 2 for 1 trade to open up a roster spot for next week
    I would like to trade thomas and ____________. Who would you trade out of t. benjamin, shepard, or ware?


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Old Dirty: Let’s see, with the keeper aspect, is that a two QB league? I don’t think it is, but the way I read it, maybe. Regardless, I’d try to trade Ware. I like him, but Charles will make a full return soon enough, which won’t kill his value, but will certainly have an affect.

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